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  1. To give Ryan one last wedgie <rolling eyes>
  2. Is this like smoking a cheap cigarette brand? Like comparing Basics to American Spirit? Anyone compare these gummies to "real" gummies? I need something for back pain first and concentration second.
  3. It'll be interesting to see how injuries early in the season pop up with more discipline in practice.
  4. I mentioned Julio asking to be traded around the time of the draft when the front page exploded with the trade rumor. I'm just going to say we don't know what's in Julio's contract. He may have them by the short hairs.
  5. but it's hard to argue Quinn wasn't soft in practice
  6. try a unicomp or model M... buckling spring goodness also..second Moderna today
  7. This and he's 20th on the all time list. 54,58,54,44 are the longest receptions per the last 4 years. I'm sure he wants to be top 5 before he's done. I think his targets go down again this year.
  8. Why doesn't anyone consider that Julio may be asking for a trade. I think he's unhappy here.
  9. I'm getting it Tuesday if i can keep ignoring all the side effects posted here.
  10. Just grow cayenne. The flavor is better (fresh or dried). Jalapenos produce like rabbits but don't keep well. I'm still eating dried cayenne from last year and i eat them on everything.
  11. Why in the **** hasn't some of these deep pocket mf's hired Sponge to figure four these ***hats! It's
  12. Hot for teacher story: In HS I would cut/bust firewood for extra money. I had a good friend that ask me to deliver some to one of his teachers. We go inside and start drinking wine. Before ya know it they're groping each other like animals. I interrupted to ask when here husband would be home (cause i don't wanna die) she says she wasn't sure. I go outside, my friend follows and I tell him I'm leaving (cause i don't wanna die). Later he tells me he'd been knocking her all year in secret. beat: I probably missed a threesome in 10th grade.
  13. The Beatles were the original "boy band". If they hadn't been the first they wouldn't be in the top ten.
  14. I'm sure McConnell will be calling for every Joe Kernen guest ever to step aside any minute now.
  15. I don't want another average/undersized RB(don't care if they go 0-60 in 3 seconds). I want a plow mule that can drag players 3-5 yards.
  16. Is this Dan Aykroyd playing Richard Nixon playing Jim Carrey playing Matt Gaetz? cuz i seriously see them all.
  17. Waiting for Lenovo is never a good thing after hrs with support
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