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  1. Why does everyone always say it slows the game down? At most there can only be 6 red flags thrown a game. Doesn’t slow down the game anymore than other calls.
  2. That's the balance you have to have vs the Eagles tho. It doesn't always have to be a 60:40 split. Don't run into a brick wall if you can just jump over it.
  3. I think he heard it on ESPN talk show. Which was just the guy's opinion, he was a QB and said the same thing happened to him and he was back after 6 weeks but it happen to another QB and he was put on IR. So it's all rumors until Drew see's his doctor today.
  4. This has to be the dumbest statement of the week. Tf does that even mean. Winning = Entertainment
  5. You just existed lol. Like they didn’t bring us into this world.
  6. Because the good ole boy club.
  7. Wrong Gruden my guy.
  8. Looking like I should have started Barber
  9. Dude it’s just commercials.
  10. Can’t spell boring football with out Thursday night.
  11. Smh they aren’t paying him what his worth is.
  12. I have Pat Mahomes, Hopkins, and Devin Cook as my bell cows. They gave me near 100 points alone. My team can handle a weak spot but I'm just trying to fix it.
  13. So my flex is Ridley, all I need from my flex is 10-15 points so he is good for that. All my RBs are Devin Cook, Devonta Freeman, Kenyan Drake, and Peyton Barber, and Adrian Peterson. I'm thinking I might have two RBs and a flex, but my RB matchups are not that good this week.
  14. I thought they didn’t want to play him week one because their #1 need the bulk of carries like AP to be any good? Hmmm let go look at their depth chart