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  1. I’m looking for 3-4 people to start a YouTube channel talking bout the falcons. Let know if you are interest if you don’t know who Lynn Cain is don’t reply.
  2. There is 4:15 left, We will lose this game, I guarantee
  3. We are a bad football team, poor, poor decision making, poor!
  4. There will NEVER be a super bowl trophy in ATL; never.
  5. That sh*t you talking is old. Been watch this team for 42 years. It’s a garbage organization period.
  6. What players watch an onside kick roll 10 yards and allow the other team to recover. Y’all dumb af
  7. Falcons need a new city. Atlanta needs a new team period.
  8. The experiment with Ryan, Jones and the rest of these clowns is over. 28-3 was the peak.
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