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  1. Looks like its going to be sunny today.
  2. He will find a job by week 4 of preseason if any kicker is struggling, Falcons included.
  3. Being near fifty, I will let you in on a secret (if you can call it that). Most of the sports writers at the AJC have been disrespectful to the Falcons. The worst being Terence Moore who was the sorriest of the lot and the biggest idiot that ever typed on a keyboard.
  4. Long winded article.. Good dump reading material.
  5. My observation from this is they are heavier. Maybe the falcons have a chance to convert a third and one by handing the ball off for once.
  6. Curious. If the Falcons draft a lineman in the mid rounds will the opinion change? You guys are looking at the first year of his contract and consider him a swing tackle or possible guard. If he is a backup then by year two he is an expensive backup with a cap hit if he is cut in his second year. I think you should hope that he becomes a decent starter to make sense of his contract.
  7. Umm.. If he is getting a three year deal worth 18 million then he is starting.
  8. Lot of discussion over an article written by a jerkoff who has the same view of the team as any of you, from a television.
  9. I'm surprised Mularkey got an interview. We don't have the backs or the offensive line to run his offense.
  10. Nah, I feel good today. My team won and I didn't create a whiny, bitchy thread like a bunch of other losers here.
  11. I believe if you killed yourself then Arthur would do it.
  12. Sadly this guy gets way more heat then Manual. He will get a job somewhere, but either way, this will be Blank's call and he probably has made up his mind weeks ago.
  13. I can see drafting a DT if one of the top three is available, one that can play the run as well as collapse the pocket. But if there is a chance to draft the top tier tackle then you have to pull the string. If the Falcons win against Tampa and fall in the order, then it may have to be DT as the best value. Just not sure where their free agency spending is going to go.
  14. I don't like to mock draft but I do like evaluating the Falcons offseason. Don't burn me too bad but, if I had an opinion this is it. Falcons 2019 Offseason Offense Quarterback Matt Ryan: The only knock I have on him is his deep ball. He is on the fringe of a top 5 quarterback and will be part of the Falcons for several years. (A- play and the cornerstone of the franchise) Matt Schaub: (Free Agent) It’s baffling that he was paid his last contract. You can get a backup with starting experience and much younger for less than 1.5 million. (Let go and pursue a cheaper alternative) Kurt Benkert: It would be a blessing if he could improve, but don’t see much upside here. (Will be in competition to keep a roster spot.) Thoughts: Don’t see the Falcons using a draft pick here. A free agent for less is needed. Running Back Devonta Freeman: He is our best back when healthy, but can he come back is the issue? His contract has the Falcons committed to him in 2019 and if healthy he is worth the money. Great vision and tough for his size, but too many concussions and overall speed make me wonder how much he has to offer after the 2020 season. (Keep) Tevin Coleman: (Free Agent) Maybe the third best back in the upcoming free agency period if Pittsburgh lets Leveon Bell walk. He will be in demand and I can’t see the Falcons being able to retain him. Love his speed and hate the fact that he lacks the ability to run between the tackles. A good one-cut runner with catching ability. Dion Lewis got a 4yr. deal for 19.8 million from the Titans, no reason that Tevin can’t get a contract like that. (Sadly let go) Ito Smith: Love his balance and he runs tough for his size. No reason not to like where his upside is heading and should be a bigger part of the offense for the Falcons in 2019. (Upside) Brian Hill: Was a bad pick two years ago, who the Falcons got back in September. Will be the favorite for the third back position unless the Falcons decide to spend another mid-round pick on a back. (Fight for a roster spot) Thoughts: Standing pat or a late round pick for a big back. Full Back Ricky Ortiz: I assume another battle will resume between this guy and other UDFA’s for the starting job. I don’t care for this guy, and if the Falcons hire a new OC in the offseason