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  1. I’’m so glad Greta Van Susteren is back on tv tonight helping announce the draft picks
  2. Is Goodell turning into Mr Rodgers? He needs a pipe and a bedtime story book.
  3. Is Goodell turning into Mr Rodgers? **** he needs a pipe and needs to start reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.
  4. Well, this approach **** sure don’t. Tired of the brotherhood bs. When you have a team and coach that has an entire mantra and the same post game don’t want to hurt feelings or step on toes this is what you get. If you continuously fail at a job you lose said job. A team is a reflection of the head coach regardless of how much they’re paid.Challenging manhood is a motivator especially for the younger guys. So yeah yelling or chewing *** can be effective.
  5. The Falcons need a hard nosed *** chewer. Soft from top to bottom and the mindset starts from the top
  6. Fist bumps, low fives and handshakes coming off the feel while getting yourass handed too you.#brotherhood
  7. It was short because he has ran out of excuses.... I think.
  8. I’m referring to classic post game interviews. The games wouldn’t end up much different but at least they would be better entertainment then this tow the line trying to not step on anybody’s toes bs.
  9. I’d rather here Denny Green, Herm Edwards or Jim Mora. It least it would be raw truth and not pc bull$hit
  10. Nasty and physical only reminds me of some of my ex girlfriends. Ahhhh goodtimes
  11. Matt Ryan nut huggers start his defense in 3, 2 and 1.... Go!
  12. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s all
  13. Matt played well little man Sunday. He played with fire which he should given his contract. The only one full of **** and wants to whine little a little ***** to be right is you. It doesn’t change the fact that for the 100th time that an observation I made that Fitzpatrick played better in game one and for that matter game two than Ryan. Y’all act like Ryan is beyond reproach and infallible. Get off your knees and get Ryan’s **** out of your pie hole and reread what I originally posted. Why are you so sensitive about Ryan?
  14. Another one I see. You taking up for your boys? Nah I have a pretty good life. I could care less what you or anyone on this page thinks about my post. I’m still searching for a forum for men to talk football and not get offended about big bad me picking on poor defenseless Ryan.
  15. Lol. Whatever makes you feel better little man. I don’t patronize anyone I state facts. Most people including yourself want to feel right about things. I simply started this post to give the man his props for good play in the first week and how it stood out against Ryan’s poor play. You little ******* get all upset because you see it as gasp Ryan bashing. Where as with someone I would assume with reasonable comprehension would not. If any of you guys bash a player I could give a rats *** because they’re getting paid a ridiculous amount of money to play a game that y’all seem to live and die by
  16. Son I’ve been here for a while. I rarely get on this board for this very reason.The incessant *****ing and vagina aching that goes on is ridiculous. I enjoy talking football and I give credit to someone who deserves recognition. I am a football fan and not just a Falcons fan. I for one hope the man has a fantastic year except against the Falcons. I’ve spoke and repeated enough on this topic. Carry on and go find another post to take offense too.
  17. He played tougher today in the red zone and it showed. Even the announcers said they didn’t expect him to dive for the 2nd touchdown. I was surprised as well. He played with more fire today and I hope he plays with a chip on his shoulder all year. The only stat line that I care about at the end of the day is a w.
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