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  1. We are finding new and innovative ways to lose ballgames
  2. Why does Ogando remind me of Marvin Freeman
  3. Former Brave Peraza will win the game for them. Typical.
  4. It's called sticking out the glove and hoping for the best Chip and Joe.
  5. The sound of the bat, the Nature Boy fan club, the players dropping F bombs?
  6. Yeah Joe, a throw right to the glove handcuffs Jace
  7. Loving the Nature Boy fan club at the Ted tonight. Maybe we can administer the Figure Four Leg Lock and cap these guys.
  8. That's why the Braves suck this year. If those replay calls went our way, we'd be about 10 games better off.
  9. I'm Really surprised they overturned that one.
  10. But it was good hustle by Freddie for once. Just too little too late unfortunately
  11. If Freddie hadn't been so obsessed with hitting for the cycle, he could have turned that stupid single into a homer and we'd be dancing in the streets by now.
  12. Where did Alverez come from? he looks like a bad a$$ out there
  13. These Braves exceed the embarrassing 1977 team.
  14. I don't know what your cuss words were here, but it is no understatement for sure!
  15. We're going to the 12th. Amazing
  16. Ok..... Then just turn the sound down and quit complaining. You're a smart baseball guy. You don't need commentary to understand what's going on.
  17. Listen to Jim and Don on the radio. They are better anyway.
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