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  1. Quinn does not need to be fired. He cannot help all the injuries he had during this season fall. I truly believe that the FALCONS will come back strong next season. They may even go back to the Super bowl the talent is still there. I will give Quinn my support this season!
  2. Ryan needs to give back 50 million of that money!
  3. Falcons need to go out and get a strength and conditioning coach for this offseason. I really don't think our players are really in shape from all the injuries and how they struggle on endurance and stamina during the games.
  4. Yes this season is over!
  5. Why not a QB sneak? Terrible!
  6. Next Draft we should go for a QB.
  7. Like I said he is not worth a 150 million dollars.
  8. LOL! I know TD and BLANK got their heads in their hands! They not going to be able to afford Julio now!
  9. Disagree! Matt Ryan is not accurate and he throws lots of INTs. Matt Ryan always look for Julio everyone knows who he will be throwing to. The OC does not have a clue about running a pro offense. I think Julio will suffer for these reasons. I think his numbers will be the same or worst actually. The Superbowl season Ryan threw to all WRs and TEs that's when he confused all teams they played. I do want him to succeed. I want the entire team to be outstanding and I will be rooting all the way. For what I have seen in the preseason I just don't think the offense will be that stellar. They will score points but I think its not aggressive enough. I could be wrong actually I hope I am wrong!
  10. I hope we have the season we all been waiting for plus a Super Bowl win at home!
  11. T.J. Duckett was underrated. He was better than Dunn and should have been the starting RB. He was fast and powerful. He scored many TD in his short career. I don't think they used his talents correctly and he would have been better than Jerome Bettis if they have.
  12. Praying for you Brother!
  13. Guy was a Touch Down machine! He was a Juggernaut at the goal line. Unstoppable!
  14. Good thing Bill Shanks is not making the decisions for this team!