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  1. NO takes the lead 16-14
  2. I hate to say it, but NO's color rush is among the best in the league
  3. I'd take that PFF stuff w/ a grain of salt, Pats have a worst D than NO and we're supposed to believe they are middle of the league?
  4. NO has a great looking schedule to go on a run
  5. IMO, the worst thing Rivera could do to Cam is take away his ability to run
  6. I'm not worried about the Bucs. Carolina is up and down w/ Cam and they McCaffrey looks more like a WR than a RB. Saints are starting to come on strong and have really turned it around from starting the season 0-2
  7. so they are lucky because everyone else in the NFC South lost and no more Rodgers in Green Bay this season?
  8. NO's game next week vs Green Bay got easier w/ Rodgers getting injured
  9. the contract that NO had given him wasn't that bad
  10. it's amazing how Butch Jones misused Kamara at UT
  11. IMO, as much as the Saints might like Marshon Lattimore they might end up wishing they had gotten Watson who went one pick later
  12. I'd prefer it toward the middle of the schedule, but at least it's over
  13. don't you give Goodell any ideas, he might make them play sarcastaball