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  1. Yes we lost to the Browns, but the Browns were NOT the worst team in the NFL. Heck, Cardinals, Raiders, Jets, Giants, all worse than the Browns. Let that sink in.
  2. LMAO ATL sports best at creating hope and best at not delivering.
  3. Which means I don't even know how you recognize me unless you been stalking.
  4. I start a thread like once every few months.
  5. If our FAs don't make an impact elsewhere, that automatically means we suck at drafting.
  6. 1) Cuz we suck at drafting. 2) None, but we also don't have a ring 3) That'll take a lot of research, but going off of point 1, we must have sucked.
  7. OH so he is. No wonder our team is in shambles now
  8. He got put into another position at the Falcons a couple years a go after his shenanigans got found out but somehow we still signed Freeman to a huge deal (when RBs are a dime a dozen - and then we draft Ito). How much influence does Sneaky Dimitri still have at the firm?
  9. Didn't we win games without Julio? Julio is a WR....
  10. PSA: Turn off TV now to avoid watching a L
  11. So coleman + smith can't reproduce freeman + coleman? Ridley can't be our number 1?