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  1. Props to Coaches Quinn and Manuel for Sunday's triumph, and again to Quinn for dominating "the quarterback of the century".
  2. Rico has a great backstory with this team. He may be a step slow at times, but is a step ahead in commitment and character, helping make the Falcons team better than the sum of its' parts.
  3. Watched both games, and found reasons to be hopeful after each one. History doesn't have to repeat itself, and this year's path to the postseason will be different. That said, here's' to repeating our appearance in the SB with a different outcome. Our maturing defense will be the difference!
  4. I don't believe he is calling out Sark, but the message is clear!
  5. If Julio was a typical wide receiver diva on almost any other team, he could predict a 2000 yard season and demand the targets required in order to reach that goal. That is not who he is: he puts the success of the team ahead of his personal success, which then guarantees his personal success! The Falcons are blessed to have him. IMO he is a rare athlete with an even more rare attitude.
  6. Being willing to learn and work harder than others can propel even an average player to excellence, perhaps stardom. Props to Rico, and great expectations for Duke!
  7. Sean Peyton works overtime to make sure the Saints have the fastest team speed, or at least the fastest team ON speed.
  8. I had a 1983 Chevy Chevette that had more trade value. Hageman has substantial ability and came alive during the NFCCG. I hope it was a sign that he is putting inconsistency behind him and becoming the player we want him to be!
  9. Exactly....ever since Hard Knocks it's been obvious that his motivation and mental approach to the game are not equal to his natural physical ability. When he's on he's on, when he's off, well, I'm hoping he turns on the switch he found in the playoffs and keeps it going, else Coach Quinn may give him permanent time off.
  10. We've already lost-lost the failing attitude we adopted at this time last year. I see a win and a continued march to the playoffs.
  11. Just holding his head up high showing some Falcons pride on the Aints home turf
  12. Glad he is back with even more fire in his belly. I hope he brings the Saints to their knees. My only concern is whether our group of LB's can stop Bree's check downs to RBs and TEs. If not, we probably need to get on our knees now.
  13. Perhaps we can re-sign James Stone and convert him to DE or LB. Super Bowl!
  14. Posted 3 hours ago · Report post Miami's gonna be peeved when we come to town. Considering this is a home game for them even tho it's still preseason, don't be surprised if the Dolphins play really mad next week. Gonna be interesting. Trap Game!
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