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  1. Players coaches always fail. New T-shirt, Now picking first in the 2020 NFL Draft.
  2. This sport keeps calling these penalties on these hits then there is no point in watching it. I'm seeing the writing on the walls, this is a joke. You almost cringe as a fan on every tackle waiting on a flag to be thrown, it's sad.
  3. I hope this stop can energize the offense.
  4. Charmin soft. Mr. Whipple coaching this team so far.
  5. Having that soft preseason just like last year is rearing it's ugly head. Team looks soft so far. Let's hope for a rebound..
  6. Get off the high dude, the only reason the Falcons won last night is the Jaquars depth is atrocious.
  7. I have no idea why someone posts these threads.
  8. I hope the Falcons can hire him in some role here. It wasn't like he ever got paid good money but he understood the defense and had a good career for a UDFA.
  9. Sadly these injuries seem to look too much like last years pitiful preseason. If this bunch drops like flies in the first three games again then you can kiss Dan Quinn's *** goodbye.
  10. I'm all for a double digit sack season but Beasley isn't a every down type end and not worth a new over-bloated contract. I know Quinn is trying to blow sunshine because he doesn't want his 1st round pick to be a miss but let's be real, the fans have seen a lot of Beasley and a new defense won't change anything. There isn't nothing to discover, no secret hiding underneath. He's a guy with a good bend and some speed but not physical enough to force through a block for a sack.
  11. This is such disjointed writing. Lot of words that don't say a **** thing.
  12. Speculation piece from Crapoholic, nothing to see here.
  13. Why overpay a tweener who hasn't improved? He still can't use his hands to separate himself from a lineman, average against the run, and worthless when he drops in space. If he needs other players to elevate his game then you just made it clear he isn't worth a second contract.
  14. Hope he has a good year, so some other team can overpay the receipt.
  15. Looks like its going to be sunny today.