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  1. Jones, Ridley and Treadwell. He might be able to beat Treadwell out though cause he don’t look like 1st round talent.
  2. I was wrong about this guy. I had a meltdown on draft day. Actually we had a fantastic draft. Da **** do I know?
  3. I fell out crying when I read this
  4. Russell Gage should go elsewhere to really grow. He has three #1’s playing in front of him. But I’m glad he’s a Falcon cause he gives us great depth for that position.
  5. Oh my bad I was supposed to use the photos.
  6. 6’8”, 285lbs, 3% body fat , 3.5 40-yard dash, hands the largest ever recorded, nuts the size of apples, and would about do it.
  7. So the Dolphin fans think he is garbage, a bust.
  8. He would be a virus to the locker room
  9. How many of us had our crap together at his age though? Most of us didn’t. At the end of the day his is a person with feelings. By the way his life is also under a microscope. I think he’s done here and wish him the best.
  10. I hear your scarcasim but I agree about TD being fired.
  11. I’m a diehard fan; Falcons as an organization has me by the balls cause I can only support them so I can only hope for the best but this is such a disappointment. Woo hoo
  12. Keep supporting a losing team, I guess.
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