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  1. Y'all didn't think he was a little off when they interviewed him after getting drafted?
  2. Houston should've at least been able to get a 1st round pick for Hopkins. IDK why McNair didn't stop him before letting him get traded away
  3. the baby mama looks a **** of a lot better than his new gf
  4. I've got Aaron Jones has one of my starting RBs so he's going to need to pick up the slack from the Packers not having Adams or Allen Lazard
  5. the problem is it's really too late to pick anyone of value up and I just have to hope Matt Ryan can make up the points
  6. he just freaked up my fantasy team when I could've benched him yesterday
  7. I like the Raiders new stadium
  8. now they have to pay Ryan Ramczyk and Marshon Lattimore
  9. rotoworld did a GM survey over the summer and mentioned that Mickey Loomis is the only NFL GM with a degree in accounting
  10. I just don't agree with paying RBs too much money
  11. Josnia Anderson is saying NO is open to trading Kamara
  12. Barrett is good, but so far I'd have to see more than one great year. For all I know he'll crash like Beasley
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