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  1. The defense only allowed 16 points the whole game. I don't see your point about this game.
  2. Just what I've been looking for thanks
  3. Thank you I'll give it a look. Hopefully I can use it for my last 50 days in Japan, well as long as a certain someone doesn't initiate a war. I'm sure AFN will have it because it's the Steelers. They usually play national games. Thanks.
  4. Please delete and lock if there is already a thread about this but I'm stationed in Japan and can only get AFN to watch sports and it is over taken by the Cowboys, Patriots, and Steelers. Any place I can see game one that's legal? Or is there somewhere I could buy the service? Thank you.
  5. He never caught the ball.
  6. Wow. This lost hurts but I can't help but laugh at this. Holy crap.
  7. Meh. He wants more money. Timing doesn't really matter if this is a distraction to anyone on the team and causes us to lose then we weren't meant to win it
  8. Guess two people can't hangout.
  9. Our step back will be just 30ppg instead of 33ppg. I don't like it but I guess we will just have to take it.
  10. This is fake news. ARod can't be 0-35 in games he was losing in the 4th quarter because ARod doesn't lose
  11. Yeah with Norh Korea getting "nuke capability" we have up'ed our alert level in the pacific.
  12. Thank you. It's my pleasure. if anyone else thanks me for my service this thank you also goes out to you. I didn't mean to derail the thread
  13. Thank you. I would say I'm not in the most dangerous place though. Tokyo is pretty nice . Although I was in the Desert this time last year.
  14. That's some crazy D line splits.
  15. Thank you. And yeah that sucks sorry to hear that. There should be a law that die hard fans get to watch the games uninterrupted whenever the game is on. The Super Bowl is on a Monday in Japan and our Wing commander already gave the whole base the day off to watch it. I'll be rocking my Julio jersey at our E Club. We had shout outs last year I hope they do it again this year.