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  1. Can someone find the correct statistics for us for last season and post?
  2. None of the things anyone is posting are correct!! Guys the stat you are looking at isn't pre snap motion - it's motion at the snap (for example a fake reverse running behind the run play) The 49ers led the NFL isn all offensive motion last year at 78%, and he's always basically led the NFL: Motion/shift rate of Kyle Shanahan offenses since 2014: 2014 CLE: 56% (3rd) 2015 ATL: 56% (2nd) 2016 ATL: 59% (1st) 2017 SF: 66% (1st) 2018 SF: 71% (1st) 2019 SF: 78% (1st) The NFL average jumped 4% to 47% this se
  3. Apart from Delpit I don't think a single player that you've listed will still be on the board at the spot you've got us taking them. Jaylon Johnson won't get out of the first round and you have us just chilling the middle of the second round, with a huge need at corner that everyone knows (someone will almost certainly jump us forhim if he's still there) and just being able to pick him up. See tons of really unrealstic mocks like this that look really good because they're impossible.
  4. No one beaten my 86.7 overall grade yet
  5. Couldn't get a guard but love everything else
  6. That's brutally bad. I was liking all the pics from today but wht is that - why is it so huge? Does any other team have anyting even remotely like that??
  7. Loved this! Great job. I think the biggest omission is Shelby featuring in the base package and if not just more overall. His snap count last year was 245 but he missed half the season, I expect him to play around 400 snaps this season so needs to go somewhere else. I know you haven't listed the goaline package but I'm really interested to see the changes they make to that this year. Also just our redzone D overall. Last year it really let us down at points and it's so important in this system. Would love to see that addition
  8. Like him better than this monster?
  9. Absolutely, I would add WR to that list as well, although our group this year is definitely an improvement
  10. Bit of love for DQ as we approach the mid point of his 2nd year in charge of the team i'll post a throwback to the starters in the last game of Mike Smith's era: FALCONS STARTERSOffenseWR 84 - Roddy White SanuLT 70 - Jake Matthews MatthewsLG 63 - Justin Blalock LevitreC 62 - James Stone MackRG 75 - Jon Asamoah ChesterRT 73 - Ryan Schraeder SchraederTE 80 - Levine Toilolo TammeWR 11 - Julio Jones JonesQB 2 - Matt Ryan RyanRB 32 - Jacquizz Rodgers FreemanFB 42 - Patrick DiMarco DiMarcoDefenseDE 71 - Kroy Biermann FreeneyDT 99
  11. I think you belong in the Mike Smith era. The play calling was fantastic and a breath of fresh air, just like this whole team has been this year. We weren't gonna run this ball 3 times and punt the ball to Seattle to win it. You have to play to your strengths and we have the number 1 offense in football.
  12. You're the worst poster on these boards. Would hate to see your lists for anything.
  13. Ease up on the OP, he's having fun! I love the draft process too and do stuff like this with my buddies. Is he claiming to be better than NFL GMs? Didn't see him put that. Enjoyed the post, looks like your projections were way off for your mock, like between 1-120 picks for each prospect from 2nd round onwards. I'm sure we would have taken these dudes too if they'd been there in these rounds! I would have liked the Lee pick at 1 as well but I guess they felt Jones offered more and could play MIKE as well. FWIW I liked our actual draft more than your real time mock.
  14. Please stop just naming players you've heard of and saying draft them. Lets trust this new scouting department and HC. We've had a great draft so far.
  15. Wow his tape is good. Does anyone have any measurables/pro day stats?
  16. I think moving Jackson to NT and they are happy with Mbu's progress. Bigger needs elsewhere. One thing you can always find is run stuffing base package players.
  17. ^^ THIS Why are so many people in this thread so stupid
  18. One of my favourite drafts I've seen. I also mocked this exact trade with the bengals
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