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  1. Why would Atlanta expect less than San Fran gave Miami to move up? They moved 9 spots & NE is 11 spots away.. ? He did have a point on them needing a rookie contract qb after spending so much in FA tho..
  2. I like Pitts heard he has never dropped a ball n college.. besides who else do you see with 50+ yr tds from TE.. would love that after trading Julio.. great mock
  3. Trading back & taking Etienne in the 1st would help a lot. He's like Free & Teco combined & cheap & fresh
  4. Dak Prescott.. " thats why you should have paid me earlier Gerald" 😆
  5. Matt's face still reminds me of 28-3 .. he has to go. That whole stench has to go
  6. Matt would take several teams straight to super bowl combined with their teams like SF, WFT, Indy .. if he is placed on trade market will we take 3 straight 1st round picks while Matt wins a ring? Lol
  7. Trade Matt to WFT for two 1st & Daron Payne or sum like that sounds more likely now
  8. Our coach went to AFC Championship with Ryan Tannehill.. the former wide receiver and he wasn't a rookie.. he was a vet.. changed his whole career around.. I think we are putting too much stock in the benched backup.. matt is more likely to ball out next two years than to decline am I right?
  9. The fact that we have the OC & DC from the 2019 Titans who went to the afc championship with Ryan Tannehill.. excited for Matt
  10. Wow I Didn't know our super bowl team of 98 was defensively coached by wade Phillips.. 🤔
  11. Lol they were fast and physical just in the wrong directions..
  12. Franchise tag Neal & draft Paris Ford 💀.. Teams would be afraid to catch the ball over the middle
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