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  1. In my personal experience the whole be surrounded by doers thing is just words. I've found many successes by accident and surely did not put in more of the work than those that failed. It's all random chance. Plenty of people put in the work over and over and get nothing while others continually fail upwards. I have a stack of awards from scouts, college, sports, previous jobs that I keep shoved in a drawer because at least half if not more just kind of happend I was in the right place at the right time. I didn't out work someone for them though I could feel extra proud of myself if I sai
  2. Matt is protective of the ball in the red zone doesn't give Julio the 50/50 balls some other QBs would and looks to make a check down TD a lot of times. Maybe it costs Julio 4-5 TDs a year and the team 1-3 overall but it could also save 3-4 Redzone INTs so it's hard to say if it's the wrong call.
  3. This has always been faulty logic hard work and a good attitude doesn't fix everything or guarantee success the universe is inherently random and sometimes you get the ***** and you are allowed to be pissed about it. Not saying you can change it but sometimes it can be helpful to have a I got ****** over attitude because it inspires you that much more to overcome the BS. The whole the cards your dealt thing isn't even true in poker as one of the most important skills is bluffing. Applied to other situations you can "bluff" the system too I got pushed out of this department because so and so
  4. Home field advantage is more than just fans. It has to do with travel. It's been proven time and time again that travel especially west to east is a huge disadvantage come game day. More traveling also means less recovery time for our players. Our training staff better be on it with 9 road games an international game and an early season bye our depth will be tested. If we aren't properly prepared we could be running a MASH unit by years end. We don't have a single set of consecutive Home games that hurts a lot because of the nature of travel. It means less time to heal and work on
  5. 1. Nobis (first Falcon ever and a long overdue HOFer) 2. Ryan (Future HOF QB most consistent player in our franchises history) 3. Julio (Best WR of the last 10 years and a no doubt HOFer) 4. Roddy (The Hines Ward of the ATL numbers may not have always been elite but he was physical as he'll and set the tone) 5. Claude Humphrey (First guy to spend majority of his career in the ATL and make the HOF) 6. Sanders (Arguably the best CB of all time would be higher if he spent more of his career here) 7. Tuggle (An absolute enforcer for our team for many years) 8. An
  6. If we only won the 4 games we had a 95% chance or better of winning then we would have made the playoffs last year. Our running game must improve to close out games but I expect better coaching will help as well. We will be in the tournament most likely but how far we get is a mystery
  7. McGary got better down the stretch in both of his first two seasons. The talent is clearly there gonna take A Herculean effort by Gono to take his spot. Gono is a great swing tackle though and Andrews is a solid veteran reserve guard. I think Mayfield takes the guard spot and we have a real fight on our hands at C. Either way we will have at least 3 quality back-up linemen going into the year and hopefully atleast one of the UDFAs is good enough to earn the 9th and final OL spot. LT:Matthews LG:Mayfield C:Dalman/Hennessey RG:Lindstrom RT:McGary
  8. Houston and Poole would require us to make a move now if both are willing to work cheap prove it deals we could probably bring them in just by cutting Keith Smith and Oliver. Oliver's value drops with Poole coming in as he basically becomes a 2 mil dollar 4th corner and he would be competing with Sheff for that spot. And Smith just doesn't really use FBs so him getting cut feels almost inevitable. Then we still need to work a Grady extension to sign the draft class.
  9. Nah you need a vocal guy in the secondary. I don't care how good the talent is if they don't have a guy to line them up and call shifts they will get shredded. Rico wasn't great but he was far better than Kazee and was solid enough till the injuries hit. He never was a highlight guy but he was solid and protected us from the big play. He deserves 1000% more respect than this board gives him. Solid player gave us all he had way better than the scrubs we have run out at LBer between Brooking and Jones
  10. It would be tought but the team comes first. That said Julio is the type of WR you want in the locker room no diva in him. He's a guy I would root for Falcon or not.
