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  1. I’m looking for 3-4 people to start a YouTube channel talking bout the falcons. Let know if you are interest if you don’t know who Lynn Cain is don’t reply.
  2. There is 4:15 left, We will lose this game, I guarantee
  3. We are a bad football team, poor, poor decision making, poor!
  4. There will NEVER be a super bowl trophy in ATL; never.
  5. That sh*t you talking is old. Been watch this team for 42 years. It’s a garbage organization period.
  6. What players watch an onside kick roll 10 yards and allow the other team to recover. Y’all dumb af
  7. Falcons need a new city. Atlanta needs a new team period.
  8. The experiment with Ryan, Jones and the rest of these clowns is over. 28-3 was the peak.
  9. Zero. We’re not ready yet, especially against Wilson.
  10. Let me say this, on draft day I fried his *** like a piece of chicken. But I was wrong. This guy is much better than solid.
  11. Jones, Ridley and Treadwell. He might be able to beat Treadwell out though cause he don’t look like 1st round talent.
  12. I was wrong about this guy. I had a meltdown on draft day. Actually we had a fantastic draft. Da **** do I know?
  13. Russell Gage should go elsewhere to really grow. He has three #1’s playing in front of him. But I’m glad he’s a Falcon cause he gives us great depth for that position.
  14. Oh my bad I was supposed to use the photos.
  15. 6’8”, 285lbs, 3% body fat , 3.5 40-yard dash, hands the largest ever recorded, nuts the size of apples, and would about do it.
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