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  1. Just compare the QBs Reid has had vs. Belichik. That explains the Superbowl differential. Reids basically 2/2 since Maholmes became his QB in reaching the Superbowl. But other than Maholmes, his QBs have been Alex Smith, Kevin Kolb, McNabb, etc... Dude was able to get to the Superbowl even with McNabb who couldn't even throw for 4k yards a season and has a career completion rate of 59%. Dude was a bust in today's world. Meanwhile Belichik basically had Brady the entire time. And Brady is the GOAT. It's like Phil Jackson having a bunch of rings. If you can't win with a GOAT
  2. There's so many things wrong I don't even have time to respond. I'll just say one thing for now and come back later. All of Belichiks superbowls have come by having the GOAT of all NFL players of all time. The other arguments are easy to see.
  3. I actually read the article and it is spoken through the lens of 'best coaching spot' not 'best coach' and I tend to agree. We have salary cap problems, bad defense, no RB, no Oline. Ok we do have Matt Ryan but he's aging and Kyle Pitts and Blank is a loyal owner, but there does seem to be better spots. Rich McKay is still behind the scenes pulling the strings. Jags is pretty sweet. 2 number one picks, owner that lets coach bring in guys like Tim Tebow (basically do whatever he wants). I mean I can see why Falcons are 5. You guys really got to read and not jump t
  4. Reid worked with McNabb most his life and McNabb was probably 1/10th as talented as Vick. McNabb lasted 10 years as a starting QB in the league. No way in today's NFL he lasts more than 3 years. Thats testanment to how great Reid is as a coach.
  5. He only had basically 3 seasons under Reid. Coming back from jail is like being a Rookie all over again ,maybe being even less since he didn't actually play ball in the years prior. Even Rodgers only has 1 SB. Give Vick 15 years under Reid and you'll see the rings stack.
  6. 11:28 Vick does a Patrick Maholmes pass. Just watch and marvel. He also goes fast, and then somehow goes faster, and then even faster. Doesn't make sense.
  7. I never said Sanders was bad at juking or wasn't elusive. Just just watch the highlight reels in this thread. Sanders danced around guys. Vicks one cut juke and broken ankle and is zooming by.
  8. Um Vick + Reid = multiple superbowls. Ryan + Belichick = possible multiple superbowls Seems the same to me.
  9. I get that Sanders has the rightful reputation of being the most elusive back in history, but that's cuz Vick didn't play RB he played QB. Just watch the the runs in the highlight vids. Sanders has that run against the Cowboys. Vick's Houdini.
  10. It's not an excuse. it's fact. Vick carried Mora's career. He needed a better coach. Even Matt Ryan has gone through many coaches.
  11. That's only because he wasn't developed. If he had found Andy Reid he would have 5 SBs by now. There's a reason Jim Mora is back in the CFL. Even Roddy White wasn't developed under Jim Mora.
  12. He's a different style. Sanders had better stop and go and upper body movement and danced. Vick was just very quick and amazing acceleration and one cut juke and gone. He don't need to dance because of how quick he as.
  13. Did you watch all the videos in this thread? I did. People stared right at him and vick just juked on by. Troy Palamalu would have had a field day against Sanders. People back in the day just weren't as fast and agile as people today.
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