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    TRUUUU reacted to Snafu in I hope Arthur told Thomas he can’t trade next years picks   
    I hope Arthur doesnt mettle in the draft at all.
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    TRUUUU got a reaction from Hokies&Falcons in PFF Mock Draft Simulator   
    No one beaten my 86.7 overall grade yet
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    TRUUUU got a reaction from AutumnEffect in PFF Mock Draft Simulator   
    No one beaten my 86.7 overall grade yet
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    TRUUUU got a reaction from Francis York Morgan in PFF Mock Draft Simulator   
    Couldn't get a guard but love everything else

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    TRUUUU got a reaction from Thiccolas Cage in Nike.com   
    Someone post a photo of these
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    TRUUUU reacted to gazoo in McGary vs. DOL   
    OMG what a flaming &s@le DOL is. What a prick. This is gutter level character assassination using an anonymous source to even mention the word  racism  in respect to that incident and to smear his person like this.
    Don’t ever forget the AJC selling Sunday papers outside the GA Dome before a Saints Game that had full double page “GO SAINTS” handouts in them. 
    The AJC doesn’t represent its fans . If the hometown Panthers, Saints, Bills or Eagles newspaper had done that they would have been out of business within a year.
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    TRUUUU reacted to DonOfThemBirds in McGary vs. DOL   
    McGary should pancake him.
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    TRUUUU reacted to FalconBlood23 in McGary vs. DOL   
    **** you D Led and your dumb*** articles, the kid just got here and this is what you go after? dumb***
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    TRUUUU reacted to Matt_The Iceman_Ryan in McGary vs. DOL   
    DOL should’ve been fired years ago. It amazes me when he can still write things like this and keep a job, but I guess that’s the AJC for you
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    TRUUUU reacted to Cole World in McGary vs. DOL   
    SMH...Leave it up to D-Led to welcome him to Atlanta.
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    TRUUUU reacted to Smiler11 in McGary vs. DOL   
    Ledbetter is such a tool. Embarrassment to the city of Atlanta. What a douchbag move.
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    TRUUUU reacted to tl;dr in McGary vs. DOL   
    Props to @Goober Pyle for help with embedding the article
    DOL is terrible and that's not really a secret, but this was a pretty crappy thing to write just after he got drafted. 
    Still, it's nice to see his teammates come to his defense. 
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