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  1. You're either too young to have seen them,too old to remember them, or too blind to see outside Matt Ryan's jock strap. Joe Montana,Steve Young,Dan Fouts,Dan Marino, even Bradshaw would carry teams on their shoulders for weeks. That's 5 that don't include today's top 3. The nonsense that Matt Ryan is "elite" or "HOF" is where your horse mularky lives. He's OK...that's about it. Matt doesn't catch anything he throws, a heap of talented receivers do. He doesn't get credit for every stat just because it's a pass.
  2. search the reddit forums for NFL---->Streams i prefer using acestream(best quality,no ads/popups)
  3. Not a Ryan fan, but i'll leave this here for Gazoo
  4. i don't see it. Norwood looks like he's stomping grapes when he runs. Coleman looks like he's running on water. I truly believe Coleman is going to shock the Freeman fanboys.
  5. if Coleman stays healthy -> under AINEC if i'm not mistaken, 3 of his fumbles were from his right hand. everyone knew that would take time to fix. Coleman will be a beast imho
  6. pretty sure Hardy beat his man a few frames before this too
  7. his upper body flailing around drives me nuts...its like he's running with his arms
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