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  1. Houston would retire before he accepted whatever we'd be willing to pay him is my guess...I think the reason he's still available is because of what he wants to be paid. I lean towards Poole and hooker tbh. I think our coverage last year was horrendous. Throw as many new faces out there as possible and see who rises to the top. There are surely no sacred cows back there.
  2. Julio will play for any team that would give him an extension. He doesn't really want to win. Guaranteed. He saw the writing on the wall, got a huge bulk of his guarantees at signing. There is only like 10m in guarantees he hasn't already been paid for the next three years on his contract. This is a cash grab plain and simple, falcons have a cap problem and with new management likely don't want to extend or restructure him. So his only way at another payday is on a new team. If they trade big assets for him, he will have a ton of leverage in an extension scenario. If I was his a
  3. I'm not saying I agree with the logic but the bolded above is why he would try to force a trade. He got all his money from this contract essentially as a signing bonus and hasn't seen much cash since then. He loses nothing by trying to force his hand on what he wants and a ton to gain. Any team that trades for him now will be subject to his demands as they've already given up a ton to get him in the door (think how much leverage Laremy Tunsil had on Texans after that trade). I think this is a calculated move by Julio and his agent to do the best they can to get what they can on the ta
  4. Really it all boils down to money. Let's be honest...This is potentially Julio's last opportunity for a big pay day. If he goes the trade route, he will absolutely use any leverage he has to get a new contract considering the team will have given up big assets to get him. He's leveraging all his chips in right now to get another contract (he already basically got all his money a couple years ago). He has a ton to gain by being traded and just about nothing to lose by trying to. I really don't think it has anything to do with winning or thinking he's gone next year, he's just using
  5. Not sure why we would take Michel over any defender. Michel doesn't even move the needle at all in my opinion. The first is great and truthfully I doubt the Pats will even be good next year. That 1st is likely in the teens at the latest.
  6. That's my point, final 5 games are closer to the defences capability. If we got a full seasons worth of that play, the defence would be a top 10 unit. That's why I'm not as concerned with the defence under new tutelage than others around here.
  7. Compare this to the final 5 games of the season please. Everyone keeps talking about how terrible the D is talent wise. But if you extrapolate the final 5 games over a season, the defense would be pretty good unless my eyes deceive me. I'm actually interested in seeing this side by side to prove the Defensive personnel is better than most think.
  8. What is the criteria for being able to start your own topic thread?

  9. Whatever, let Julio leave and make it the teams mission this season to make him regret it. Would be so cathartic to trade him to a team that implodes while we make playoffs...
  10. I found what I was remembering: https://old.reddit.com/r/woodworking/comments/nanbel/i_made_a_hidden_tool_storage_workbench_that_hides/ But yours is actually better.
  11. Except the teams are still holding up with their end of the bargain by giving up the guaranteed money.
  12. Especially a 3 year extension when we were not in a position to give one. He was 2 years into a contract and we gave him more in good faith, and now this is how the org is treated? I can understand if he wants to be a contender, but when everyone knew post June 1 was the only way to make this work, why would he pull this stunt now? I could see him doing it if it was June 10th, but a week before June 1 makes no sense to me. If I'm the org, I have a price. If I don't receive that value, I'm not just trading to appease Julio. I'm sorry, we are in the business of winning and when he
  13. I hope so man. Even though I'm jealous, I'm still happy that someone's been able to get it to happen.
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