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  1. Wow! You called it! My little schtick? LOSER!
  2. I thought there was no WAY we win this game? LOSER!
  3. No way in **** we win this game. You are one pathetic loser.
  4. Fernandez lifted. They must not be pleased with a one-hitter so they pull him. Stupid managing. He should go the distance. Braves win.
  5. He has been good since we got him.
  6. Wasn't he what we got for Grilli?
  7. I actually agree with you on this. I pointed this out last week during a game when they flashed that stat on the screen.
  8. Fernandez pitching a beauty and the idiots are counting pitches. That's why we will win. We'll get to their pen and blow it wide open. Major League Baseball has to be the league with the lowest IQ among the supposed brains running it. Horrible umpires, the absolute worst theories of how to handle pitchers. It just never ends.
  9. I think you all forget we OWN the Marlins. We will win this game.
  10. schtick? This is the real me. If we truly had no chance to win, then we are truly wasting our time playing and watching. Just mark down the "L" and go somewhere and have a beer.
  11. Once again, if an ump is dependent on how well a catcher frames a pitch, then he is a crap umpire. And you know it.
  12. Then using your logic, let's just not even take the field!
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