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  1. Yeah. We were down points so I'm not upset at all he scored. Our defense should have held them. But the video is still funny, the way he reacted after scoring a TD.
  2. LOL, he ran it in, then just laid there, dead from feeling super sad. Meanwhile Lions players celebrated and congratulated him lmao I think he felt that if he didn't move, no one would see him in the endzone 😅
  3. Players often sit out week 17. Why not have some sit out during "easier" games to increase the chances of losing, while giving younger guys the chance to play.
  4. It's 4D chess. People playing 2D chess won't get it.
  5. Raheem Morris can't tank given he's a coach and has a reputation on the line. But there's nothing preventing management from tanking - like what happened to the Dolphins when they traded everyone when tanking for Tua. Obviously, Blank already said he'll let the next HC/GM decide on which players stay or go. But even while keeping Ryan and Julio, we can tank. Just ask Ryan and Julio to sit out for a bit, like in the NBA. Let the younger guys get some playing experience. See what other talent we go. This would be a great opportunity to evaluate the entire roster whil
  6. I disagree. I think you bring Matt back because you can't get a good deal for him or you want to give a rookie QB time to develop. Basically do what the Packers are doing. Otherwise, he moves on like Phillip Rivers. Falcons have never been one player away and Ryan has shown that he needs everything perfect. One DE is not gonna bring the Lombardi home without other dramatic changes.
  7. NO! Great offensive man, terrible HC. You want a coach that is both smart and players want to play for. McDaniels is just smart. And he bailed on the Colts, you think he'd want to come here? He's waiting to coach NE when Belichick retires. Rumor is Kraft offered him that assurance.
  8. So wrong. The Browns are an example of chefs not being able to put together a meal. They are always stocked with talent. Dimitroff was demoted at one point, so if anything, roster improvements occurred because he had less responsibilities in regards to player search. Once again, name some Falcon studs that went elsewhere.
  9. This guy is so dumb didn't do any research. No way 49ers had a chance at brady. He was going to tampa from the get go. Had bought a home there before signing with a team. No way falcons trade ryan during the season. Blank already said it's up to the next coaching staff. Matt ryan does not have plenty of juice in the arm. He never had much to begin with and age is showing.
  10. Yep drafting a qb doesn't mean Ryan's gone. Plus justin fields could use a year to develop
  11. Keep on dreaming cuz Matt has had at least 5 ocs. At some point it's the player not the coach
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