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  1. How long you think it will be before your "health" or as everyone else would call it, laziness- causes another mod to crack and say "f this I'm done?" I'll bet you that happens long before you sack up and take care of the actual problem with this place.
  2. Did you check with tuggle before you posted that? I know you've been a mess since your caretaker stepped down.
  3. Did you have a mod proof read that for you?
  4. Bottom of a forum with 60,000 users, a vast majority males. Congrats man. Things are finally looking up for this sub forum after that Hall of Fame worthy other sub forum post.
  5. It looks like their thread objectifying women has 3x as many views and 10x as many responses. With about 9000x less members. Congrats on your amazing non-afmb rc thread though mash. You really made an argument for objectifying women on AFMB.
  6. He must consult the mighty pm machine. Give him time and he will return with your answer.
  7. I do not know who this fiddy is— I do however come with a tale of the past, present and future. In time I will speak of such prophecies. For now, take comfort in your asylum of PMs. They will be the straw that breaks the mans very back.
  8. Did you ask Tuggle if that was okay to post?
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