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  1. What happened to all this offense everyone is expecting?
  2. Don't get to giddy my friend. That was the woeful CINCINNATI staff we ganged up on. Mets will bring us back to earth.
  3. Jeff's hitting idol is Vladimir Guerrero.
  4. We haven't faced Cincinnati pitching all season. That's where it has been.
  5. We need to find out if these prospects can really pitch, so bring 'em up!
  6. Wisler is such a stud at the plate
  7. Why is Jace Petersen wearing a number that should be retired?
  8. I have a man crush on Brain Wisler.
  9. You are the source of a wealth of valuable useful information.
  10. Well, good night guys. I've enjoyed the banter and everyone liking all my posts. Maybe we can do it again in a few hours. Love y'all!
  11. There goes entitled Chip bellyaching about the quick turnaround. SMH
  12. The Reds bullpen is more woeful than ours.
  13. Here's another opportunity to fail again.
  14. Quit complaining about the quick turnaround Chip, you entitled rich piece of doo-doo. Man up and do your job. Homeless people may not even get a wink of sleep tonight. You ingrate
  15. I'd much rather be working my job running the Himalaya ride for McNair, but I don't have a gig right now.
  16. I'm So boiling mad I won't sleep tonight.
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