that commits to running the ball then he needs to go. I see nothing positive with this guy, and his snaps seemed to have withered to single digits until playing mop-up time in the last game with the Panthers. (Need to upgrade this position) Tight End Austin Hooper: The guy took a big leap forward this season. Let’s face it, we were spoiled with Tony Gonzales and have been critical ever since. Hooper’s stats make him a valuable pass catcher and if he improves his run blocking then his worth will increase even more. (Removed any doubt that he is the starter) Logan Paulson: (Free Agent) I have no problem if he comes back for a similar contract. (Possible One Year Deal or pursue a younger Free Agent) Eric Saubert: 2019 camp will see if he will earn snaps for next season. The guy has some speed to stretch the field but he can’t block well enough. I don’t see much upside but he is under contract so his future remains to be seen. (Last year to prove it) Thoughts: No draft pick needed if you can get a blocking tight end for 1.5 to 2.5 million a year. Wide Receiver Julio Jones: Arguably the best receiver in the NFL. Has been promised that a new deal in 2019 will be negotiated and he has the numbers to demand the top salary. How much will it take for Jones to be content? You can bet that 20 million a year is what his agent is thinking, so wrap your head around that. (Have to bite the bullet and make him happy) Mohamed Sanu: I thought it was terrible when Atlanta signed him for 5 years and 32 million in 2016, but he has earned that money I believe. I have heard he could be a cap casualty and if the front office did that, then it would be a mistake. (Keep him) Calvin Ridley: Sometimes he looks like a future number one and others he looks like a number two floating in the bowl. Very explosive and also a rookie. Will need to improve his route running and have fewer dropped passes. (Huge upside with the right determination) Justin Hardy: (Free Agent) He hasn’t been a bad player, good hands but no upside than what he is. Lacks the speed needed to separate and his only talent for punt returning is not fumbling. No need to bring him back with Russell Gage and Marvin Hall. (Let go) Russell Gage: Will get more snaps next season and I’m looking forward to seeing what he has. A good special team player and may have a chance in the return game next season (Small upside) Marvin Hall: (Free Agent with Falcons retaining exclusive rights) I would be surprised if the Falcons didn’t retain him. Can stretch the field and no reason not to invest another season in him. (ERFA Tender) Thoughts: Low round pick to replace Hardy. Center Alex Mack: Hard to argue with him going to the pro bowl. Still a top graded center and the Falcons will stand pat with him for at least another two years unless his skills decline immensely. (Keep) Thoughts: Please stay healthy. Guards Andy Levitre: Levitre has been fortunate to make it to the end of his contract. On his way out of Tennessee, he came to the Falcons in desperation (Falcons desperation). He has been a decent guard when healthy but he’s been a costly one as well. His injury hurt this year as the Falcons depth at guard has sucked. (So long old friend) Brandon Fusco: Should he start? Not really but he is cheap for the Falcons to go another season. (Keep but draft his replacement this year and cut him if he loses his starting job) Wes Schweitzer: Did you groan when Levitre went to IR and out trotted Wes? I know I did. In his defense, he has given the team a bunch for a sixth-round pick. He shouldn’t start but I imagine he will compete once again with Fusco for a starting spot and lord help us if he wins the job. (Keep as a back-up) Ben Garland: (Free Agent) I like Ben Garland on a poster plastered on my wall, but not as a guard. He is only good for a spot start and his upside has been achieved. (Let go) Zane Beadles: (Free Agent) All I can say is if Beadles is in the mix at guard during the 2019 camp then the Falcons ignored this position once again. (Let go) Thoughts: If we spend any money in the offseason then either this position or DT is it. If the Falcons pursue a DT, then a 3rd round pick should be spent here. Tackle Jake Matthews: This position is becoming very expensive and after watching Nate Solder fleece the Giants, it is nice that we locked up Jake now rather than later. A top ten tackle with youth