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  1. The data shows Watt is more likely to be hurt than get it 10 sacks at this point in his career
  2. This leaves me scratching my head. This is probably the best deal he got, and AZ isn't trash they have a chance to make the playoffs this year, but I would have thought he would want to go to one of the top 8ish teams from last year on a discount. He already made his millions. But I do not personally know him and every man/woman has their reason.
  3. I live in the Tucson area and have a lot of co-workers that like PHX, they do not seem to be so hyped. I do not see this as a good move for either party.
  4. No, because I think Ito will be knocked out within 3 games if he takes on most of the load. His size concerns me, and he does not have the speed or agility to avoid big hits. However, as a spell back I think he will be fine.
  5. I always see this, but yet I never see anyone bring up Madden when talking about trading Ryan. Where did this played out joke start? P.S. I am not a Ryan should be traded at all cost guy. Before someone goes there.
  6. Nah it was the SuperBowl. Quinn would have another year if he won the SuperBowl
  7. Its like an abusive relationship, people are afraid to move on because of the unknown. We haven’t really ever had a good team for multiple seasons in a row, but Matt gave us that. I know people don’t want to let go of that, however, it’s just time to move on and people hate change.
  8. So the same thing that is happening now and happened the past two years? You people kill me on both sides. Yes Matt Ryan was the best thing to ever happen to the Falcons, and yes Matt Ryan is on the decline. I think everyone knows there is a risk to getting rid of Matt and starting over, we may hit gold with a new Qb or suck. But at least it’s something different.
  9. I’ve been to all three. My favorite is the Falcons than the Cowboys, but my new favorite is the Las Vegas stadium. I was able to take a tour and that thing is niceeeee.
  10. The stadium is nice AF. What you talking about? Only good thing these past few years.
  11. “We” don’t play NFL football. “We” can laugh at anything.
  12. I 100% saw the game. Matt sucked today, plain and simple. Matt can still game manage.
  13. We can see the post season with Matt again. It just won’t be on his back.
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