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  1. The best pick for the future IMO is Sewell a top flight o-linemen who can play anywhere on the line and will create better protection immediately for Ryan and linemen last so he will likely guard the blindside of however replaces Ryan whether that is imminent or in three years. The kind of pick that makes the whole roster better immediately to get buy-in from your current team. But also creates a better team for the future by getting you a pick at a premium posistion that can stay with the roster for a long time. That is how you draft.
  2. Again of we build a good team this year and the new guy doesn't play then we have the Packers issue. Where the current QB feels he's being pushed out and the new guy feels he's being held back, a team with a losing record having two QBs is in a no win scenario like I said. Either we win immediately and then the controversy continues or we still suck and the new guy is asked to be a savior for a team that isn't good enough to help him. There is a reason teams ride QBs till the wheels come off because it causes nothing but problems when you have two guys. You either build a team then
  3. So you bring in the rookie he doesn't play this year. If you want him to play next year you likely unload Ryan meaning Julio will likely also ask to be traded because why would he want to spend his last few years in a rebuild. So you have Ridley and hope CAS has built a running game, fixed the o-line and defense in one year which is highly unlikely. And even if that near impossibility does happen you likely will have enough good play from Julio and Ryan the emphasis on playing the rookie would go away. It is a lose lose situation for a team with as many glaring holes as we have and a capab
  4. We hired him to fix the running game. Was he better than we hoped yes, but he was brought in knowing we would draft a rookie QB and need to protect him with a strong running game. The point still stands build the roster first and protect the QB getting your QB first and building around him is putting the cart before the horse and how Burrow ended up on IR
  5. Matt Ryan came into a situation with a developing star receiver in White and A Pro bowl RB in Turner. He was protected by a powerful running game. Again build the team first and protect the new QB.
  6. I will beat this drum everyday till I die. The team makes the QB not the other way around KC already playoff team when Mahomes took over, SEA had a once in a lifetime Defense and HOF RB when Wilson was developing. Brady has won more titles with top defense and solid special teams than with splashy QB performances from himself. The best tactic is to build the best overall team then if needed find a QB to lead it. If in two years we are a playoff roster and we need to trade up to find Ryan's successor so be it. But build the team first otherwise you risk wasting the young guys prime years o
  7. I feel 2 years of rookie scale QB pay being wasted as a back-up is a waste. You bring them in when you have an established roster and throw them to the wolves whether they are ready or not in order to gain the value of 5 years of reduced QB pay
  8. I think overall a better team, but specifically I expect to see a big jump in production from Terrell,Debo,Davidson,McGary,Hurst, and my surprise pick Ito Smith I think in a more competent system he could be a solid RB2
  9. The other problem this fails to address if its about future potential due to cap savings you can't play the new kid this year anyway or if you do your paying Ryan 20% of the cap to be a back-up. So then You then have only 3 years of rookie scale contract if you don't get the right guy this time your done. Because you then have to either extend an average QB for way more than he's worth ala Wentz or try the draft over and over again till you hit pay dirt ala the Browns and like the Browns we may not guess right right the first, 2nd, 3rd or even 8th time the vast majority of first round QBs f
  10. If only there were an event every year in which teams could acquire young talent at key posistions. The NFL should really get on doing something like that 🤣🤣🤣 There is 2-3 "franchise QBs" in every draft the key as it always has been is to have a good team that is well coached. You can hide an average QB in a good system ala Tannehill or Flacco but even a great QB can't make his teammates not suck. See Marino's while career or Mahomes trying to play with a back-up o-line in this year's SB.
  11. Offense: Gonna go the other way I didn't want Julio because of his drops in college. I thought his drops would plateau his value as an average at best starter in the NFL. One HOF career later I look stupid. Defense: I really liked Peria Jerry. I know some of the failure was injuries but still him never turning into Rod Coleman 2.0 was a major Heartbreaker for me.
  12. 1 thing this reminds us though is we had a good blitz package when we brought LBs/CBs/Keke it was working. Another reminder we have really good LB play in every phase run stopping, coverage, and blitzing Foye/Debo combo is top notch. We need to address the Safeties behind them and the line in front of them. But we do have defensive talent to build on which is nice
  13. Yes but there are just as many misses is my point if we are going to get our fuy and take advantage of a rookie scale contract on a QB we should wait till we are in the other side of our current cap situation at least otherwise we lose some of that value. For every Palmer you mention there is two to three Rosens a JaMarcus Russell and a Jake Locker. Draft a QB when you can exploit the extra value of them being on a small contract
  14. I really liked the trade down features on PFF maybe not the most realistic but I like it
  15. Ah yes it's much better to be the 2000-2014 Browns the current Jets/Bears/WAS/ (last year with Haskins) and have a young QB who is overdrafted because teams have inflated the **** out of QB values the last 20 years. There is just as much risk in drafting someone at 4 and him busting as there is in hoping we are in posistion to draft someone else in a few years. QB drafting is at best a crapshoot overall top 10 draft pick QBs hit at around 50 percent starter 50 percent bust taking a guy at 4 doesn't guarantee our future it guarantees even if the guy is good two years of his value contract are
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