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  1. At first I didnt like this move but there’s a lot of potential there. He will do better in Atlanta as a #3 or 4
  2. I hope he earns every bit of the money
  3. Man, no way we go CB in the first round
  4. Dang, someone touched a nerve
  5. There is a scene in the Hulk movie where he slams this guy back and forth against the ground. That’s how we will beat them both next year.
  6. Well now...
  7. So he can’t be traded?
  8. I’m some ways it will; it’s inevitable. Remember this is the first wave of Corona there seems to always be a second wave. But once this is behind us and all the gov precautions are back in place we should be good. I look forward to it whenever it happens
  9. About time!
  10. He will be cheaper than hardy; its that simple.
  11. The question is how will this affect the draft? Got a feeling we moving up to get Simmons and we're willing to give up a lot.