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  1. It's not about pressure it's about knowing the offense the guys have to know the playbook they have to have confidence to make those plays. What is available right now is available for a reason it's no guarantee we can find someone better out there with the confidence to succeed. Just adding random people and expecting results isn't necessarily as clever as you think. If Justin Gage or a former Falcon with a connection to Ryan WA South there than yes or someone like Tajae Sharpe who knows Smiths playbook and terminology but whoever we add will be a total outsider trying to make up a full training camp worth of install in 2 weeks. It's not as easy as just grab a guy who can catch. There isn't that many great football players just sitting at home if there were roster turnover in the NFL would be even higher than it already is
  2. You cut Zaccheus for the drops, at what point do you cut a TE with multiple fumbles or a star WR who hasn't won a single 50/50 ball this year and also has a load of drops. our recievers as a unit have played poorly except for Pitts this week and Patterson. You can cut them but when it's the whole unit probably has more to do with confidence than talent and bringing in new guys with no exposure to the system and no previous work with Ryan and expecting them to instantly connect is just as foolish. Sometimes you really do have to roll with what is out there Henny has been bad but the o-line overall has played better. Henny is the voice in their ear making those calls changing that dynamic will put us back at square one. It's a team goal and as you flip players around it does effect and limit you offensively even if the new guy is a better individual player it doesn't always make them a better fit at that moment especially with no camp to get them up to speed. I mean look at Colquitt excellent veteran punter comes in and shanks one cause he hasn't practiced with this blocking unit and hasn't built that trust yet. That timing and trust takes time
  3. he's completing 70% of his passes consider how ridiculous the Stas would be if our recievers could catch 🤣
  4. So huge drops in key situations you're saying he was always destined to end up in Atlanta
  5. In an improvement over previous years we merely dropped the passes instead of batting them straight up into the air for easy INTs. Our receivers are improving in the regard I guess? Hard to feel good about a team that has 0 INTs through 4 games we should have gotten one by accident at this point.
  6. .............Yes because everyone knows the real stars are found on the waiver wire at week 4. Look no offense but most of what's left won't help us if anything it would be big names to sell tickets ala what TB did with Sherman. At this point the goal is to develop what we have. And in reality we aren't that far off. We have dropped what feels like 1000 passes this season and made mental lapses on defense, but it hasn't really been talent issues except along the DL with the pass rush. Would more talent be great absolutely, but what we need is a new attitude and for the players to buy in and accomplish the little things. The small things make all the difference. Remember how we were up 10-0 then Harris didn't keep his depth and its suddenly 10-7 or the opening kickoff of the second half where we lost gap control, missed a tackle and suddenly 17-13 became trailing 19-17. More talent would be amazing but better execution would win us ball games
  7. We should win this game but we should have beaten Washington and realistically Philly is a horrendous dumpster fire we should have been atleast competitive with. But we struggle to do the most basic things like tackle/catch passes and block so we probably won't. We don't need an offensive genius and defensive guru we need to take these buffoons down to a pop Warner practice so they can work against some guys at their talent level. There is no excuse for an NFL roster to look the way we did Sunday. 50ish guys with the deer in headlights stare while Ryan/Grady debated internally whether it was smarter to retire or fake an injury and hope to escape this offseason
  8. Erik Harris is Jekyll/Hyde he looked so dialed in vs. The G-Men then drops two INTs and lets McLaurin get behind him in cover 2. No excuse for his play yesterday. He was in on all three play has the athleticism and instincts to make the play and just brain farts all 3 chances. The whole team needs to relearn how to win and finish plays
  9. He pushed the ball downfield a lot today and Zaccheus and Ridley couldn't catch it come on man. Did you see how many balls he zipped into recievers who were blanketed. His arm has plenty left. This narrative is tired and baseless. He gave his guys lots of opportunities to win 50/50 balls we won none of them. Our reciever room should be embarrassed at this point but luckily for then the rest of the team is equally terrible. We dropped at least 3 picks, we didn't block well, we couldn't stop the run, we had a 25 yard punt, a kick off return TD against us and probably had the most drops I've ever seen for a single team in one game. This teams effort today was disrespectful to the fans. If you're name isn't Grady/Fowler/Ryan/Patterson and maybe Debo/Terrell you don't deserve the bus ride home. They should make them walk back to the Branch after that absolute dud. No reason for this loss, we aren't a good enough team to try and run for first downs to bleed clock. When you need to go win a football game you put it in your best players hands and our best is Ryan. Terrible call way too conservative. If you blame Ryan for this loss I don't know what to say at this point.
  10. A good approach to the two high safeties is patience. Don't go for the deep shot run the ball and take the slants and curls. Force them to play press and come into the box. Offenses in the NFL need to relearn the art of the drive. Whether it's 1, 50 yard play or 15, 4 yard plays a TD is still worth 6 points. The only difference is when you take 15 plays to do it your defense gets extra rest.
  11. He played well considering he was replacing our 2nd best player on defense and was targeted often. He held up only giving up one big one, but he was targeted all day because he's just not very good at the moment. Noble performance for a young back-up but he is nowhere near ready to push Moreau/Oliver for more reps at the moment. Give him more time
  12. Teams don't respect our run game and don't fear our secondary recievers. So they are bracketing Ridley/Pitts whenever they can and keeping two safeties deep. This is probably why we seem to do much better in up tempo and 2 min drill situations teams have less time to set up their bracket coverages and call their plays. Until Zaccheus/Hurst make other teams fear them they will continue to get one on ones so coverage can shift toward Ridley. Until we break a couple big runs teams will give us the 2-5 yard gains and keep their safeties back. We have actually adjusted to it well though instead of big plays we have been patient enough to have lots of 12-15 play drives in the first 3 games. And now that we are finishing in the redzone that style will work. Welcome back to the 2012 Ball control falcons we will take whatever you give us.
