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  1. Yeah, to my naked eye he looked fine in his limited role in London. I think he is going to be great when he finally takes over the role.
  2. No need for IQ, just fast and physical babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
  3. And for good reasons, I do not mind a rookie sitting for a year or two (other than a top 5 QB) people have this now mentality with rookies now and days.
  4. Depends in who we get in FA. I think we go BPA most rounds because we need all around talent.
  5. 3-4 years from now. We might have the luxury to get another one.
  6. I know its a joke but if we are picking at 3 when he comes out I doubt AS is here lol
  7. Depends on who is playing safety, Sam will throw a few almost picks if you know who gets back in.
  8. I just can’t tho. Love going to the games especially in the GA Dome. You going to the SF game then?
  9. Hope we win. Ill be there, however the Falcons are 1-4 when I go to games. So not looking good.
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