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  1. Brady playing till 50, maybe even 65. With the buccs, who knows. Maybe he'll find another challenge
  2. Well see how good Smith is at QB whispering. I was high on him until I saw he brought in Chicagos OC and Chicago QB coach and when have the bears had a good QB or seen QB improvement? Fontenot I like since the Saints have talent.
  3. Bigger question is, if Fontenot and Smith can't turn the ship around with Ryan, they got no backup plan
  4. Minshew is too good to be a backup. I mean he's no superstar, but he's better than bridgewater and other starters. Plus he has legit starting experience and better stats than ryan's first 2 years
  5. Look at how many QBs in playoffs drafted in the first round.
  6. So another qb that needs a good oline and requires a slightly better team
  7. Definitely ahead of panthers. Definitely not ahead of bucs or saints if Brees is playing
  8. Well since we are fantasizing, let's trade for Khalil Mack for a 7th rounder
  9. Lol you guys keep on saying sign him but what makes you think he'll come here.
  10. He wouldn't come here even with cap space. If you an aging stud player, but haven't won a superbowl, why would you ever play for the falcons
  11. He probably wouldn't come here even if we did. Steelers packers or buccaneers are my bet
  12. They can still put up points on offense but neither have gotten close to superbowl recently. The second the Seahawks players got paid was the second they stopped being superbowl contenders
  13. The Seahawks have better qb, better talent, better coach, and still can't get it done. Not as easy as people on this board seem to think.
  14. Yep what we are talking about is same thing the Seahawks are talking about. Wilson need a better supporting cast, oh wait wilson also makes a ton of money.
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