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  1. What is OP saying? I have him on block.
  2. Cry when we don't get love and cry when we do get love.
  3. I agree with your stance but during he Seahawks game they scored in like 40 seconds.
  4. Doesn’t matter how we get our 20 points just get them. Same thing with winning, doesn’t matter how we win, just win.
  5. QBless Eagles, Case Keenem Vikings or a Saints team we already held below 20 points. Sure do think we can keep our avg. Never said we were going to keep anyone to 13 points a game so you might want to readjust those glasses.
  6. Not true. The difference in our games this year is getting over 20 points to win. You can do that by a crap ton of FGs. Yes TDs will be nice but we aren't going to score more than two TDs on offense a game this post season in my opinion.
  7. Well then we are going to lose, point blank. If our defense has a off day. 9/10 times we are going to get bumped from the playoffs.
  8. Best offense in the league held to 13 points. Gave up 19 points a game and was only blown out once. I think the D can continue to do this.
  9. Game ball should have went to Matt Bryant
  10. I see time and time again people complain about FGs. Who cares if we get FGs if we can score 24-30 points? With this D i’ll take 5 or 6 FGs with a TD. Thats 22-25 points. That is all we need. I know our D use to suck but that’s our strength now. Heck I feel really good if we score two TDs because we will probably end up with 4 or 5 more FGs by MATT DA GOD BRYANTS foot.
  11. Why does this thread always think commenters hate us? I find it to be a fair called game.
  12. I almost died on that play lol.
  13. 5+ min drive and at least three gives us the win imo.
  14. Pay this man. I said pay that man. Retire his number and jeresey on day what Matt fning Bryant
  15. Ill take a 6-8 min drive with 3 points.