still on his side. (Stay great Jake, Keep) Ryan Schraeder: Which was bigger? Levitre’s injury or Schraeder’s cliff-like fall from Right Tackle? An abysmal year for Ryan, and he definitely earned his spot on the pine in the tail end of the season. He has earned chatter amongst the fans for being a cap casualty and I agree. (Cut and invest your 1st round pick here.) Ty Sambrailo: (Free Agent) Ty hasn’t embarrassed himself after Schraeder’s benching, so he gets to see if those starts added any value to his worth. Can the Falcons pull him in for another year for a bargain? (One yr. contact for 2.5 million or less or let walk) Matt Gono: Maybe a trickle of upside here. I would like to see more of him during the 2019 training camp. (Keep) Thoughts: 1st round pick spent here. Free agent tackles are too expensive. Defense Defensive End Takk McKinley: Thought he could get double-digit sacks this season but fizzled out after a fast start. I still see him apply pressure but needs better conditioning if he wants to improve. More of a pass rushing end than an everyday guy and still see growth in him. (Upside) Vic Beasley: I don't hate Beasley as much as most but his contract puts him at odds to remain here. The Falcons save too much money in letting him go, and I don’t see this team shelling out 12.5 million for a six-sack season and a below average run defender. (Cut) Bruce Irvin: (Free Agent) If the Falcons part ways with Beasley, then some of that money should be used to bring back Irvin. Using him as a SAM/DE has been good and I would like to see him with a full season under him. (Sign him to a 3-year incentive deal) Brooks Reed: Reed is good at playing the run, but is his contract worth him playing less than 40 percent of the defensive stats? Not really, but he is under contract and unless you can pull a Derrick Shelby(cut him and resign him for cheap) then they may have to endure him one more year. (Keep, unfortunately) Derrick Shelby: (Free Agent) He has been injured for as much as he played. Not a terrible player but only worth a phone call if you can’t find anyone else. (Let go) Steven Means: (Free Agent) I think he may have more upside than Shelby, so I would like to see him get a full season here. (Resign him) Thoughts: This is tough if the Falcons don't resign Bruce Irvin, and even if they do, I would draft this position in the second round. Defensive Tackle Grady Jarrett: (Free Agent) Falcons will have to pay the piper for him. No reason to believe his agent wouldn't ask for 17 million a year and what else could the Falcons do? He keeps getting better and better. Think about that? (Bite the bullet and resign him.) Jack Crawford: A bargain for what he’s giving the Falcons. Hope he stays healthy and probably one of Dimitroff’s better signings under the Quinn regime. (Keep) Deadrin Senat: Not a bad pick in the 3rd round, likely a rotational tackle with more upside as he continues. Hopefully develops into a run stopper, but I don’t see him increasing his snap counts in 2019. (Upside) Terrell McClain: (Free Agent) On the decline of his career and if he comes back for 2019 then it spells inactivity in the offseason for this position. (Let go) Thoughts: I think if the Falcons spend big it needs to be either OG or DT. If they do spend big on a guard then I would go DT in the third round. Outside Linebacker Devondre Campbell: Was hoping he would step up with Jones down, he didn’t and his upside has been reached. Not a leader but still a solid linebacker, better in coverage than rushing the passer. (Actually sucks at rushing the passer) (Keep until contract expires) Duke Riley: He had the measurables that Dan Quinn likes but not playmaking ability. Slow to diagnose and loses one on one battles with a running back every time. Under contract but why bother? (Cut) Kemal Ishmael: (Free Agent) Given plenty for a low round pick, but he looks done to me and I have enjoyed everything he has given the franchise as a fan. (Let go) Inside Linebacker: Foye Oluokun: So far he has been our best rookie on some days (when Ridley looks lost). A find in the 6th round who looks to have major upside. (His flexibility matches up well with Jones. UPside^^^) Deion Jones: Losing him opened the middle of the field like the grand canyon. Hope this never happens again. (Leader and exposed Manuel for the novice DC that he is.) Bruce Carter: (Free agent)The