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  1. Learn the rules Chop and Joe. You don't have to have both feet out of the box to be called out, just one foot BUT, the ENTIRE foot has to be outside of the box. And if any part of your foot touches home plate, you are out. Jeez, do these guys just have a few beers before the game and then walk in as the game starts? Do some research!
  2. I don't know why anyone would want to wear #36. Especially when you have an unathletic body.
  3. The Reds' road uniform is awesome. Just saying. They look like real men.
  4. He will find himself.... In a mess he can't get out of. As much as I like Wisler, I dislike Blair that much.
  5. Blair just has no clue how to pitch. He needs to drop some weight as well. He's a TJ surgery waiting to happen. I just don't see what all the hype is about this Aaron Harang's look alike
  6. This game has the flavor of a slow pitch softball game
  7. Perhaps that's because they work more than most bullpens?
  8. Freddie has 18 RBIs in 62 games. Pathetic. I'm pretty sure his best years are behind him.
  9. He is the best pitcher RIGHT NOW in our organization, plus he has all the vital indicators of all the pitching prospects we've been trading for. I'd also like to think that the FO would like to keep a hold over to give the fans a familiar face to root for. I'm still holding out hope that we will dump Roger McDowell who has proven time and time again that he has no ability to help pitchers thrive and progress to a higher level than when he got a hold of them. In fact, most pitchers have RE -greased during his time here.
  10. He's only 25. He's the ONLY pitcher in the organization that is a sure fire success in that we KNOW what we have. If you trade him for anything other than a superstar 35/110 guy I will pull my support.
  11. I personally think there is only one quality major league caliber position player on this roster - Freeman - and he is declining. Markakis is done. The rest of them are crap. We need 7 new starters.
  12. Does Heyward EVER get tired of going through the batting glove ritual after EVERY FREAKING PITCH?
  13. My gosh, Frenchy looks like an old man running out there.
  14. If I hear another word about how a catcher "frames" a pitch, I'm gonna have a cardiac arrest! If a major league umpire needs a catcher to frame a pitch in order to influence his call, he is a CRAP umpire. First of all, he is supposed to be watching the ball WHERE IT CROSSES THE PLATE IN RELATION TO THE BATTER'S STANCE, not where it hits the mitt. This is especially important to know on breaking balls.
  15. Why even take the field? This guy won't pitch well. He has shown NOTHING that says he's a major leaguer.
  16. That's an upgrade? What is wrong with this organization?
  17. I have made my case for McGriff. Sadly, the number 27 is tainted now because Christian Bethancourt wore the number for a brief time.
  18. Braves numbers that should be retired: 9 27 46 25 8 23
  19. Mike Stanton was a GOD! He's the reason Giancarlo Stanton changed his name, so as not to shame it.
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