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  1. At this point I think it's highly likely the choice is Hackett for head coach. Now that we know the decision is basically been made that Fontenot is the GM. There is likely nothing stopping us from hiring Smith or Brady right now (and honestly if we wanted one of those coaches it would make the most sense to sign them ASAP). Hackett has to wait for GB to lose in the playoffs. I'll be very shocked at this point if it doesn't end up being Hackett in the end.
  2. Definitely Sewell if it played out like this.
  3. My opinion...i believe we should have kept TD. The team has talent. We've had the talent to have huge leads this season, but poor coaching and execution at times lead to a 1-5 record. We should be at worst 3-3 right now and in the division picture. I honestly believe we will miss TD and everyone here will flip the script on him. I hope I'm wrong though.
  4. TD built superbowl caliber rosters for two different head coaches. Hope you guys get what you're looking for...I'm thinking letting TD go is a huge mistake. Hope I'm wrong.
  5. How can anyone who watched the Packer game not see how important to involve RB in passing game is beyond me. ****, did everyone just forget what made that offense so potent in 2016? Maybe they need a reminder that Teco and Freeman were HEAVILY involved in passing game. **** Teco was the whole offense in the Broncos game. There just aren't that many LB's that can cover in the league today, we've been steadily regressing from 2016 in this category and in my opinion, it's the best way to get the offense in a rhythm. Sprinkle some easy passes in that are high percentage to get the chains
  6. I also notice that we play too often for 3rd/4th down. We aren't an attacking offense anymore, we are a 20play fg type of offense. This puts way too much pressure on the quarterback and makes penalties even more devastating. There is zero creativity, we have no motion, no misdirection, 2 bootlegs a game. I'm sick of the shotgun formations too, it's not our strength when we are telegraphing our plays. Watch a KC game, or the Packers offense from last night, it's a lot of misdirection, keeping defense on their toes, no knowledge of run or pass. Getting RB's involved in passing g
  7. I've noticed the same. Matt Ryan's strength throughout his career has been attacking the intermediate level of the field (of which he is elite). Yet this year I can't help but feel like we are either dinking and dunking short run game type throws or swinging completely for the fences, barely any in between. This is a coaching issue, we aren't playing to our strengths as you've shown in OP. Additionally, on the defensive side of the ball, it's as if our players have never played the scheme before. I get injuries happen and we are playing 2nd and 3rd level players, but they are p
  8. The run game looks much improved. Unfortunately, we had to abandon it due to gamescript. Personally, I loved the fight in the team down to the end. After watching the Texans give up in the 3rd quarter, it was refreshing to see we were going to keep scrapping for a win as unlikely as it was. Calvin Ridley and Russell Gage are looking fantastic right now. Also, Koo's onside game is legendary at this point. Fowler, Takk, Jerrett, and Deion Jones had some really promising plays against the run and pass. Also, we were able to move the ball really effectively. Obviously if we convert
  9. You are absolutely correct. I think what I was trying to convey is that just because someone believes a position can be upgraded or that they have concerns about some players. That we are wanting them to fail. At the end of the day, I think we all want our players to succeed. We all have our opinions, but that doesn't change our desire to be proven wrong if a player becomes something we may not have believed they could be. I certainly want the team to win, I like some players more than others. I have areas I'd like to improve, that doesn't mean I've given up on the guys that currentl
  10. I, for one, don't understand the logic behind being g so against upgrading any positions on the roster. Too many sacred cows to this fan base. At the end of the day, any upgrades should be celebrated and desired if the end goal is to win a championship.
  11. So if we are looking at 9m currently with no other moves, how much more would be available if we cut Brian Hill, Schaub, and did an extension on Mack? Thinking we would free up a decent amount to bring in a few guys or even something like a Clowney. (Though I would rather stretch out over several contributors)
  12. You seem to know a lot about cap etc. How much space do we free up June 1 when Trufant's money comes available?
  13. I think Terrell played some inside in college as well. For sure he shadowed Jamar Chase all over the field including slot.
  14. lol Terrell isn't bad at all, he was my CB3 after Henderson. I hope you eat crow. This draft has been solid so far.
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