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  1. And the key guy in the trade is not having as good a year as Grilli
  2. I haven't seen this guy pitch, but the advance hype bodes that he will be a great one. I hope so.
  3. I still think the FO is in "wait and see" mode in terms of trading deadline moves. If this team does what was considered unthinkable before the season started and is actually in contention on July 31, they may rethink parts of the big picture. I'm pretty sure they weren't expecting us to be anywhere near challenging the Mets or Nats at this point. But to be where we are with perhaps the worst pen in league history, along with a manager that has mishandled the bullpen and the lineup card, is nothing short of astonishing
  4. Truth be told, every fan base has the same opportunity as KC to stuff the ballot box. I guess it is the Free Market economy bias I have that says I would rather let "the market" play out. I would rather see other fan bases engage in competition rather than some governing body make more rules.
  5. Glavine and Maddux couldn't break a pane of glass, but were Pitchers in the true sense of the word. I remember a radio interview with Leo Mazzone years ago. He said two things that blew me away. He said he had only 3 Tommy Johns on his watch in his 18 years as a pitching coach, and he said he never ever counted pitches.
  6. I think that's what,is wrong with MLB pitching in general. Everyone is trying to peg an impressive speed on the gun instead of crafty pitching. In my opinion, that is the main cause for the rise in Tommy John surgeries, and the inability of starting pitchers to pitch deep into games.
  7. Julio only seems to be effective at home. He is hard to figure out. So much talent, so much promise. I wonder if perhaps he should hear a different voice than only McDowell. I just can't see tossing him on to the garbage heap just yet.
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