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  1. The problem in Atlanta isn’t just the team. The fan base here is horrible! I live in California and travel back and forth to games. I also go see the Raiders and 49ers. Let me tell you even when the 49ers sucked bad the stadium was 100 times more alive than the Falcons. With the Raiders moving to Vegas next year that stadium is going to be crazy. Atlanta needs to find that type of energy. It matters, this fan base seems dead.
  2. Absolutely, it starts Sunday
  3. Arthur Blank wanted what the Patriots are.
  4. He’s a Fan. Of course he is familiar
  5. No. reasons why: 1. That missed block in the Super Bowl still on his mind. If he picks up that block Falcons are Super Bowl Champs. That’s Tough on a person. 2. His body can’t take it so he only has so much left. If he doesn’t get going this year his career will end within the next two years. No one will want to take a chance on him. 3. The fact that he has had multiple concussions is scary. This alone is reason to WALK AWAY. the question is what will the NFL look like in 10 years? Seems like more talent is walking away and choosing other sports, less kids playing football, law suits, more penalties, etc.
  6. This was my theory, sort of. I think it will take 3-4 more games before we start clicking on Offense; which will boost the D. The pressure is on but I think these guys will get it done. Get ready for a helluva ride!
  7. He won a super bowl
  8. Dang, I didn’t think we were this bad.
  9. The Falcons only problem is they LACK CONFIDENCE
  10. Falcons win 32-13 -Falcons defense start to make a name for themselves + 4 turnover. -Sanu big game -Freeman two TD’s
  11. Thing about it is they are still a threat
  12. Those two deep throws were excellent calls even if we didn’t connect. Make them defend the whole field!!!
  13. Win a Super Bowl and no one will care.
  14. Quinn will be our coach for 10+ years. Guaranteed.