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  1. I don't think Freeman finishes the year as the RB1. I just don't see it anymore. Hopefully he proves me wrong.
  2. Berry not the answer but we should try and sign someone. Feel for Neal man, guy can't catch a break..
  3. Okay, maybe not that bad. No one can Miami quite like Miami...lol
  4. Looks like a dude with no answers to me. I don't get the inconsistency with this team. World beaters one week and Miami 2.0 the next...fml
  5. I think you have that backwards OP.
  6. Not giving up on the season or anything but I'm also not going to continue to come in here and try and put positive spins on every loss. It was another bad loss in which we looked disjointed and undisciplined. Also our coaching is a major concern for me. How you commit over 120 yards in penalties is beyond me and inexcusable given the tenure of the staff and who we have on our roster. If it consistently takes us until midseason to find our groove then we need to find better coaching, plain and simple. Just too many mistakes, very disappointing...
  7. Well I think Quinn officially lost my confidence in him. It's been too much ******** like this for me. Hoping our talent can get us some wins, but my expectations are considerably lower then they have been in recent years. No. more. excuses.
  8. 24-20 Falcons in a defensive affair
  9. Mariota is trash. We should kick beat the Titans handily
  10. Give free a couple more weeks and if he can't figure it out bring in Hill or Ollison to split with Ito and go with the hot hand. Can't wait 4 or 5 more games tho. I think I'd prefer Ollison and Ito.
  11. Dude made a massive game sealing play and he's still learning. I'll take that.
  12. Great oline and dline, gonna be another one that's won in the trenches. Gotta stop Mack and find our game on offense and we should get it done. Hopefully Ryan gets his **** together next week and we put in 4 quarters.
  13. Watching Julio play has been nothing short of an honour. We are literally watching history being made right in front of us every week. One of the best to ever do it!
  14. No kidding there. In sure we all lost a year of our lives tonight haha. After all the close calls against these guys it's just so nice for the fans and the team to get this one tonight!