  11. Thompson/Huntley/Hawkins I expect to make the roster. Thompson is a thumper with heart and upgrades our LB depth immediately. Huntley and Hawkins will be competing with Qadree and TBJ for the 3rd/4th RB slot but I just think their upside will win them that battle. Unless Ollison really has just been held back by poor coaching thus far. Franks could do it but McCarron has been a steady back-up for a long time he's gonna really have to earn that job if he wants it Antonio Nunn is another guy I like. I have him beating out Graham/Blake for the last skill player slot, however unlike t
  12. I think our base will actually be as much 12 personnel as 3 receiver so listing two starting TEs as well as 3 starting WRs QB:Ryan RB:Davis WR:Jones WR:Ridley WR:Gage TE: Pitts TE:Hurst LT:Matthews LG:Mayfield C:Hennessey RG:Lindstrom RT: McGary Dalman/Gono/Andrews will all get chances to win posistions on this line but I think those 5 will hold it down. And that means 3 solid depth pieces in a pinch I'm expecting a very multiple defense so starter is a loose term. Here are my guesses for players who will see the most sn
  13. It's also a key to our FA strategy Patterson is a RB/WR/KR. Mingo is comfortable playing hand in the ground or stand up edge. Harmon and Harris have both been used at both S spots over the years. The addition of more versatile players helps with one of our biggest weaknesses of the DQ era, depth. We were typically bad in the 4th quarter of games under Quinn because our guys were gassed or injured. Too many pass rush specialists and single down type players. Good teams have guys who can rotate in under a variety of scenarios to help keep each other fresh. That's our new goal getting in g
  14. We have made it clear we are a zone blocking scheme team. We will be closer to 2016 Shanny then 2020 Titans because we don't have a Henry. Smith knew that and added RBs who will hit the hole willingly Davis/Hawkins/Patterson (zone running and KRs are actually pretty comparable one cut then burst)/Huntley. We probably won't have a 1000 yard rusher but we will have good yards after contact and a solid 4YPC or more. Enough balance to make our play action deadly and force teams to choose which WR gets bracketed Ridley or Julio.
  15. I think we played it to get our guy Hawkins old offensive coordinator is our current o line coach. We had a plan and executed it perfectly.
  16. It's so good to see so many quality UDFAs and vets on the roster. Like it feels good to see so much depth and so many options going into camp I'm already in love with our new direction as a team
  17. Offense QB: Ryan/McCarron RB:Davis/Patterson/Hawkins/Huntley WR:Jones/Ridley/Gage/Darby/Zaccheus/Nunn/Patterson(special packages)/Williams(special packages) TE:Pitts/Hurst/Smith LT:Matthews/Gono LG:Mayfield/Andrews/Hennessey C:Dalman/Hennessey RG:Lindstrom/Andrews/Hennessey RT: McGary/Gono Defense DL:Jarrett/Bullard/Davidson/Cominsky/Means NT:Davison/Graham/Senat EDGE 1: Fowler Jr./Copeland/Mariner ILB: Jones/Walker ILB: Foye/Thompson EDGE 2: Ogundeji/Mingo LCB: Terrell/Hall/Williams NCB:Oliver/Sheffield/
  18. Cheating by waiting till after the draft but guys I like Newman QB UGA Felipe Franks QB ARK Shane Buechle QB SMU DJ Daniel CB UGA Shakur Brown CB Michigan St Marvin Wilson DT FSU Darius Stills DT WVU Malik Herring DE UGA Hamilcar Rashed EDGE ORE St Charles Snowden OLB UVA Ardarius Washington S TCU Paris Ford S Pitt Javian Hawkins RB LOU Pooka Williams Jr. RB KANSAS Trevon Grimes WR UF T.J. Vasher WR Texas Tech Errol Thompson ILB Mississippi St. Tuf Borland ILB Ohio St
  19. Without seeing them play its hard to gage. However just up front Tony G/Roddy where great for their era with the falcons we still wanted to run the ball and they were both willing blockers and physical in the red zone. Ridley and Pitts have more finesse to their game more refined route runners which matches more of our 2016 wide open look. Hopefully the new group gets that long awaited SB but comparing great to great is always hard.
  20. The coach on the field label is always a plus coming out of college. We really missed Rico here the last two years with his injuries. He may not have been a great safety but his presence getting everyone aligned was a factor in our success in previous years. The coach needs a voice in the secondary having a rookie with that skill at safety as well as the veterans we've added should at least eliminate some of the huge busts in coverage we've seen in recent years. The GB game being the biggest example of what no "on field secondary coach" looks like at the NFL level. Every unit needs an alp
  21. Creed Humphrey especially if Hennessey is comfortable at Guard gives us four young linemen under rookie scale contracts who can grow together under a HC who gets how to make units gel.
  22. Moehrig slips just like Winfield last year league still undervalueing high end safeties. Or at least I hope so
  23. 4 options 1.Pitts 2.Chase 3.Fields 4.If someone offers us a giant trade we get massive value we take it to repair the defense We have a fantastic opportunity to really improve this team with any of these four moves those Pitts feels the most likely.
  24. They are gauging what the offers look like. If someone offers a pick between 14-20 They consider a full scale rebuild and taking the hit, 21-35 they might consider how to try and negotiate a June 1st trade for a first next year. Weirder things have happend. However coming off a year were he had 770 yards in just 9 games really 8 he only played a few snaps in GB. He really has more value being on the squad than he can net in a trade unless we get blown away by the offer. However a post June 1st trade this year is likely to backfire as chances are his trade value goes up not down unless he'
  25. Most people will always like a trade down for this reason. You're acquiring more opportunity and building depth. Our team has enough star players to be competitive we need more quality depth to really be competitive. More players competing for spots means better quality depth.
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