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  1. Except that team was filled with all Canadians, unlike the Raptors. Haha
  2. This is very sad to hear. All the best to his family during this most difficult time.
  3. But I don't like it so it must not be a good move...
  4. I would have liked to add to our defense but I also know we have a huge need on the oline as well so going in hard to fix one huge need is fine by me. We weren't going to fix everything in one draft class either way.
  5. Until we get tough in the trenches, I don't see us winning one.
  6. As someone who lives in Canada and watches both the CFL and NFL, please so not put challenges in! It slows the game down and takes away from the flow of the game. Every play where a guy even gets touched or breathed on is a flag in the CFL and coaches just throw challenges on anything to maybe get a ref to call something. Sure you may take away those blatant missed calls, but then you'll have weak calls made or refs having to make judgement calls on what is and isn't enough for pi. Basically you open up a can or worms and cheapen the game further in my opinion. Maybe 1 challenge a game or something, but not what the CFL does. Makes the CFL even harder to watch. Haha
  7. The eagles are in a better position then the Falcons by design. They have an identity that translates to winning football come playoffs. That's why foles can step in and play well. The system is very qb friendly. Atl is still too weak on dline and oline to win consistently in the post season, it's really that simple. Since Shanahan left, we haven't had an identity or at least a winning identity. Hopefully with the coaching changes we find one.
  8. Losing the way they did to the Pats in the SuperBowl is a failure. Not sure what else you can call that? No one remembers good seasons, passing yards or whatever numbers people wanna throw out there. People remember playoffs and championships because it's all that really matters at the end of the day. Aside from our one run with shanny, which ended in one of the biggest choke jobs in history, what has this team accomplished when it matters most aside from failure? Again I love this team, but as a fan I don't think lying about this team, it's history or where they are at is useful. They are what they are, a talented team that's missing key components to be a consistent playoff team. Can't rely on record breaking offensive numbers every year. As I stated above, I believe the trenches are where we get beaten more often then not. I know attempts have been made to shore it up, but I still think it's a weakness that continues to show itself against bigger teams again and again.
  9. Bottom line, our team is soft and constantly gets beaten in the trenches against bigger olines and dlines. That's always been our problem and still is. Until we figure that out, we'll always be a soft *** team, plain and simple. For the record I love the falcons, but I'm not going to make any excuses for there past and current failures. It is what it is. I'll still be watching them every Sunday and cheering my *** off. Flame away if you please!
  10. Our oline and dline are soft and constantly get pushed around. Until we fix that , we ain't winning a super bowl, i don't care what else we have on this team.
  11. I have to agree. Haven't seen enough to feel confident with this coaching staff going forward. All I have seen is ******** slogans and mantras that haven't translated into results. Our drafting has been fairly underwhelming too.
  12. The falcons are just trash, hate to say it but I'm tired of beating around the bush. Our problems are way deeper then most wanna realize. Quinn has lost the room, offense looks lost, no depth, terrible fundamentals. This won't be a quick fix, it's a tough pill to swallow man. Didn't think we'd go down like this. Not even fighting, just a whimper.
  13. I hate to say it but we are still pretty soft defensively. I get we have some big injuries, but we consistently get pushed around by teams with bigger olines. Also our oline is not as good as we thought, they are getting manhandled pretty regularly. Point is, if you keep losing the war in the trenches it's hard to do anything. Was the problem last year, especially in our loss too the eagles and it's still an issue. It's making our team pretty toothless defensively. Just don't see that toughness we were promised with Quinn .
  14. If you think that Ryan was the biggest problem in this game, I don't know what game you were watching.... Our defense could not get off the field all game, got manhandled in the trenches, and barely laid a hand on Mayfield....can't rely on 30-35 points from the offense every game. This ones squarely on the defense in my mind. Sure Ryan and the offense struggled, but good teams pick each other up and our defense just folded and rolled over. Just not our year, seemed cursed from the beginning.