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  1. lmaooooooooo i mean i don't think you can even pull this trade off in madden
  2. So he sits out for the falcons instead of for the steelers? lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo so we rolling with coleman and ito smith for the season while bell holdouts and waits for free agency.
  3. quinn despareate for superbowl repeat
  4. lmao and what does bell get out of this deal?
  5. Well looks like Andy Dalton won round 1 so far with 15 more rounds to go. But the even bigger question this week is, does Case Keenum overtake Matt Ryan?? Ryan at home vs the Panthers, hard to go against Ryan. Bu thow many times have we all overrated mr. ryan? TOO MANY TIMES!
  6. i normally don't like having 2 qbs. my usual strategy is 1 qb, 1te, 3 wrs, 1k, 1d, and rest rbs. so i was really hoping ryan to be that guy for me as i missed out on rodgers and afew other must haves.
  7. lol yes but i still drafted him over rivers, big ben, kirk cousins because i had some faith in him looks like i might regret it tho...
  8. i hope so. this year might be dalton's year. i might have a qb controversy this year.
  9. shhh it's a proprietary thing i look at. everyone dismisses pre-season but i don't. doesn't predict how the offense will do for the entire season but definitely i use it for the first 3 or so games.
  10. lol he was good in pre-season and i'm the only person that uses the pre-season dress rehearsal to predict how offense will look at the start of the season meanwhile ryan was bad in pre-season...
  11. As Matt Ryan continues to make rookie throws ,maybe this is the year Andy Dalton outperforms Ryan. I'm just patting myself on the back for benching Ryan and picking up Dalton for the home opener lmao Ryan got 8.8 points out of projected 20. Dalton probably gonna hit 20. Like I drafted Ryan as my only QB to be THE starter for me and I benched him and dropped a guy to pick up Dalton. I chose Ryan over Big Ben, Kirk Cousins, Rivers, Smith, and Grap who were all available for me at that time. Maybe I got a bit of Nick Saben in me lol! Nothings given on my team. Draft status means nothing.
  12. what if he just getting old that's why he regressing
  13. Remember when we wanted Kyle Shanehan gone. Ryan always takes at least a year to adjust to a new OC. RELAX Also, WRs always take a few years to develop. We won't see Ridley become a true NFL player until about 3 years in. RELAX
  14. In today's NFL, teams try to win BEFORE they have to pay the market rate to the QB. Hence Rams going on spending spree. Hence Eagles winning. Hence Seahawks winning before they had to hand out contracts. Falcons are already in QB contract purgatory. It's the life cycle of an NFL team. Draft a decent QB but don't win before his big payday and you don't get to win until that QB retires.
  15. If you ain't cheatin, you ain't trying. Really needs to start paying the refs, messing around with the football, or something. Enough of this "oh shucks we'll get em next year boys and girls, just watch."