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  1. Jones, Ridley and Treadwell. He might be able to beat Treadwell out though cause he don’t look like 1st round talent.
  2. I was wrong about this guy. I had a meltdown on draft day. Actually we had a fantastic draft. Da **** do I know?
  3. Russell Gage should go elsewhere to really grow. He has three #1’s playing in front of him. But I’m glad he’s a Falcon cause he gives us great depth for that position.
  4. Oh my bad I was supposed to use the photos.
  5. 6’8”, 285lbs, 3% body fat , 3.5 40-yard dash, hands the largest ever recorded, nuts the size of apples, and would about do it.
  6. So the Dolphin fans think he is garbage, a bust.
  7. He would be a virus to the locker room
  8. How many of us had our crap together at his age though? Most of us didn’t. At the end of the day his is a person with feelings. By the way his life is also under a microscope. I think he’s done here and wish him the best.
  9. I hear your scarcasim but I agree about TD being fired.
  10. I’m a diehard fan; Falcons as an organization has me by the balls cause I can only support them so I can only hope for the best but this is such a disappointment. Woo hoo
  11. Keep supporting a losing team, I guess.
  12. 3rd or 4th round talent at 16 overall, let’s not keep encouraging a failure culture with this team. Not only did we not improve but we stood still while every other team in this division improved. This means we moved backwards.
  13. It’s over man; this team is done. Let’s start to rebuild. Every player is expendable. The Matt Ryan/ Julio Jones era is officially over!
  14. Every team in the division got better in round one except Atlanta. We drafted a 3rd player that may not even make the team. Carolina drafts an elite DT, Tampa Bay and NO improves their line significantly. These organization know the games are won on the defensive line; Falcons on the other hand are lost, again. Literally other teams in our division drafts combined with our draft has set us backwards. Massive failure; almost worse than 28-3. We can’t draft anymore players to catch up with the rest of the division. This team is lost.
  15. There is nothing to get excited about with this pick. TD got played badly. Falcons organization does not have a killer attitude and we are not ready for a new season. I’m ready for a new front office, Coach, owner, whatever
  16. Well the possibility of not having a season just got a little easier to swallow
  17. Dude is not 6’1”, his helmet looks too big which tells me he’s probably about 5’8”
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