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  1. 9/10 yes. But there are a few times the better team loses because of HFA.
  2. I understand what you are saying but home field advantage does not equal home field guarantee. I do think a HFA could give a slight advantage to the home team. But a good team will still beat a worse team even on the road.
  3. Can you show me the transcript on how many picks/players were offered to the Falcons for pick 4?
  4. I do agree with your last part we were star heavy on offense and that did, and is still hurting us
  5. Woulda, coulda, shouda, we could of got those players, but what are the chances we hit on all three (I assume a very small percentage)? Second players still develop in the NFL, we could have picked all three (highly unlikely) and they could have all bust under Mike Smith because he did not develop them the right way.
  6. I'll take a middle of the road defense after the last few years. Or, better yet I'll take, not expecting the other team to score a TD every time they touch the ball. The little things you know
  7. If we get Pitts I already know he will be a outstanding receiving target unless he is a gigantic bust. What I want to know is, can home boy block, and if not can he be taught to block. What makes a TE more dangerous than a WR to me is the factor of the unknown. If he is a outstanding WR and can be at min a decent blocker than he will be worth it at 4. If he cannot block and never learns then he is a dud to me.
  8. College is fine, and the NFL will also be fine. Players wear whatever they want their whole life, then all of a sudden once they make it to the NFL they cannot tell the difference between a LB and DB because they both have single digit numbers? If a QB cannot tell the difference he should not be getting paid 30+ mil a year. Besides if this helps the game shift towards the defense I am all for it, the offense is too favored right now.
  9. I know nothing about this guy, ill ask my raider friend for input, but other than that ill just be optimistic that this works out.
  10. Nah, Dimitroff had his faults but he couldn't predict a 20-35 mill drop off from the cap because of covid.
  11. If Belichick thinks this then he needs to retire. That is the equivalent of a person thinking they can hit the lotto twice. It can happen, but it for sure will be a miracle. I think Bill has a better plan than hoping to strike gold with another QB in a late round.
  12. The data shows Watt is more likely to be hurt than get it 10 sacks at this point in his career
  13. This leaves me scratching my head. This is probably the best deal he got, and AZ isn't trash they have a chance to make the playoffs this year, but I would have thought he would want to go to one of the top 8ish teams from last year on a discount. He already made his millions. But I do not personally know him and every man/woman has their reason.
  14. I live in the Tucson area and have a lot of co-workers that like PHX, they do not seem to be so hyped. I do not see this as a good move for either party.
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