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  1. I was 100% in on the PSL, until they moved me from the 2nd to 5th row about 3 months before the stadium opened... Got 100% of my money back after a few nasty back and forth emails... I was an out of town buyer who flew in for every game the previous 8 years as a STH... Luckily, I had sent an email before I ever bought that said I wouldn't buy seats in the 5th row or above so they had no choice but to refund me. While I never thought they were an "investment" as some said on here, just here to give the props to the people who railed against the Falcons and the PSL move. I'll accept my crow t
  2. For anyone who thinks AB is a bad owner, please do some research and look up Dan Snyder with the Redskins... Blank is a godsend compared to Snyder. Case in point, of the ~140 office organizational level people the Redskins employed between the 2018 and 2019 season, ~40 of them quit their jobs during the off season. That is an organization that is in shambles from the top down.
  3. I saw #1, #2, #4, and #7 in person... those hurt... One of the WORST for me though was I believe 2015 when the Browns came to the GA Dome, we were down with 2 minutes left, drove the field, scored with :32 seconds left and the sound guy instantly played "All we do is win"... Browns drove the field and kicked a field goal for the win and since that game they have never played that song till after the clock reads 0:00...
  4. Edit: Missed link at the very top... JJ #4 Outside WR Route Running: 27/30 Hands: 19/25 YAC: 18/20 Blocking: 8/15 Position Value: 8/10 Overall Grade: 80/100 The loss of Kyle Shanahan has proved to be a massive detriment to the Atlanta Falcons as most anticipated. But one of the biggest changes in the offense is usage of Julio Jones. He's targeted at the same ratio he was in previous years, but there are fewer opportunities for eplosive plays in Steve Sarkisian's passing game. However, Jones is still one of the best receivers in the NFL and maybe the most terrifying one-on-one matc
  5. Yea, I'm not at all surprised he threw the flag. I mean, that is one of the main rules, you don't take your helmet off on the field of play. He very lazily tossed the flag up, he's just doing his job. Reminds me of when people get offended when they get carded by a bartender when they are clearly over 21... Well, the law says a drinker must have a valid ID to buy alcohol, don't get annoyed at the bartender who's just doing their job...
  6. Pretty sure he got tackled two weekends ago and refs ruled the ball "uncatchable" even though he was blowing by the DB... With Julio's speed, I'd dare say no ball is truly out of his range...
  7. Wasn't is Steve Young who said "if it had been 5 quarters of football the Falcons would have lost" when we played GB earlier this year?!
  8. Anyone else notice the random small little section of TB vs GB in the southern part of TX? Just weird...
  9. https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/profile/244208-emmitt/?do=content All Emmitt... All the time!
  10. Yea the car was after a big Thursday Night win last year if I remember correctly...
  11. @Emmitt But have you gotten another Courtney paycheck delivered to your house?!
  12. Being at the game, I will be forced to go to every SB the Falcons play in until they win... The pain from that loss will NEVER go away... But I might be able to bury it deep down with a win one day...
  13. But, if there were only five quarters in a football game, we would have lost!
  14. You bite your tongue with that record prediction!
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