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  1. He would and we'd suck another 5 years.
  2. Makes you wonder huh. Ravens, new QB, new GM, still great defense, still a good team. Puts up 59 points with a QB that looked really green last year. Steelers (From Cowher to Tomlin), Patriots Andy Reid. Meanwhile teams like Jags and Browns can always stack themselves with talent but never produce. It almost feels like, no matter what player some teams get, they will ALWAYS produce. WTF
  3. To add insult to injury: Guy rather stay on the practice squad with the jags than go back to the raiders.
  4. He just taking a play out of the NBA. Throw tantrums till you get the team you want. NFL gonna be like the NBA soon when players choose the teams they want to be on.
  5. 1000% pepole thinking AB is dumb is probably pretty dumb themselves. This guy is calculating plus he probably has plenty of advisors anyways. NFL got played, Pats win. GG all
  6. Dude!! And then they bring back gronk. pls make it happen whole NFL gonna flip out
  7. lalalallalala this is gold! NFL got played Pats win again, GG all Brown definitely faked it to get to the team he want. He took a playbook out of hte NBA
  8. 2 OL in the first round of the draft? Finally focus on the trenches? Too bad we didn't do this earlier in Ryan's career but at least he gets to retire safe and sound.
  9. Players have leverage. Guaranteed money is guaranteed. QBs have a lot of power, how many teams lose their QB and go from contenders to bottom dwellers instantly? He can sit out, cost the team wins and revenue. Bell got tagged, sat out, and didn't even get paid. He lost that bet, but it's very possible another player will win that bet and recoup his losses from sitting out.
  10. If his agent told him he could get more. Now I don't think this will happen because the NFL is not quite there yet, but what's to prevent a QB in the future form doing this?
  11. Will be interesting to see. And how far Wilson will go. 5 years ago, people would hate you as a player for doing this and call you selfish but culture has changed and sports is a business both for the team and the player. It's much more accepted today for players to extract as much money as they can. The NBA is already like this. NFL is trending that way too. You still have some NFL lifers these days like Fitz on the Cards but in 3 years there may no longer be any lifers.
  12. monetary and career. If he was looking out for health, he'd probably just retire early like Patrick Willis and a bunch of guys.
  13. Same and i wonder if that's the future of the NFL. Guy gets drafted to the Bills, becomes a stud QB, demands to go to LA or NY. If he gets tagged, he sits out. Media circus occurs. Team collapses and goes 4-12 and misses playoffs when they could have gone like 10-6 or whatever. If he's a super star witha little Diva (like Brown), maybe he'd only want to go to a single city, Bills get a 2nd round for him so that he can go to the city he wants. You just drafted a stud QB and only got a 2nd round in return. College players are willing to sit out for the NFL. Not a reach to think NFL players are willing to sit out to go to the exact environment they want.
  14. True but the sports world is changing. There are divas in the NBA, but pretty much every superstar today looks out for their own future now and what legacy they can build. Diva or not, it's how it is these days. I mean Kawhi Leonard does it by faking injury and just keeping quiet, while Lebron goes to ESPN for big reveals. If you aren't doing this, you are really just shortchanging yourself, your kids, and future generations.
  15. But in today's world it's not just about the contract $. City matters too. Life after football matters too. Everyone wants to be in NY or LA. And eventually, legacy matters too. If you are stud player on a terrible team, why not hold out? If Bills offer 20M and the agent tells him he could probably get 20M, elsewhere as a player, why would I not leave the Bills to go elsewhere?