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  1. Blowing the horn today, tomorrow will be honored in the falcons ring of fame. Blank must be getting desperate.
  2. I had a front row seat on marketplace and pls source for sale all year and only sold after lowering price considerably. These were $1500 pls seats.
  3. I have seen better tackling in the Ladies Football League.
  4. I would be satisfied if he just caught the ball.
  5. What else is new. He learned good from Roddy how to get out of practice.
  6. Falcons could have used Bridgewater for a backup. If Matt gets injured the season is over with Shaub has backup. Unless they thinking they can get kaleb Mack this was another bad decision.
  7. I can see both players getting injuries and missing games early in the season due to having no reps during preseason. Seeing a lot of side line interaction more than on the field plays due to not having snaps during preseason.
  8. Maybe the cheerleading squad needs help.
  9. I had a seat on row1 section 316. It was equivalent to being on row 10 or 11 in the Georgia Dome.
  10. Agree with the front office. Let's see how he plays this season. Time for J J to put up or shut up. Then pay him accordingly.
  11. Julio has seen his best days. Misses to many practices to get any better. Two touchdown passes caught last year? The last pick in this years draft could do that. Sure, Matt Ryan was over paid, but how many practices and games has he missed? None that I'm aware of.
  12. He needs to start catching the ******* ball then when the games on the line.
  13. One reason is because we spent so much freaking money on Freeman. Not worth half what he got paid. And now Matt Ryan is fixing to break the bank.
  14. Arthur sitting on his *** doing nothing to improve team while other teams are getting better. Blank is more interested in the soccer team than Falcons. Put my seats up for sale on Falcons website.
  15. Falcons had a coach like that they would be Super Bowl Champions.