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  1. So as he fills in for Free, what kind of performance will Coleman have? I'm thinking he goes for 80 — and if he does that Atlanta will won today. I'd also encourage Falcons fans to try out our FanBeat app. FanBeat lets you predict the action in real-time and compete for prizes. Questions come through push notifications on your phone. The app is completely free and it's geared towards fans like the guys on this board. Get the app at www.fanbeat.com/falcons/.
  2. If we win this game, the skid ends and we've got a little bit of breathing room looking ahead to the playoffs. I we lose this one, don't see any way we can make it past Week 16
  3. I do think he can be a great complement to Freeman because of his speed. Freeman and Coleman have different skillets, which would make for a dynamic backfield. As for today, I'm hoping he clears 80 with a TD and has a career-best day.
  4. Freeman is listed as out, so Coleman gets the start. Which TC shows up? The guy that looked good running for 80 yards in 20 carries in Week 1? Or the guy that runs as if the ball's been dipped in Crisco since then? Falcons obviously need Coleman to play well, and unfortunately, Minnesota's run D is pretty darned good.
  5. I don't get who's supposed to play if not for Collins. Trufant, Alford and Collins are our best 3 CBs and Collins was pressed into service when Alford was out. He's raw and everybody knows that, but he's got some talent. Right now, there aren't exactly All-Pros up and down the depth chart that you can plug in.
  6. As tough as the last 3 losses have been (especially because they've been against crummy teams), we're still in good shape for the playoffs. This game against Minnesota is big, but finish the season out at 5-1 or 4-2 and we claim a wild card spot.
  7. Hopefully Shanny went back to the drawing board and devised some ways to get him the ball. He's critical to our offense if we wanna have any shot of a playoff run in January.
  8. Don't know why — given all the other PR problems the league has (namely domestic violence) — why Cam's TD celebrations are causing such a stir. His response was perfect — if you don't like it, keep me out of the end zone. With the season he's having, that's easier said than done. Hope Falcons D is ready to bring it when they play the Kitties.
  9. Hopefully some big changes are in store after the bye week. Namely, running more no-huddle and getting Roddy the ball so our offense isn't so predictable.
  10. Then again, we've locked up the division and had home field in 2010 & 2012 and it didn't do much. Without a dominant team in the NFC this year, it could be one of those wide-open years where the team that gets hot goes on a roll on the road — i.e. Arizona in 2008, GB in 2010 and NYG in 2011. Perhaps winning the division isn't as crucial as finding our stride and really rolling come December/ January?
  11. Saving grace is that we have 2 games left vs. Carolina, so we have a shot — albeit it's a long one. We pretty much have zero margin for error. We have to run the table, sweep the Panthers, and hope Carolina loses once.
  12. It seemed like the one time we used the no-huddle offense yesterday, we marched right down the field. Not coincidentally, it was the only TD we scored! Why are we so hesitant to use the no-huddle in other situations? It seems like Ryan is at his best when he goes no-huddle — yet we're not using it. Is this on Shanahan? Anybody got insight?
  13. Against an underwhelming SF D, I think there's no reason Freeman can't get over 100 with 1 or 2 TDs today. I'd also encourage guys who watch the game today to check out our new FanBeat app — it allows fans to predict the action in real time. Download the app for free at www.fanbeat.com/falcons/. You could win merchandise, tickets and Starbucks gift cards. Let's hope Freeman has a big day and the Falcons go into the bye 7-2. RISE UP!
  14. Call me crazy, but I still think we can make some noise this year. Win today and you got into the bye 7-2 — any Falcon fan would've taken that on Sept. 1. The thing about saying, "next year's the year" is that there's so much that's unknown. This year we play a weak schedule and there are no juggernauts in the NFC — Carolina, GB, Arizona and Seattle all have weaknesses. While we've turned the ball over, we've stayed relatively healthy compared to other teams. Go 5-2 or 6-1 after the bye and you're in the hunt for a top seed and I like ATL's chances against anybody playing at home.
  15. It'd be nice if we would thrash an overmatched opponent like we're supposed to. Then again, we lost to TB last week, so I guess I should just hope for a win for starters.
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