  13. I've honestly been impressed with his slip into routes. He and Ryan have turned 2-3 sacks into short 2-3 yard gains by him taking off at just the right moment. He's special as a blocker and that's where he makes his money but he's proving himself to be more of an asset as a reciever than anyone could have guessed.
  14. Can we get some love for Lee Smith dude has been Arguably our best OL out there at 3rd TE and he caught us the game tieing TD. Kudos to the whole defense especially TJ Green holding up knowing he would be the target on every play. This team isn't great right now but the last two weeks have shown they have a ton of heart and will to stay in the game.
  15. I mean I know its a common expression but given what a nightmare the 76ers are right now gotta assume it's bad juju for any sports team to even mention the word process
  16. Sucks to see Terrell hurt. Especially cause he got hurt laying it on the line for his team if we had a few more guys with his effort level our defense would be way better. Next hope is Terrell's tips get turned into picks. He's doing his all but those loose balls need to be takeaways of we want to compete.
  17. Again don't rebuild at QB first it kills their value and leads to the constant Scramble to find the guy. QBs more than any other position in sports need a quality support staff to succeed. Build the team first then find your guy when you actually have a hope of protecting him
  18. He's looked okay given the time he has to throw. We just aren't very good right now offensively we don't catch the ball well, Gage is hurt, we don't block, and we can't get consistent traction in the run game. Also for the good QBs fix bad teams crowd I present the NYJ and Carolina Panthers. Darnold is quietly playing like a pro bowler now that he is on a competent team ND all world talent Zach Wilson just threw 4 INTs. Good QBs are important but they rely on the talent around them more than any other posistion is sports.
  19. That's exactly why they are a great example sustained success. Even their bad years are middle of the pack. Most teams don't pick top 5 then find success they pick top 5 and keep doing it over and over again. Jacksonville/NYJ/NYG are an example of what long term rebuilds look like. Maybe a fluke 8-8 year mixed in but consistently picking high over and over again with new exciting talent coming in all the time only for the team to regress and that talent to eventually leave and find success elsewhere like Sam Darnold whose quietly playing great in Carolina right now. You don't want to be a bottom feeder because losing breeds losing. Even with the supposed influx of talent from early picks. The top 5 thing really only works if you hit on transcendent talents ala Watson. And as we saw in HOU even that ends badly with poor management and in that particular case poor decisions by the talent.
  20. Build up the o line and Reciever Corp the way KC did. Whether you think Ryan is done or not KC got it right be a playoff caliber team already with your current aging QB and have the kid watch him be successful from the sideline and learn for a year. Next guy slides into a good situation and immediately feels comfortable. Always build to compete now with an eye toward rhe future. This whole multi year rebuild thing just isn't real. You're either grooming guys to win and be successful or your breeding a weak culture that accepts failure. The difference between good or even terrible teams and great teams in the NFL is razor thin. Every guy who gets drafted is an elite college prospect with otherworldly athletic skills. It comes down to coaching and mentality and you can't build those without a win right now mentality. Build as if you're going to the SB tommorow even if you can't win **** today.
  21. Right abandon all hope go for an early draft pick. Can't be excited about anything. Bro calm your **** its been two games. I honestly don't think it will get much better but if it does I worry about you and Swayze. Because if we keep losing people will still be fans and get over it but if by some miracle we win 2 to 3 in a row you won't have a reason to ***** and I'm genuinely scared you might do something drastic if you didn't get to complain about this team for a whole week much less two.
  22. It absolutely is for a team that lost by 30 the week before playing the reigning champs. Come on if we punt there we are done because one we likely shank it again but also we don't have a good enough defense right now to expect results after back to back 3 and outs. Desperation time isn't just about clock its about the realities of the roster you have not the one you wish you had.
  23. On third down with the rush in his face down two scores you have to risk the pick there. If he takes the sack you are done anyway. He made the play every QB in the world does he tried to give his reciever a chance. Our Line didn't hold and our only WR close enough to get the ball off was limping. It was a tough situation where Ryan did what he could to salvage the game after that run and shank on the previous posistion. Dude got plays off with a pro bowl linebacker in Devin White coming un blocked multiple times. Did a flip pass through the rush for a TD and pulled a ball on a 2 pt conversion read option and dove into the contact to be sure he got it. Dude came to play and yall are gonna cherry pick to fit the narrative. Ryan is not one of our key issues. We have to block better, we have to cut down the pre snap penalties, we gotta wrap up on our tackling, and we have to be better in special teams to fix the field posistion.
  24. He played better still not great, but Henny I think might actually be the core issue a lot of missed assignments and free rushers. I think communication is lacking along the o-line and its leading to a lot of blocking of air and free blitzes. Henny just hasn't mentally caught up to the NFL game so he's missing calls and in general the unit hasn't meshed well so they are missing assignments and struggling to determine who should pick up who in stunts, blitzes, and even in just straight rushes. Whole line showed more promise this week. After last week I would never have thought this given, but given time this unit could certainly be serviceable they just need to mesh and communicate better.
  25. Read what I said they scored 2 defensive TDs and started 3 drives on our side of the field. If not for that we likely are the first team to hold them under 30 points in 8 games that's pretty solid defense. We aren't going to be great this year but anyone with eyes can tell you today was a promising day defensively. If our offense and special teams actually give them a whole field to defend they aren't bad. We were putrid in the other two phases of the game today and now the defense is unfairly going to bare the brunt of that because people can't analyze they can only read box scores and finals and go see I knew they were bad.
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