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  1. Can someone find the correct statistics for us for last season and post?
  2. None of the things anyone is posting are correct!! Guys the stat you are looking at isn't pre snap motion - it's motion at the snap (for example a fake reverse running behind the run play) The 49ers led the NFL isn all offensive motion last year at 78%, and he's always basically led the NFL: Motion/shift rate of Kyle Shanahan offenses since 2014: 2014 CLE: 56% (3rd) 2015 ATL: 56% (2nd) 2016 ATL: 59% (1st) 2017 SF: 66% (1st) 2018 SF: 71% (1st) 2019 SF: 78% (1st) The NFL average jumped 4% to 47% this se
  3. Apart from Delpit I don't think a single player that you've listed will still be on the board at the spot you've got us taking them. Jaylon Johnson won't get out of the first round and you have us just chilling the middle of the second round, with a huge need at corner that everyone knows (someone will almost certainly jump us forhim if he's still there) and just being able to pick him up. See tons of really unrealstic mocks like this that look really good because they're impossible.
  4. No one beaten my 86.7 overall grade yet
  5. Couldn't get a guard but love everything else
  6. That's brutally bad. I was liking all the pics from today but wht is that - why is it so huge? Does any other team have anyting even remotely like that??
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