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  1. Craig Kimbrel making an appearance tomorrow as guest of having the honor of pulling down the number 46 from the countdown wall.
  2. Chip keeps asking if that bench where Glavine sat is used by the other teams bullpen. Chip, if you look closely you'll see that there is no access to that bench from the bullpen.
  3. I love that Freddie is yukking it up with all his close friends on the other team
  4. My son is in college in Cincinnati so I've watched a few Reds broadcasts during that time. Definitely a difference between them and our sorry crew. The other night, the Reds made a pitching change and Chip and Joe didn't realize it until he had thrown a few pitches. They've made several mistakes pertaining to rules and such as well. They are clearly just showing up every night without doing any prep, and once the game starts, they turn off the brain between innings.
  5. This front office has been missing on a lot of assumptions the last two years. Inciarte, Blair, Mallex, Markakis... None of them have lived up to the hype. This whole rebuild is a crap shoot. The front office has no more of a clue how this will shake out any more than we do.
  6. I'm glad you are back. My blood pressure numbers were normal at my last doctor visit. Now they are raging. I mean, you say some of the most outrageously dumb and crazy things I'm wondering if a teenage girl is posting in your stead.
  7. Hey, don't argue with him. He didn't even see him pitch tonight but he knows more than you. So let it go.
  8. Thanks to you I am so boiling mad I won't sleep well tonight.
  9. God you are hopeless. Read my other post with my explanation defending the strategy.
  10. We were leading until you started watching.... Just saying
  11. If there is no one on these boards that doesn't understand this thinking even if they wouldn't employ this strategy, then you all are idiots
  12. You caused the argument. I did start by calling you delusional, but that was a true statement so there was nothing confrontational about it. Then you jumped me.
  13. He is scared shiitless of major league hitters. That it. It is mental
  14. I was saying to NOT swing at this pitch no matter what BEFORE he swung. If he had hit a home run, I would have shrugged and said "Hey, it worked out". My whole point was that it was not smart percentage baseball to swing at that pitch. When a pitcher is struggling with control, you make him earn the right to have his pitches swung at by refusing to swing. Don't help out the guy with a 2-0 count and bases loaded. That's just what Mallex did.
  15. Chip said this was a tough night to be a major league pitcher. I guess we'll never know if he's right since there were ZERO major league pitchers in the game tonight. I mean, would Kerahaw or Arrietta have been crap like these guys tonight?
  16. No. You simply DO NOT SWING at the 2-0 pitch in that situation no matter who you are. Plus, he swung at ball three. Don't you understand that boy?
  17. Quit avoiding my question. What about my statement pertaining to Mallex Smith's lousy at bat is NOT sound situational theory?
  18. Tell me what about my statement is not sound situational thinking.
  19. Every now and then Joe is right.
  20. I'd like to make a trade for Suarez.
  21. It's clear Mallex Smith is not ready for the big show.
  22. Terrible luck? You must be delusional . It was a 2-0 count with a pitcher who can't find the plate with bases loaded, and he swings at ball 3. That's just a stupid at bat for Mallex.
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