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  1. Ultimately I think the plan is for Pitts to take that roll. I liked the few times in red zone that Matt threw some 50/50 balls to him. Lucky one wasn't picked. But still was nice to see Pitts involved in the Redzone. His presence there opens things up for others. Like the OZ td, they were trying to set a pick with Pitts fading, likely a TD there if Matt holds that read a moment more as the DB fell on the play, but luckily it seemed the defense was keyed on Pitts which opened up the middle of the field.
  2. Yeah, there were mistakes on both sides. We are a dropped int away from losing most likely. But I'll be Da**ed if our Falcons didn't come back from a TD back in this game and grind out the victory. When NY got that td and 2 pt conversion I thought there was zero chance they had the mettle to get that win. Even when they tied it up at 14 and NY got the ball with 3 or 4 min to go, I thought there was no way. But they got it done. And I'll take some happiness from that. Finally we saw some fire late in the game!
  3. I think its more that teams aren't having to blitz to generate pressure, so they can drop more into coverage. We saw more blitzes from NY in the second half and we seemed to move the ball better when they did.
  4. I just want to feel like the offense hits a new gear today. We may still be looking for a complete game after today. But the offense has to show signs of life today. Offensive line in particular.
  5. This is the third week edition of your BOLD predictions for the Falcons game this weekend. This is your chance to get your predictions in good or bad for the game today. My 3 bold predictions this week: Kyle Pitts has over 100 receiving yards Defense forces two turnovers Hayden Hurst has a 30+ yard reception Everyone gets 3 bold predictions per week. I'll track them week to week and announce the "Nostradamus of the Week" after our games. As well as at the end of the year having a "Nostradamus of the Year" award. Pretty simple, if your bold prediction is correct you get a point. If not, you don't. Whoever has most points will be rewarded with bragging rights. Obviously, the predictions have to be BOLD. Season Standings: @Sui_Generis: 2 @Atlantafan21: 2 @TTU Falcon: 1 @PokerSteve: 1 @celtiksage: 1 @mjqvi: 1 @⚡slumerican⚡: 1 Everyone else: 0
  6. Man, it's going to hurt not having Terrell. Not to mention his open field tackling abilities in the run game. Sad day.
  7. It's really hard to evaluate who is at fault and for what. I'm sure some of the free blitzer situations are actually on Hennessy not calling the correct protections. Without knowing what the guys are supposed to be doing off various protection calls it's really hard to place blame on someone's shoulders. Obviously, winning your 1v1's is expected, but I think on a couple rushing plays that were blown up against McGary, I'm not sure what he could have done to prevent that gapping pressure between him and Lindstrom. Anyways, I think sometimes the defense has the right calls and alignments to beat the offense from the philosophical side. How much blame can lay at a guys feet if the defensive alignment is designed to counter your specifically called play? Idk, I guess what I'm getting after is that the result isn't always indicative of the player individually.
  8. I think too that Matt may have been expecting Pitts to lengthen his route deeper, running more of a skinny post based on where the middle linebacker is. It's hard to say without knowing the intricacies of the offense. Still, it's interesting when you brake these plays down further and look at all the moving parts. Really goes to show how quickly the decision making needs to be and how tight those windows really are for QBs. I think if we get the pass protection issues sorted out Matt will be A-Okay.
  9. It's going to take some time. I think once some of the offensive line issues get cleaned up (which could take a few weeks) and the defensive players get more comfortable in the scheme. We can probably compete with anyone. I wouldn't be surprised at a second half of the season resurgence. I hope we get Terrell back before the Giants game, he's such a key piece to the defense. If he can't give it a go our odds of beating the Giants this weekend take a slight hit. I just hope we can bounce back on the offensive side as the Giants passrush isn't nearly what we've gone up against the first 2 weeks.
  10. I was only lurking back in those days and I remember swift vividly. Then there was the guy with the dexter avatar that was the eloquent version of a troll if i remember correctly.
  11. I think it boils down to figuring out what the motivation is. Once you remove money from the equation I think some of these guys realize they already got what they came for with the newfound wealth. It's hard to read a guy when everyone is saying the same things about how much "they love football" but many of them are in it for the money. I think there are just some that don't realize those rookie contract dollars won't last you a lifetime (especially if you aren't a top 10 pick). The motivation needs to come from within because over time the more money you make the less motivating the contract becomes. And the problem for scouts and evaluators is that you don't know how that money is going to effect the motivation.
  12. Ha I love the way Pitts is all business, like he don't got time for this da** interview. He got film to watch, enough stupid questions, I'm on to next week.
  13. Ha some of yours need to be a little more bold. Pitts plays in the red zone was one I couldn't count lmao. Hope you understand.
