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  1. I thought the Rams had a good defense. At least we held the Saints for a half.
  2. Smh refs
  3. Thats a first.
  4. Just this week not the other 7 weeks (really 5, off game in Philly and Pittsburgh). Smh
  5. About freaking time. Im so happy for JUILOOOOOO
  6. Thank you Kazee. Someone who can catch
  7. Doesn’t look like they were going for 10 yards
  8. Yeah yeah I know. But this pessimistic approach just snaps all my enrgy out.
  9. And thats game. They aren’t scoring three times in 7 mins.
  10. Is there anything other than football going on you want to talk about?
  11. Hoop you gotta make it less obvious lol. Also julio wasnt catching that. Dide just lost them the game lol
  12. I mean at this point its trolling right?
  13. Yup. They changed it a few years back to speed up the game. Any ball in play will keep the clock going out side the last 4 of each half.
  14. Clock dont stop until last 4 mins of each half.