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  1. We not tanking. We just that sorry.
  2. Unfortunately I will be watching the falcons get plucked.
  3. Trufart needs to go.
  4. Rather lose a game or two more than to have a cancer like him on the team.
  5. Fine his *** for coming on the field. He's not no captain that's involved in the coin toss. If Rivera had any balls he would suspend him a game.
  6. Blowing the horn today, tomorrow will be honored in the falcons ring of fame. Blank must be getting desperate.
  7. I had a front row seat on marketplace and pls source for sale all year and only sold after lowering price considerably. These were $1500 pls seats.
  8. I have seen better tackling in the Ladies Football League.
  9. I would be satisfied if he just caught the ball.
  10. What else is new. He learned good from Roddy how to get out of practice.