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  1. Man. We are truly deep. I love it.😎
  2. Agreed. We were the only one who could beat the Bucks at home it seems. Congrats to the Bucks. They're about to party in that city.
  3. Yessir! It showed how much we were missing without Hunter & Reddish for the most part. Even wide eyes Portis wasn't out there as much. Bud playing his starters that long is going to be an issue in this series against the Suns. This makes me hype about the Hawks. Hopefully OO develops like Ayton and getting a strong, speedy backup for Trae like the Suns G Payne.
  4. I told a group of friends of mine when we played the Nets on January 1st and STATED then that this team will be special THIS YEAR. Let the players use this as fuel to get better during the offseason. I'm very proud of my boys as the future looks bright!
  5. It's been a great run Fam. Bucks were just better. The future still looks bright.
  6. That's the only way I will accept a defeat. Go down swingin' D@MMIT!!!
  7. If we gonna go down, let's go down FIGHTING DAMMIT!!!
  8. This refs ain't calling **** on these Bucks
  9. The first unit outside Bogi needs to have a seat. Playing scared like that is annoying. Keep the 2nd unit in there longer
  10. Yep. They only had 38 points at halftime. They wasn't prepared for Reddish to be honest even though he balled on them during the regular season. We got in both the 76ers and Knicks head too.
  11. Exactly. Keep the intensity up. That's what championship teams do. The Bucks are beatable. Let's do it.
  12. Nope. This team has been deep. It was a blessing in disguise. Bucks wasn't ready
  13. I would do it if Collins or Gallo needs rest and we have nice size lead.
  14. They truly have no one who can guard him since he's quick and can create his own shot. His defense is so refreshing to see
  15. Exactly. Thank God Nate got over his Lloyd Pierce moves from last game.
  16. On the road, I would have whoever behind him count or at least the bench.
  17. I love that count by our ATL crowd. Now everyone else are going to use it.😄
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