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  1. He could well have a deceptively good year. Ryan loves his slot guys Douglas looked good at times, Turbo looked like a stud doing crosses and screens and Sanu looked good over the middle as well. If OZ can get more physical he may get some solid time as the WR3 in those packages. He could get lots of crossing route and screen opportunities. For that to happen he will have to hold off Darby/Sharpe( who knows the offense)/Blake. He will get his shot to use his speed good coaches use their players strengths. However as high as I am on OZ he has a lot of competition to even be the 3rd re
  2. Nothing to do with on the field all about Dunn being Arguably the best human ever to suit up for our team. Just my personal thoughts
  3. A good signing young guy hasn't produced at the pro level yet but has plenty of athleticism. Long shot to make the team but gotta love camp bodies. The best part of the offseason is picking your very own guy that definitely on paper shouldn't make it on the squad. Then watching him all preseason just hoping he shows out. "Sunshine" Cole Magner still a Falcons preseason legend
  4. We don't restrict numbers. Even if we did his definitely isnt the first number we should retire. I would go in this order 2 Ryan 60 Nobis 21 Sanders 55 Abraham 84 White 28 Dunn (For his play, time in our offices and positive off field impacts more a PR reward) 11 Julio Not saying all six ahead of him are better, you could argue Julio is the greatest player in franchise history. But I would argue retiring numbers is more about legacy and total impact on the team, team culture and team direction. At this moment Julio lags behind those other guys in im
  5. Good news is while we lack star power on defense we look solid. Outside of CB we finally have a two deep our back-up defensive linemen, LBers, and Safeties are legit NFL players. Like they've made rosters before. Real NFL players when people get hurt its gonna be amazing
  6. Sorry thread was on the front page so I thought it was newer 😅
  7. The advantage here is he would be backed up by Harmon/Harris who havent missed many games. Our biggest issue at safety the last two years was the fact that Neal, Rico and Kazee are all more brittle than glass and we played several games with 2 of the 3 and even a few with all 3 injured. We could add Hooker because we have reliable options if he never actually plays.
  8. A mix of facing better teams every team we lost too ended up being the NFC superbowl representative, Smith being a bit too conservative, and some bad luck. We played two awful playoff games under Smitty NY/GB. We also nearly upset the Cardinals when Ryan was a rookie and went to the NFC championship game after defeating the vaunted legion of boom from Seattle at the height of their fame. 🤷‍♂️ Smith was an underappreciated coach here in Atlanta he preached consistency made sure we had a strong ground game and good special teams. Nothing wrong with that did he cap what he could do here or w
  9. Yeah the cap was always seen as a nebulous thing that would raises eternally. The NFL never considered a year with such a drastic reduction in revenue. It's made most of the league really rework their roster this year
  10. Prove it one year deals for a guy like Houston/Sherman/Poole or roll the cap space. No need to shackle ourselves to a long term or even 2yr. commitment this late in the game. These guys are available for a reason either they've fallen off a bit or they think they are worth more than they are. One guy I think we might suddenly be in the race for is Fitz. If we can convince him to come in and play the slot we suddenly look strong at reciever again. And Sharpe, Olamide,Darby, Gage, and Ridley are all still young enough they could use a veteran mentor in the huddle and the reciever ro
  11. With seven playoff teams a conference 9-8 likely makes the postseason. It will be execution not talent that defines who gets a playoff spot and who picks top 10. The difference between good and bad in the NFL is so small literally 7-8 plays a year. We have been really bad at the little things the last 2 years, coverage busts, holding onto ints, punting, returning, bleeding clock, pass blocking, covering onside kicks. Hopefully the new regime can pull a first year Mike Smith and go back to basics on offense and defense and get good special teams play. A 7-9 win season where we played fund
  12. Williams/Patterson/Marquise Williams/Steve Hoffman The team added two different returners and two veteran special teams coaches. Seems like special teams is going to be a new emphasis under TF/AS so we better get used to capital both FA/Draft going to that side of the ball. Field posistion is obviously seen as a premium asset by the current regime. Also Hoffman has coached some of the best punting and kicking groups in history so expect Hofricther and even Koo to take huge strides this year. As far as Hall I trust Pees in his analysis of DBs he has a pretty solid track record.
  13. It's a good thing Ryan has always done well under pressure too because we have done a terrible job as a team protecting him.
  14. The "real" deep pass you're talking about is simply not a thing. Over 30 yards the league accuracy percentage drops to 40%. Remove Patrick Mahomes its far worse even than that. Again saying we Ryan has a weakness on throws over 30 yards or as you put it true deep throws is silly. No one is good or accurate on them except to a small degree Mahomes. It'd be like saying running is a weakness for Julio because Usian Bolt can dust him in a race. If you expect accuracy beyond 30 yards you're quite frankly talking about nothing. Also you don't design plays that involve throwing 30 plus y
  15. When I said 85% of the world what I meant is just that 85% of the whole world. I'm pretty much middle class American which means I'm doing pretty well world wise not so great in the trophy husband or wife department. 🤣 sorry to dissapoint you.
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