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  1. Oh now dont get all pissy man. Im jist playin around. Gotta laugh in times like this.
  2. Well that didnt go so well. So far our O went 3 an out. Special teams had a blocked punt and def gave up a td. ****
  3. Oh man, that was just painful to watch. WTF IS SARK THINKING? Could've cut an pasted the seahawks or rams offensive game plan and been successful? Ouch. What a joke we've become. We have one of the most talented rosters we've ever had with a top 10 defense and here comes Sark to completely waste away our most talented group. Sigh......
  4. This group is the best I've seen. Far better than our 98' group or 08' or 12'. The stats don't lie when lookin at our offense. This is the best Matt's ever played. There are a couple reasons for this in my opinion. The group of receivers we have are outstanding. Rarely do we see a dropped pass outside of Gabriel's jitters in the NFCCG. We have two true deep threats in JJ an Gabriel and several role players plus Sanu has been pretty clutch in some key situations. Our RB duo is another reason matt has had such a prolific season. Rarely does a team have two backs that catch the ball an
  5. I was happy I started em both at rb last night. Thanks to them I handily destroyed my friend in fantasy. Hope they keep it up
  6. The best way to beat the panthers and saints is a great passrush. Therefore its gonna be a close one Monday night. I don't even wanna think about next week just yet.
  7. It's gonna be a process man. Unfortunately we didn't add what we need to have a good pass rush this year. But IMO its a glaring need and I am hoping that next off season we do something to correct it. Its still early in the season. Let's not overreact just yet. I'm not ready to say that Quinn won't be a good coach for us. He was given a roster that had one of the worst defenses in the league. Gonna take a few years to build a defense we can all be proud of. Just give the man some time bro. He wants to fix it but he's not a miracle worker. In all honesty you have to admit that it has improved a
  8. Me too. **** I'd murder my own grandmother for a good pass rush.
  9. This would be awesome. But I think peeps put way to much stock in madden.
  10. MR2 has been an above avg QB his whole career. Some years he's been elite. Shanny comes to town and Ryan's numbers are similar to all his other years but the picks and redzone performance are not up to par. Now that could be poor play calling or poor design or just MR2 being uncomfortable in the offense. This year will be very telling. I'm rooting for ya matt. I know the qb I saw for the first 7 years and this ain't him. Something's up....
  11. If its a ppr league then I'd say yeah. I just drafted him #1 overall in a just for fun league.
  12. His very first pass to M. Jenkins. I knew right then that we had our man. I remember watching the game with my cousin. After that play I looked over at him and said, "I hope he's not into dog fighting" I still believe he can get it done. And for anyone complaining about him I'd ask you to look around the league. Be happy our starting QB isn't named oswiller (sp?) Or cutler or worse. Be happy with what we have. Plenty of teams would love to have him.
  13. I thought Vic played well. Only the first preseason game and he could have had 2 sacks had he not been held all night. That said he was the bright spot on the d line. Not much pressure coming from anyone else.
  14. Quinn is a defensive coach. He wants to win with defense. That wasn't happining last year aside from the first few games. They got some lucky breaks. The 2nd half the bounces didn't go their way an it All fell apart. Smitty ran the ball. Pure an simple and he had the perfect rb to do it. I like both of these guys but I'm gonna need more time wit DQ before I can make a better comparison.
  15. I do expect a breakout from him this season. Last year we were praised in multiple media outlets for our selection of him in the 5th. A year of learning on the fly and being a lil more comfortable in the system could pay big dividends for him.
  16. Meh. Don't worry about it. All we have to do is cover the te an the rb and we will have like 100 sacks this year.........right? Smh
  17. Point taken. I know you guys are right. I just had my own vision of how Roddy's career would come to an end. I wish he had been willing to take less and come back for one more ride before retiring. Sorry to beat the dead horse. I just couldn't help but think of it when DQ was speaking on ESPN today.
  18. I know we can't but at the same time these guys were far more than fan favs. These were leaders in the locker room and that is worth far more when building a team that is supposed to play for each other.
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