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  1. Collinsworth is still spitting Patriot *** out of his mouth he's so upset Brady lost.
  2. Maybe Arthur Blank will run out on the field snatch the Lombardi trophy and take off running with it like Shooter McGavin did the gold jacket in Happy Gilmore.
  3. Win or lose Philly is burning tonight. I say that with great certainty.
  4. Wait to Van Noy covers him in the end zone
  5. Al Michaels is the new Vern Lundquist
  6. There it is. A 28-3 reference one more time from Collinsworth
  7. Or James Harrison.
  8. Insert the standard lucky azz break for the Patsand here we go
  9. If that was last year that splits the uprights.
  10. Eagles already sucking wind. Look familiar?
  11. Does anybody remember what percentage they had us with a little over 2 minutes left in the 3rd last year?
  12. How excited were we with about 3 minutes left in the third quarter last year in this same game?
  13. 28-3 is the new 666. Stand behind me Satan!
  14. Even the cheerleaders are showing up the Vikes. Lol