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  1. He needs to start catching the ******* ball then when the games on the line.
  2. One reason is because we spent so much freaking money on Freeman. Not worth half what he got paid. And now Matt Ryan is fixing to break the bank.
  3. Arthur sitting on his *** doing nothing to improve team while other teams are getting better. Blank is more interested in the soccer team than Falcons. Put my seats up for sale on Falcons website.
  4. Falcons had a coach like that they would be Super Bowl Champions.
  5. I would give them a D. Never told about perks being offered during the season. Once they get your money that's it.
  6. Julio way over rated especially in crucial situations.
  7. McDonald that plays for the steelers would be good to get if he was available.
  8. Great. Don't have to worry about him adding on to his dropped passes total count.
  9. Does Julio get an award for having the most dropped passes in crucial situations?
  10. If that had been Julio instead of Biggs that pass was thrown to he would have dropped it. Lol
  11. No way chance in ****.
  12. If you look back on julios career he is always hurting somewhere. Gets old after awhile. Trade him while he still has some value.
  13. Vic who?????
  14. Falcons defense made Nick Foles look like Tom Brady. What a joke.
  15. No confidence in Julio catching the ball in the endzone