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  1. As much as I like AB and would love to see him on the Falcons, you gotta give it to Julio for saying nahh I'll pass. TMZ obviously trying to stir up drama but I doubt Julio don't like him cuz he think's he's a cancer. Probably more cuz Julio doesn't want to share the targets and we also got Ridley.
  2. I should have started trubisky I new this was gonna be a **** show. Trubisky just had a bad last game which made me hesitant. And I'm banking on Ryan garbage time 4th quarter pts.
  3. Lol. I'm not arguing the who carried who argument but at least state facts lol. Shannahan is a good coach.
  4. What are you talking about? He's on his 3rd string QB and that QB has 93.5 QB rating.
  5. Cam newton has one too while Brees does not
  6. Who's Mr. Right
  7. The point I was making is that being an all time leader in x stat due purely to longevity is not the key ingredient to get u to Hof. Being a transcedemt player at that position during his career is. Gore has a lot if yards but he was never the best rb in any season he played. He just played in a lot of seasons. Voters look at stats, character, both which Ryan has, but also raw talent, playoff success, and league reputation, which Ryan does not have.
  8. not sure
  9. Cuz he's not. Seahawks D was good before he left and good after he left until Legion of Boom crumbled. And it's still above average today. Cough cough Pete Caroll. Kinda like how Belichick assitants could never be good either.
  10. I mean just think about it. 9/32 starting QBs today in the NFL are in the top 25 all time passing yards. And this doesn't include good QBs like Russel Wilson, Cam Newton, Patrick Maholmes, Andrew Luck, Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, who all, when it is said and done, will probably have 40-50K+ career pasisng yards. So basically half the NFL starting QBs today gonna make it to the HOF one day? Either we are in the golden era of QBs. OORR Maybe QB production have increased over the yeras and so standards need to increase..
  11. Even Alex Smith has more passing yards than: Steve Young Troy Aikman YA Tittle Kurt Warner But that's cuz he's been in the league forever and puts up his 3k per season.
  12. I'm telling it how it is. Eli Manning will get in faster than Ryan if they retired at the same time and he never won MVP. Cam Newton also has MVP, no one thinks of him as future HOFer. Sure he has potential. Frankly, based off yalls standards, any QB who starts for like 10 + years should make it in. That'll give them 40-50k + yards putting them in top 20. Now patrick maholmes. People can see him as a future HOFer. All he needs is the consistency of Ryan but he already has the oomph.
  13. Yes exactly. He's putting up top 5 stats because of longevity and consistency, not because he was a transcendent player of the generation at his position. Frank Gore is number 2 in all time rushing yards because just like Ryan his stats come from longevity/consistency. But AP (if it wasn't for character concerns) IMO has a better shot of getting in than Gore. And AP is like 10 on the list or something like that. Lesean Mccoy is getting up their too, once agian just becuase of the number of years he has played. He's a better talent than Gore and better talent than most players hs time but he's also not a transcendent player of his generation.
  14. HOF? LMAO He'll have to win a Superbowl before that's considered. Ryan not even close to transcendent QB of this generation (or next generation). Sure his stats look great in comparison to historical QBs, but really the only thing so far he's got going for him is longevity and consistency. He has a worse shot of going into HOF than Frank Gore IMO. Probably on par with someone like Lesean Mccoy. Probably abit above Brandon Marshall. All consistent players that probably don't have the oomph to make it in.