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  1. Barrett is good, but so far I'd have to see more than one great year. For all I know he'll crash like Beasley
  2. they picked Lamar Jackson #1 over Pat Mahommes? the list is a joke
  3. most coaches do that, **** look at Josh McDaniel
  4. I was surprised nobody took Bienemmy after the Super Bowl
  5. I don't think Winston really ever had a chance in Tampa, he was always forced to throw the ball all day because they (still) don't have a great running game
  6. I like y'alls draft, I was just expecting another DE early
  7. Saints are not moving on from Ramczyk, why would you let an All Pro tackle leave?
  8. IMO, y'all would do be better getting AJ Epenesa out of Iowa over Chaisson
  9. that's part of the problem; they don't really have a front office
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