guy can at least tackle which helped him earn snaps down the stretch. (A one year deal isn’t the worst thing in the world) Thoughts: Would like to see a mid-round pick for depth. Cornerback Desmond Trufant: Going into the season who was worried about the corner position? Now, who isn’t worried after watching this season in horror as cornerback play has eroded to squalor? No picks with waffle irons for hands, pass deflections a little down and a downright fear with having to make a one on one tackle. A good agent has him entrenched for another season or two, and the fans will have to endure. (Keep but held hostage by contract.) Robert Alford: Fans could live with his penalties while making his numerous pass deflections. Unfortunately, those PD’s are way down, and those penalties are too numerous to explain such an abomination in corner play. (Cut for salary cap boost) Brian Poole: (Free Agent) He’s restricted which grants him another year here if the Falcons want him. Sure he’s had a few late hits but he tackles, has 3 INTs and 3 Sacks, not bad for a UDFA. (Tender him a second round and hope that some team takes it) Isaiah Oliver: When they drafted him it surprised me, (who knows maybe they had Alford’s early release in mind) and let’s face it, for a second rounder he needs to start anyway. Had a rocky rookie year, but has shown flashes of ability and 2019 will be his opportunity. (Crossing fingers for big upside.) Justin Bethel: (Free Agent) Special teams ace who showed in preseason that he couldn’t cover a soul. The question is he makes the special teams better, but paying 1.5 to 2 million for him is a big if? (Let go) Blidi Wreh Wilson: (Free Agent) He made as much as Teco made last season, so probably has made his last run here in Atlanta. (Will be turning 30 and the vet minimum may be a bit pricey here. Let go) Thoughts: Maybe you spend low for a veteran here, but I would draft a corner here in the 4th round as well. Free Safety Ricardo Allen: His loss hurt more than fans realize due to leadership. Will never be the ballhawk that Kazee is, but getting him back along with Kazee will help the secondary rebound for 2019. (Keep but somebody is looking over his shoulder) Damontae Kazee: The only player who seemed to understand the value of training camp. (Remember how sorry our training camp was? And you wonder why we looked so lost in the Philly game.) Kazee came out like a demon, and due to injury took over the starting FS role and turned in a season worthy of a pro bowl. (He’s been as good as Harrison Smith) (Should start, Upside.) Strong Safety Keanu Neal: The sail of the Falcon ship went in tatters when Neal went down, and after Jones and Allen followed then the iceberg appeared and all was lost. The team died and that was that. No enforcer meant no fear as teams ran on the Falcons at will. (Keep, and along with Jones are the cornerstones of the defense.) Sharrod Neasman: Has used the bumbling of Jordan Richards to his advantage and has earned the second string SS going into 2019. (Keep) Jordan Richards: (Free Agent) Traded their 2020 7th round pick and still felt like the Falcons got robbed. This guy probably won't be in the league when the Patriots cash in that pick. Watching him plod around made me nauseous. (Let go) Thoughts: I think the Falcons should be set going into 2019 at both safety positions. Kicker Matt Bryant: The best kicker the Falcons have ever had. He will be 44 next season and how does he do it? (Keep, but he will not kick in 2020, maybe not 2019.) Giorgio Tavecchio: The guy came in and admirably kicked so well that the Falcons did not dare put him on the practice squad and risk losing him on the waiver wire. Why? The man is signed through 19 and will get a hard look to see if Bryant will be released as a cap casualty. (I don’t know but something tells me he may be our kicker next year.) Punter Matt Bosher: The guy will be in the top ten paid punters in 2019 and cost nothing to cut him. One of the slowest punters after the snap, and not really worth his deal. (Cut) Free Agency- Spend big on either DT or OG, spend moderately on a veteran corner and backup blocking tight end. Resign musts are Grady, Bruce Irvin, and Ty Sambrailo. Rework Julio as promised. Draft 1st- RT 2nd- DE 3rd- DT 4th- CB 5th- LB 6th- RB/FB 7th- WR UDFA- QB, P, Special teams
  15. Ryan looks sloppy. Arm strength looks weak today.