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  1. I didn't either, but I guess our eyes lie because I saw some stat that he gave up 8 catches on 11 targets for 100+ yards.
  2. I agree, but getting off the field on 3rd down makes me happy after the last few years. Baby steps I guess.
  3. Eagles game was very trash and sad, but they made some key stops and the game did not seem lost until late 3rd because the offense sucked. The D did as well as they could against the Bucs you aren't going to stop them most of the time. The offense should have helped them by staying on the field but they sucked for 3 quarters.
  4. Because the only the Falcons truly sucks, everyone else is wait and see. Duhhhh.
  5. Oh that makes it even better, I do not think the Falcons have lost to WFT in ATL in over a decade now. Hopefully the trend continues.
  6. I just hope DP is grooming a replace, so far I love what I see. All three games the D has made some key plays, however in the first two weeks the lack of offense has killed them twice. Lucky for them the Giants suck so they were able to hold up all game long even though we lacked offense again.
  7. Every single time we play the Washington Red(redacted), I mean Football Team people are always scared. But yet we always win, the biggest problem I see is the field. I played on that field many times in high school and it is still just as bad as it was 14 years ago. Hope no one gets hurt.
  8. Ummm what? Mike Davis has made plenty of people miss these past 3 weeks. If he had even a little more room he could probably get 5.5 yards an carry.
  9. is he out Tatum now? Are we about to be NO lite.
  10. Too bad no one is going to see this because my thread got moved to the grave yard 🙄
  11. Sadly this is probably true. I am really not a knee jerk reaction guy. And I truly believe AS should be given a few seasons to be judged. However, if this doesn’t improve I don’t know if his job should be safe.
  12. This offense makes me sad. At least we could watch shoot outs when we sucked. Now its this ugly thing.
  13. Then you might have covid. Because we are going to run it in the 5 hole for a yard or two.
  14. I don’t think most people are. Just a few. I love Matt but its time to move on. We need about 18-20 new starters
  15. Yeah in done with the team unless they show some major improvements. Im going to hate watch the rest of the season
  16. I know the o-line has not been good this season, but they are doing well today. Matt has got to stop playing scared. He should retire or understand he will get hit.
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