  14. I see an improvement on the week 1 debacle. That's a positive sign. If we can keep showing the improvement from week 1 to 2 for another few weeks, I think we have a shot to be pretty good in the back half of the season. If we can be .500 by week 4 who knows what will happen. Point is, I came into the season not expecting to make the superbowl or compete to win the division. I felt best case scenario was the new wildcard spot. So I can appreciate the improvement week to week. The sooner you drop your sky high expectations of the team, the sooner you can appreciate the process and improvement week to week. We just competed pretty **** hard against likely a top 2 team in the NFL. We were in it and I can appreciate that for a head coaches second week inheriting a 4 win team.
  15. Yeah, I think what this game shows is how small the margin of error is for our team. But I have to say i'm pretty happy with the improvement from week 1. I think if this team showed up vs the Eagles it would have been a game. That's all I can ask for right now, but I think the over the top reactions are coming from people that don't have realistic expectations of what this team would be. I'll be happy if we can get to 8 or 9 wins and have an outside shot at the 7th wildcard. That would be a successful season in my eyes based on what we were entering the season with. Tempered expectations can help some cliff jumpers from getting too bent out of shape in the losses and see the improvements week to week to get some positive perspective on where the team is headed under the new staff.
  16. Yeah, I think you are wanting to throw to the area vacated by the blitzer in many scenarios. I think obviously it was well covered by the Bucs. However, in the context it's third down, you need to make a play, you know they are bringing the blitz. However, Matt has to make a decision on who is blitzing presnap and where he will need to go with the ball. He likely predicts what the coverage will be based on presnap look and that he will look to x receiver as his 1st read and, if he's not open or the coverage is different than expected, he will have to go immediately to checkdown because they are bringing heat from somewhere and he'll have extremely limited time. So he either releases the ball and gives his guy a chance or gets sacked and it's 4th and 10+. Defense won this one, but gamescript comes into play and we are down 2 scores at this point in time. He's got to get rid of the ball sink or swim. I don't hate the decision but ultimately yeah, the result isn't what you wanted it to be. I just think there is a lot more that goes into the decision of where he's going presnap than many believe it to be. It's definitely possible some guys were open, but the presnap look may have already had Matt eliminate those routes as reads. I'm not sure I'm making sense but ultimately it's likely a bad presnap read that lead to the interception, but can also explain why he may not have ever looked toward a player who ended up being open.
  17. That's usually what you do, throw to the vacated area of the field...
  18. Many times when you read blitz you read the 1st option and then go to checkdown because that's what you have time for. He can't scan the field when he knows there is a free blitzer. Most likely he had some indication of what the defense was trying to do, checked his read and then has to immediately check down or risk giving up a sack. 4th options don't exist when there is a free rusher.
  19. I think what these guys forget is that the QB is seeing things through a godd*** helmet. They can't see from birds eye like we can as spectators. Yeah, some guys end up being open, but if it isn't within the context of the play (read sequence) or he has to sidestep a rusher, he can't be making that play. Most of these plays I'm sure the opening is there, but if you freezeframe when the guy is open either (matt is still looking at his 1st or 2nd read, sidestepping a rusher, having to checkdown because he's about to get destroyed, or he's already sacked). Most of these blitz scenarios, the QB knows he will have time for 1st read then checkdown. If we allowed more time, he would be able to go through the whole progression, but that happens very infrequently in the current state of the offense.
  20. The results of the Week 2 BOLD prediction thread are in. Congratulations are in order for Nostradamus of the Week @Sui_Generis with 2 correct predictions! Falcons convert in RZ on TDs more than FGs Falcons sack Brady 3 times That brings us to our standings for the season: @Sui_Generis: 2 @Atlantafan21: 2 @TTU Falcon: 1 @PokerSteve: 1 @celtiksage: 1 @mjqvi: 1 @⚡slumerican⚡: 1
  21. There are ways to navigate the situation and there is NO WAY he stays at that cap figure. I stand by what I said, but thanks for your input.
  22. That's fine, but gamescript also comes into play on these as well. If he doesn't throw there he's giving up a sack deep in our own territory down 2 scores already. Sometimes you have to be a little more aggressive when gamescript calls for it. Definitely not the ideal result, but after this point we brought the score back to 28-25. It didn't cost us the game on it's own. I do agree though this one is on Ryan, it's just hard for me to criticize trying to be aggressive in the context of the game at that time.
  23. I remember a lot of the roll out plays were getting keyed on by the Eagles, I think without threat of the run game the weak side d-end can just run straight to matt on every play. I think the Eagles were doing this and it cut short a lot of the rollouts in week 1.
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