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  1. Don't worry about Wis. He'll be fine.
  2. I notice on the minor league update on the telecast that their were high averages and RBIs mentioned, but zero mention given to home runs. Very discouraging.
  3. I DO like this Kroll guy though. Just wish he wasn't wearing a number that should be retired.
  4. I swear, watching the Cubs it appears they are a bunch of grown men playing against a bunch of boys (us). They have a swagger about them. Except for Jason Heyward of course. He just looks out of place.
  5. On a side note: I had to take a post office worker exam this morning at the Circle 75 testing location, which is a few hundred yards beyond the left field fence at Sun Trust Park. Man, it looks like the top deck is right on top of the action. So close. It's coming along nicely.
  6. That IS a worst case scenario in my world
  7. How about pitch his way into a solid rotation guy for us?Why does he have to be traded? All these young bucks are gonna need leadership on the roster to help them along the way.
  8. Glad he's their problem now. Hopefully the guys that scouted him for us are gone now. What a big whiff on that one. I mean, his stance and his swing looks like some stupid punch and judy hitter when he should be standing in the box strong like a Big Papi or a Willie McCovey or Willie Stargell type. But no one fears this guy and rightfully so.
  9. I think the fix is in. The Cubs finally have a championship calibre club. The baseball gods are planning the celebration and the destruction of the city of Chicago in its wake.
  10. We are leaving WAY too many runners on base. Eventually it bites you in the butt.
  11. This umpire isn't giving any part of the outside corner but at least he is maddeningly consistent
  12. Almora doesn't get to that, it's a two run triple.
  13. Jason Heyward looks utterly ridiculous at the plate. He looks like a ****** and hits like one too. What a waste of natural talent and disappointing career. I mean the guy should be a 35 HR 110 RBI guy every year, but he's essentially impotent.
  14. Well, you are dumb so it you think it's dumb, it's smart thinking. I agree with it.
  15. Pitchers pitchers pitchers pitchers pitchers...... Folks, nothing has changed. The same idiots are in charge.
  16. Malzahn is Auburn inside and out. He's not going anywhere. He was at the women's softball WS rooting on the Lady Tigers. He wouldn't do that if he wasn't committed to the program
  17. You're being too hard on Ventura. I just think he is exceedingly misunderstood.
  18. This Kelly dude is just throwing with no plan or purpose. Where do we get these fools
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