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  1. I wonder if Sanu celebrated with Julio for new deal even tho it guarantees it's his last year here..
  2. Gregg Williams.. Say goodbye to soft.. He's borderline evil.
  3. Just curious.. Does Matt Bryant get paid the dead money for cutting him & the new money from his new deal?
  4. Did anybody else cringe when he grabbed the $150M shoulder at the 6:25 Mark lol.. Matt looked at him like whoa relax
  5. Cool how they seem to be best friends now.. That chemistry will grow over time on the right side of our oline.. Good move by the FO.. Joined at the hip thru the entire draft process.. Their non verbal communication will be on point by week 1
  6. Yea Quinn's defense is about disruptions not sacks.. Its also about forcing turnovers.. But for real the defense relies on Tru.. If he can lock down opposing number one receivers, its playmakers everywhere else on defense..
  7. We are still not using Campbell how he should be used.. He is capable of 8 sacks a year as LEO.. With Devin White you can resign Campbell who will cost less than Beasley & resign Debo to $18.5M a yr for the 5yrs of Devin white rookie contract.. That way you wont know what Campbell is doing.. Rushing the passer or in coverage he's what we want Beasley to be.. More power & length
  8. Lindstrom held up senior bowl week.. Possible right tackle? Similar size to Ty..
  9. I think we all realized last year Duke was never gonna be the Robin to Debos Batman.. I dont think he has it either.. Career special teamer.. Like you I hope im wrong tho too
  10. Watching Devin white highlights made me realize if we get super lucky and coach q really buckles down on duke Riley's development & he picks up his play.. He may one day in the far future become what devin white already is..
  11. Long but not a good tackler.. I just know that from watching devin white highlights.. He was always tackling people who broke away from #29
  12. I voted Devin White. I mean he would be a 4.4lb next to our already 4.4mlb with Campbell 4.5 playing Slb rushing the passer & covering TEs sounds incredible. Say goodbye to other teams RB check downs.. Maybe luck out & get D.Law in the 2nd. I understand we have lbers.. But D. White is a playmaker we need turnovers from our linebackers.. He also frees up a others to play to their strengths like Beasley on stunts...
  13. Fusco cheap we should keep him.. Depth screwed us last year..
  14. 2 giant guards in one day.. I like.. Sets draft up for DQ defensive toys..
  15. Heard Shannon Sharpe this am say something like "how much money do I have guaranteed coming to me even if I get injured for the rest of my career soon as I step on the field" so with that logic I guess with the tag its only $15mil guaranteed instead of $50-$60 mil guaranteed on the open market. I'd be upset too