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  1. Marshall would've been better
  2. I heard you can save money by switching to Geico
  3. Chase is great, but don't see that big of a drop off between him and Waddle or Smith
  4. they should get either Sewell or Slater to protect Burrow
  5. how is Cincy going with a WR over a tackle, sticking it to AJ Green?
  6. NO is potentially looking at 3rd (Fontenot), 4th (Hendrickson), and 5th (Rankins) comp picks for next season so this 6th isn't as much of a loss
  7. as a Saints fan, I doubt we'd skip over Micah Parsons for Elijah Moore
  8. Henry should've stayed in LA with Justin Herbert as his QB
  9. nobody is worth the money they are getting paid. The Pats are over paying for WRs that weren't much better than what was already on the roster.
  10. we cut Morstead because he's on the downside of his career and we kept an UDFA rookie we like out of Penn St on the PS for this moment
  11. not a coincidence that MIckey is one of the only NFL GMs with a degree in accounting
  12. I'm sure the Saints know they are close to a deal and just wanted the security of the tag to help them cross their Ts and dot their I's before getting a deal done before FA opens
  13. and the tag for safeties really isn't that expensive overall
  14. he probably should retire with his concussion issue
  15. and we almost had Patrick Mahomes (over Lattimore) before KC jumped a spot ahead of us in the draft
  16. or Philly is trying to dive the price up on Chicago
  17. Zach Wilson (& Trey Lance) level of competition would give me pause and I'd be nervous with taking an Ohio State QB (Fields)
  18. I'd assume they think Wentz's problems can be fixed and Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy are probably on the hottest seats in the league going into next year
  19. do the Eagles have any offensive players worth a ****?
  20. what's insane are all the teams getting away with doing what the Saints keep getting punished for
  21. I don't get why the football analyst kept saying it's difficult to beat the same team 3 times in a season when the stats say otherwise
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