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  1. Green went to ULM, the same school as Eagles HC Doug Pederson
  2. Is Whitehair that good?
  3. Saints should've taken Deshaun Watson when they picked Lattimore
  4. they would need to win their division or even get a playoff spot before they can be considered a contender
  5. not if he wants to play for a contender
  6. Devine Ozigbo is going to push Dwayne Washington for the #3 Saints RB
  7. I don't mind the Bucs getting 2 CBs except, they spent both second round picks last year on CBs (MJ Stewart & Carlton Davis)
  8. watching this Lawrence situation in Dallas makes me appreciate Cam Jordan even more considering he's severely underpaid among DEs
  9. what's really getting out of hand are the QB contracts. Every time the next person up wants to be the richest QB in the league when most aren't that great to begin with
  10. even then I don't like the idea of that much money on a defensive player
  11. no way in **** I'd pay him (or any defensive player) that much money
  12. nobody is paying a non-rushing LB anywhere close to $100M...**** they barely get drafted in the top 10