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  1. LMAO TD will never build the lines. 15 years here, still 0 line. There's a reason why WRs are paid more than OL cuz they are more valuable than OL - probably per TD. Jeudy all the way.
  2. Saw a stat today. Matt Ryan is the most sacked QB in the league, and he's not even a running QB. TD's been here for like 20 years, his best OL was Sam Baker Same ol Falcons Next year will be Same ol Falcons again.
  3. While Falcons fans love to point to how mediocre the Browns, Redskins, Dolphins have been in the past decade, and say hey look, it's not a big deal other teams are bad too, one thing they forget is that those teams have not really had a franchise QB in the past decade. The Falcons DO HAVE A FRANCHISE QB and are about to go 1-15. Let that sink in. How bad can you be to HAVE a franchise QB and still be 1-15? I really can't think of the last time a team with a FRANCHISE QB going 1-15. And yet we have fans defending the coaching staff. Most teams have trouble making to the playoffs because they lack franchise QBs, and yet we have one and can't even win 2 games.
  4. lmao. i have better goal line defense in madden than a dan quinn does. all gaps accounted for especially qb sneak and pray my cbs hold up 1v1
  5. I agree. Sanu, Freeman, Trufant. Especially Freeman since Ito and our back up can do the job as well.
  6. Reading around the NFL and pundits are saying that Sanu and Hooper could bring trade value if we were to trade them away. In a lost season, I don't see why not at least maybe deal Sanu...
  7. Coaches and players still play to win the game. Management looks to tank.
  8. Lots of teams in different sports have done similar strategies. Marlins in baseball, Dolphins this year, NBA tanking for Zion. It has to come from up top. Strats including sitting out star players or trading them away.
  9. Falcons have the 3rd WORST record in the league. Let that sink in. Only the Dolphins and Bengals are worse than us. We are as bad as the Redskins. There's really no hope for the playoffs. In the best interest of the Falcons in the long run, the wise play is to tank this season. Nothing worse than finishing 6-10 to 9-7 and missing the playoffs. You don't get post-season excitement or a good pick. So are the egos at Flowery Branch (TD) too big to tank and do what's best for the franchise? Oh and here's another question. TD has been here for like 10+ years. Name one probowl olinemen he has brought in? Also, name one GM in the league who doesn't try to protect his franchise QB? Ill wait.
  10. Why would Sanu be gone? He's better than Ridley. Plays more snaps, gets more targets and stats.
  11. Too big a personality for Falcons FO and sneaky TD. Bank on it, we will hire another softie, maybe Mike McCarthy
  12. Ryan is a stat hoe because never in his life does he put up points befor ethe other team does. Falcons are never have like 30+ points going into the 4th quarter. When he was first drafted, it was all about the BS 4th quarter comebacks. It's BS because peopled love to hype that stat up when in reality, if Ryan did his job the first 3 quarters, he wouldn't need to make a comeback. Now it's just devolved to 4th quarter garbage time stat padding. Other QBs get to hand the ball off all 4th quarter because they have the killer instinct to put the opponent away early on.
  13. We could go 2-16 and fight for miami for 1st pick