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  1. I wish Falcons work it out where Julio can stay. I wanted him to be a Falcons forever like Arthur Blank promised. It is sad AB is going back on his word.
  2. Ridley is doing well but he is not Julio.. Ridley don't get double or triple teamed. Ridley is a number 1 WR we lucky we got two. Julio is more dominant than Ridley.
  3. I think Atlanta needs help in strength and conditioning. Of course there are mental mistakes and team and coaching errors. I don't see the problem is Dan Quinn or the other coaches. The problem is the team is out of gas by the 3rd quarter. Their stamina and endurance is compromised. These guys need to get in better shape. They play fast for three quarters then done. Same thing happened in the Super Bowl. I think they play too fast and need to slow the pace down by running your three running backs especially when you have a big led. Control the game to conserve energy when they need it.
  4. Finally Andy Reid got his! So happy for him dude deserves it. I always wanted Reid as the Falcons coach but great job KC!
  5. We just need a DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR who can get these guys going quick so we can get into the playoffs. HIRE ONE QUINN! You are the HC find a defensive coordinator NOW!
  6. The problem is not the defense. It is the offense they cannot score or stay on the field. The defense is exhausted!!!! The offensive coordinator is the problem hopefully he gets it fixed soon. We can win every game after this one...
  7. I say keep DQ! Switching Coaches you will go through the same roller coaster. Look at the Steelers they keep their head coach until they decide they are done regardless of winning or losing seasons. Stay loyal it will all happen under DQ. We will have losing and winning seasons it is to be expected! I know its frustrating to see our talented team lose, but we must stand behind them and support them! I believe in them and all our FALCONS fans should too! Don't give up on them! GO FALCONS! RISE UP!
  8. We all wish that is how the game will go this Sunday!
  9. Super bowl lost have to be it. It was ridiculously embarrassing!
  10. Looks like this year is the year we are winning a Super bowl trophy!
  11. If I was Odom I would not bother with the Falcons again. They continue to reject the kid. He have talent and can be a productive member of any NFL roster.
  12. He don't want to come to the FALCONS plus we cannot afford him. The guy wants to go to the SEA HAWKS or the EAGLES. I doubt FALCONS would consider going after this guy.
  13. I hope that he continues to get better since he got this deal. Seems like most who get big money stop producing.
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