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  1. That's what I'm guessing as well. Hope it goes well for Rico, my boys are such fans of his, because of the way he treated them when he was at Purdue, just a class act, hate to see him have to go through this. Too bad on the game, actually found front row in the end zone near the tunnel the team uses. I thought I'd ask, but just didn't think it very likely, especially with what his injury is. Plus, who would willingly go to Cleveland? I mean, him being from Florida, I could see Tampa or Miami.
  2. Anyone know if injured players typically travel with the team to the away games? I'm in Michigan and had purchased 3 tickets for the Browns game, because my boys are Rico fans. Thinking we'll probably skip unless he'd still be there with them.
  3. Forgive my ignorance as I don't follow the NFL that much (this happens when you grow up a Bengals fan), but my sons, especially my older son, have always followed Ricardo since his playing days at Purdue. What are Ricardo's options at this point since the Falcons gave him an offer? Is it sign and play with the Falcons or not sign and not play? Really wondering if there is an option that he can sign with another team?
  4. Was just checking in with how Allen is doing in the offseason. I'm a Bengals fan, but my son is an Allen fan, so I try to keep up with him and watch whenever Atlanta is on TV up here (Michigan). Looking forward to see how he does since he's had the offseason to prepare as a FS this year, instead of thinking he was going to be a CB or NB.
  5. Loved seeing Ricardo with that INT to seal it last night. He was my 11 y/o son's favorite player at Purdue and ranks up there for me with Brees. Such a class act with fans and off the field, so glad to see him have a game like that last night in prime time. Wish the schedule would be better for us (in Michigan) so we could go to a game. I think the closest would be Tennessee or maybe even Atlanta at 8-10 hours one-way.
  6. Been a big fan of Ricardo's since his days at Purdue where we are season ticket holders. Been rough, but loved watching him play, and he is a quality guy. Those were some bad years and he always made time to come over to the kids wanting high-5's, wristbands, etc. every single game win or lose (mostly lose). Anyways, he is my older son's favorite football player and I told him if he was playing we'd get him a Ricardo jersey. Is it safe to assume he'll be wearing #37, and are there any places to order non-superstar jerseys in Atlanta, or is NFL.com probably the only option for us looking for
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