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  1. Better than Panthers, wash with saints. Saints have better overall team but falcons have better qb.
  2. Panthers are weak. Saints got downgraded. Buccs still good. I can see that. NFC east is still weak. West is pretty good. North is weak and we hope Rodgers goes to Broncos.
  3. Still WRs > TEs. Just look at the production by position.
  4. He's still a TE. He ain't like Randy Moss. I'll pay attention if he puts up 1600+ yards as a TE
  5. That edge gave those guys each a ring. Matt just doesn't have that mentality. Matt doesn't have the side that wants to be respected, that wants a legacy, etc...
  6. Yep and do I think the titans will beat the chiefs when it matters? Nope. And if Arthur smith is as good as advertised, we already took one of their best talents.
  7. Real talk tho! Julio got shafted cuz I don't think titans are winning org. Just cuz they had a couple good seasons don't mean they are superbowl bound and not like tannehill had a rocket arm either.
  8. Can Aaron Rodgers be traded already to the broncos. I want to see the NFC north get shaken up.
  9. I meant titan but Texan came out when I typed. Obv Texans are a bad team
  10. Told y'all ain't getting a first for aging injury prone WR. Titans are a good team too so it's gonna be second half of second round.
  11. But the rest of this division is in QB purgatory I'll trust the professional over the rest of you guys 😆
  12. I could see a first 2 or 3 years from now. Next year may be tough.
  13. Because it's the structure that's an issue. Back with indentured servants, sure they signed to work for nothing but doesn't mean it's fair.
  14. Blame capitalism if you think it's unfair they get millions to play a 'game' and your employer pays you peanuts for 'working'. It's not their fault they were able to get the million dollar paying job.
  15. That's the problem. If teams were a business they'd be violating antitrust laws because top players know they can go elsewhere and get better treatment. But they can't cuz if collusion and unfair contracts. You are suggesting that if you a sign a contract and they treat you poorly you have no recourse, and can't go find another employer. And you think that's fair.
  16. Yeah good point. Let's assume it was off air. Now Shannon Sharpe still knows that Julio is not playing for Cowboys and wants out of Atlanta. Would Shannon Sharpe just sit on that knowledge and not leak it later? I don't know that the relationship was like, but that's a bit hard to believe that a media journalist would get information straight from the source but never talk about it. I guess Sharpe could just say highly trusted 'unnamed' source told me he's not going to the Cowboys and is definitely out of Atlanta.
  17. Strict doesn't necessarily mean good. Weren't Petrino and Saben strict? Brady left NE because Belichick was strict.
  18. Back in the day with indentured servants, you signed a contract to work for nothing just to be able to move to a new country. Doesn't mean it's fair even if it was a contract.
  19. Where are you defending players when teams cut a guy 2 years into their 5 year contract?
  20. some posters like to hold players hostage like trent williams.
  21. Market is not a 1. Maybe at week 6 some team that thinks they are close (or if they had a huge injury to WR) will pay a 1 but fair value is 2. He's old, has a large contract, and is injury prone.
  22. It makes it more undisputed if he thought he was off air.
  23. And do teams hold up their side of the contract when they cut players left and right? It's only fair.
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