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  1. Maybe he needs to catch the ball with his feet.
  2. Yes over rated by far. Stays hurt to much to be considered a hall of fame receiver. Toe, heel, ankle, foot, hamstring among other injuries keeps him from being a top notch receiver that can be counted on.
  4. Not saying it cost us the season but it definately contributed. Plenty of blame to go around here.
  5. Julio should have took up golf. To injury prone.
  6. 99.9 percent of the nfl receivers make that catch.
  7. This sounds so stupid. Is like having your kid graduate the 12th grade and then next year having to go back through the same because they forgot everything.
  8. Need to try something. Getting tired of hearing DQ same old comments week after week about getting it together.
  9. They had their chance last year. Maybe in another 10 years we will be in the SB again.
  10. The new Mercedes Benz Stadium is not near as fan friendly for watching the game. I sit on the 1st row in upper deck and even there you are so far from the field compared to the Georgia Dome . The 1st row is like sitting near the top at the dome. Why couldn't we have kept the old dome. Oh I forgot. Arthur wanted those fancy suites for the "rich and famous"
  11. Need 1 ticket to the Open House. Need additional ticket for my grandson visiting next weekend. Would appreciate any help.
  12. I need 1 open house ticket from anyone that does not plan to go. Would like to bring along my grandson that will be in town next weekend. Appreciate any help.
  13. The current J Parking Deck that's offered now, is that what use to be the I Parking Deck?