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  1. LMAO! Love me some Kazee this man really dunked on the crowd in the swamp after a pic 6
  2. How bout the phantom 3 straight holding calls on 3rd Downs in the second half of our super bowl on Brian Poole Everytime if I remember correctly.. I mean that tired the defense out and kept the Pats in the game..
  3. The game they had against Miss State concerned me. I mean 70+ points. I know he's not the only one on the defense but sheesh we play Brees twice a year.. and he wasn't stopping anything to my knowledge. (Only saw game on TV)
  4. Nobody has hired any coaches yet to my knowledge.. Its still early..
  5. If we had fired coach Quinn other teama would be beating his door down to hire him.. As a head coach too
  6. If yu teared up when he scored aganist Washington you cant say he should be let go.. Lol
  7. It loosed up when Ridley became a problem.. Here's to next year!
  8. What would we do if Sark quit to become a NCAAF coach?
  9. True.. They will probably go the draft a lineman early route now tried late rounds, tried fa guards, 1 option left..
  10. We gotta remember they thought the o line was fixed but we lost both vet guards early in the season.. Im with the Kubiak or keep Sark idea imho..
  11. Hire as OC? At the risk of being flamed.. Why is Dan Quinn coaching the defense & McCarthy coach the offense not a good idea.. Invest in o line & d line keep takk & grady Schrader mack Matthews..
  12. Too bad we gotta play an AFC team n super bowl..
  13. Definitely shed one.. It was beautiful.. Rewinded the Kazee pick over & over on the highlights.. Coach Quinn reaction was priceless..
  14. Id trade two 1st to move up for Ed Oliver then call it a draft.. Him next to Grady Takk & Beasley wud solidify our dline.. Everythinf else is fine just players are hurt this year..
  15. Unless Alford picks it up I could see us keeping Sanu another year & cutting Alford..