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  1. I've used vintage Gillete,Merkur,Gem and straight razors over the years. I always go back to the lowly Lord L6 ($8.00) with a Personna blue blade...... close,smooth, nick free every time. *buy a brick of Cella and a Omega boar brush and you can shave 20-24 months without worrying about supplies
  2. How do you quit Vim? 😜 *know javascript well?
  3. beliefs <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< reality
  4. The only thing this thread proves is that some people are bored and others can't resist being politards.
  5. Meh, I think they drinking from the little pitcher
  6. The saran wrap knot on lettuce
  7. Uh......Gang wars on the No Pixel Server have been on fire all week. As the kids say...you gonna get clapped.
  8. Speed Racer just ran over every cartoon mentioned in the thread.
  9. Being the most feared team in the league for a few seasons should do it.
  10. The Bucs are coming to expose that the Emperor has no clothes.There's not enough drainage in the world to stop them. * i'm guessing the pirate ships name is Monte Carlo fwiw
  11. I made my weekly trip to Publix last week wearing a regular dust mask. While waiting in line at the register an elder woman was standing 1-2 feet in front of my buggy. She spins around with her hand like a traffic cop and says "whoa whoa, 6 feet back". Then she proceeds within 2 feet of the register and bag boy (all 3 unmasked) and holds a five minute conversation. Sometimes i wonder if people are eating/drinking something that disables logic.
  12. The background for twitter post is like a borked dark theme.
  13. The pore size of the Falcon filter needs to be raised x10. Many game wreckers aren't choir boys.
  14. Now you're just picking on Peyton Manning. posted a tweet about Ryan having more yards than any QB his first 11 years which is true but, that statistic is cherry picked. I'm busy right now but a better comparison would be to take the top ten minus Ryan, avg their attempt and yards then compare that to Ryan. (sample size FTW) Then there's some variance that i wouldn't know how to account for ..so "There are three kinds of lies: lies, ****ed lies, and statistics.".
  15. You kinda proved my point. Add the 241( a half season) extra attempts @ 66% comp. * 7.7 yard average and Ryan no longer leads the 3rd QB on the leader board.
  16. Pretty sure he has like 500 more pass attempts in those 10 years. He'll have 1000 more attempts if he plays as long as Brees has to date.
  17. I'd rather a 50yd string slinger than a 80 yard blimp lander.
  18. You're well over your limit with this reply. *i almost replied with 2 words for giggles :P
  19. It's also funny how everyone bashing your formatting never pile on veteran posters that quote 15 pages/images to reply with one line. both suck
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