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  1. My father never recovered from Covid. I hope its peaceful there Pop.
  2. Same, they never find a vein in my arm and always use my hand after telling them to start there. every single nurse thinks they're gonna succeed not worth. there ya go
  3. So my wingnut/CINO family members have infected both my parents 84/81 with Covid. I'm ready to gag every denier with their **** soiled underwear.
  4. 4-8 of my right wing family members have Covid. None vaccinated, all taking the medical mix from America's Frontline Doctors. It doesn't seem real. These are not uneducated people like me.
  5. Such honorable soldiers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ja5Q75hf6QI
  6. * disclaimer- I'm old, self taught and never made a dime programming. I didn't start to understand javascript until i created my own simple CRUD project and incrementally added features. This forced me to solve problems in my particular use case.Don't worry about the code smell, you'll start to recognize/refactor it down. I've always avoided popular frameworks and used vanilla JS as much as possible. Create random data from a json generator (1000-10000) objects... search,sort,filter, transform, arithmetic etc. Create custom events to update the dom. HTML/CSS is pretty easy but boring once you learn the fundamentals. * NWJS (node webkit) is also satisfying to use for small application creation. * disclaimer II... see disclaimer
  7. To give Ryan one last wedgie <rolling eyes>
  8. Is this like smoking a cheap cigarette brand? Like comparing Basics to American Spirit? Anyone compare these gummies to "real" gummies? I need something for back pain first and concentration second.
  9. It'll be interesting to see how injuries early in the season pop up with more discipline in practice.
  10. I mentioned Julio asking to be traded around the time of the draft when the front page exploded with the trade rumor. I'm just going to say we don't know what's in Julio's contract. He may have them by the short hairs.
  11. but it's hard to argue Quinn wasn't soft in practice
  12. try a unicomp or model M... buckling spring goodness also..second Moderna today
  13. This and he's 20th on the all time list. 54,58,54,44 are the longest receptions per the last 4 years. I'm sure he wants to be top 5 before he's done. I think his targets go down again this year.
  14. Why doesn't anyone consider that Julio may be asking for a trade. I think he's unhappy here.
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