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  1. Benson already has a statue outside of the stadium
  2. nobody made it, it's already set a long time ago except for the other two games vs. NFC teams that finished in 2nd place the previous season
  3. the important thing is that it's a good game for Thanksgiving unlike most of the Detroit games
  4. just think, Foster was a few minutes from being a NO Saint
  5. it's always interesting to see who people don't want going to Saints, Panthers, or Bucs
  6. they essentially traded off that 2017 first round pick they gave NO for an extra one this year
  7. now the Pats need to trade their 2 first round picks to the Giants for OBJ
  8. Rams seem to think they are playing Madden
  9. it never made much sense to me why the Pats traded for him to begin with
  10. if he had bothered to do some fact checking he could've found out that Louisiana doesn't have an estate tax for spouses
  11. I just take what he says with a grain of salt if he can't bother to research certain facts
  12. La Canfora also said Gayle Benson (Saints/Pelicans owner) was going to have to sell the Pelicans to pay the taxes on the Saints and that was proven no true
  13. we give the Saints a lot of grief over their salary cap issues, but what the **** are the Rams doing? they can't possibly afford all these players on those kind of contracts