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  1. The Falcons don't need a lighter version of anything.
  2. Maybe because they lost by 21 points and it's a meaningless play overall.
  3. Nobody within 15 yards of Ridley in the endzone. I hope you're not pinning his HOF induction on this one.
  4. If you really want change? Buy a surgical mask that has no metal (or remove it), take a corporate bag (McDonalds,KFC,Burger King, Coke,whatever) cut the logo to fit the mask, stuff in your sock,pocket whatever, wear it during the game. 1 television appearance should do it.
  5. Meh, I think it's more like the nerd yelling at weightlifters....they just ignore him.
  6. Ridiculous on so many levels. 99.99% of us aren't even in the circle of friends of a "professional" football player. Salary,training,talent, etc, etc. etc.
  7. Go watch the replay on youtube.Start at 3:00 and .25 speed. I'll give you the link. When the ball leaves Ryans hand, Stocker is on the 15 yard line. He never makes a lateral/horizontal move after that. You can say Stocker is a slug but don't make stuff up to cover for a terrible decision from Ryan.
  8. They'll be 5 threads tomorrow proclaiming we should have won IF. *Sometimes i wonder if 1/3 of the posters here work for the Falcons PR Dept. IF my aunt had balls.........
  9. He's always been over rated. Shanahan made him what he was.
  10. That's not what you did. You chose to attack other posters at the first opportunity. Including calling me a crybaby(what are you 12?) I'm done here
  11. that's some twisted logic Sir Did you read the whole thread or did the partisan liberals set you off on this tangent before you could finish? There are other opinions in the thread. * could you please revert your post to it's original form? i'd like to be known as a crybaby that cares about human lives.
  12. with the title and post disconnect, some fake news channel should hire you
  13. 16 pages would be cut in half with a little sane formatting. + readablility
  14. Considering how soft the current roster is, cutting line in the grocery store would be nasty.
  15. Pretty sure they became HOF'ers after the fact. The number of rings or wins or completions has nothing to do with carrying the team. Also a fact.
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