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  1. An incredible quarterback, huge future but made a mistake in his personal life. That is probably true of most of us. He did his time so there is no reason to hold grudges against him now. Life goes on. I still enjoyed watching the video and was amazed when he ran a 4.7 forty during the spring. Let him have a good life.
  2. Take Pitts and get rid of Julio is an idea I heard. Before you shoot me, ask yourself how many games will Julio play, and how many plays off in each game will he need.
  3. Zach Wilson would be my first draft. Matt Ryan is still my guy but like me, he is aging year by year. When I see the Scott Case card on the boards it reminds me of the old days. We were not going to win every game but we had pride. (remember Pridemore?) I can't use the Superbowl as an index for the pleasure I still get out of the Falcons because that is a very long shot. However, I can still enjoy the occasional great play and enjoy watching average players become good players,some great. Of course, going to the Superbowl and winning it would indeed be a great season.
  4. I think fundamentals etc are essential to every team. I do not think you can change a culture in one season. Our culture is one that suggests we can not hold onto a lead, we will fold in the fourth quarter. Our defense will make foolish penalties in critical situations, Julio will drop a TD in the end zone, an easy interception will go through the defenders hands. See my point? Starting with a questionable culture means we are digging out of a hole. We have a long way to go: just to get to mediocrity. In order to change the culture we will need to see massive personnel changes. We don't need good.....we need great. What some of you see as intensity and enthusiasm in Arthur Smith's eyes is not what I see. I see a man who is frantic because he got what he asked for and may be in over his head. I hope I am wrong, Guess we will find out next year.
  5. Are we all assuming Gurley's knee is 100%? I loved him at Georgia and I am glad we have him but I don't think we should be pounding through the middle with him every play. Get him some space and a little toss and try to limit the physical impact he has to take. Work smarter, not harder comes to mind.
  6. I want the line G/C. I know its not popular but as of now Matt is not safe behind a good line. No running back is going to great without a good line. Another thing, we need to develop the line before Matt retires. We don't want a rookie QB with a unsatisfactory line. That time will be here before you know it.
  7. It isn't over until your replacement is an upgrade. But I do think it was cruel the way he was handled.
  8. I pretty much agree with OP. Any HC has to have a goal.....THE Superbowl>>>>of course.....but reality requires the goal to be achievable. With our players turning into less than high caliber players there is no way we can win. You can plan a system to give what you think is a predictable outcome, just to find the other team knows what you are going to do and how to stop it. Which matchup do you like? Anyone we play against knows our weaknesses on offense and defense. We don't scare any team in the NFL. They all hope to play us and get another W in the column.
  9. The simple answer is our talent is over rated........the rest of the league is whipping us in most positions, scoring, defense, special teams. I don't believe I could stand there and get whipped if I was better than the other guy.
  10. I would have to question the character of a player who does not respond to his coach. I would prefer to get rid of the lazy player and keep the coach. Let another team deal with the player who thinks he knows more than the coach. It is not unreasonable for a coach to expect performance from players, like it or not. Other teams see their behavior too. May not come calling next year.
  11. As a long, long time Falcon Fan, I have enjoyed some good times with family and friends.......usually with a few beers. This year is different. My expectations were tempered by monster contracts and a failure to understand how it is possible to make millions a year playing football. Keep in mind my first job at 16 yrs old paid $1.25 an hour....42.72 take home for 40 hours. It changed things for me. Seeing a lack of performance made it even worse. I got excited by the draft. Then again injuries occurred. I got excited about injured players coming back, but to no avail. The season has simply not been enjoyable. I would love to have the old feeling of watching my Falcons fight hard, win or lose. You can't buy respect, you have to earn it. I miss them like an old friend.
  12. Based on what I saw last night.....we will not win.......Bosa was incredible, Coleman running good, reverses that worked, running game doing just fine thank you, creative use of receivers and even special teams doing their job. It was fun to watch.
  13. Matt Ryan pulled us up and has performed like a Hall of Famer in my opinion. Best QB, and one of the best overall players, ever.
  14. Could be Shanny was our reason for winning, or whatever. I am curious to know when DQ lost his team and why. What coach can deal with a team that ignores you? No communication on the side line....everyone looking down....no one involved in the game.......strange behavior from people that supposed proffesionals.
  15. not sure if I posted this before, but here goes..... The handsome football hero sat across the desk from a GM wanting to bring him to the team. GM says "We think you have a lot of potential and want you to come grow with our team" Hero says" OK, so far you have not mentioned money." GM says " Oh, not a problem, we will definitely pay you what you are worth". Hero gets up and angrily says "Ain't no way I can live off that"..........
  16. I think any new coach should think long and hard before coming to ATL. If we have talented players, great coaches and (I believe) dedicated ownership, why are we losing? Are players not motivated? Are we outcoached? What if its the dreaded "culture" word. The Falcons have a losing culture. Deeply instilled, acquired over time. It usually takes a massive personnel correction to get rid of the bad culture and then try to develop a new culture, more in line with goals. It also takes a lot of time. Years in Football time. I suggest we keep what we have and FIX IT NOW. I am sure there are football experts that can point out our failures. I don't care if its in the locker room, on the field, coaches, water boy, whoever. Get on the train now or you will not have a ticket next year.
  17. the pants say yoga.....the butt says Krispy Kreme
  18. I would venture Mr. Blank is looking for some ROI this morning.
  19. I know the players hear all the media questions etc. I am curious to see if the players come out and play harder "for the COACH". Does he really have the allegiance of this team or is brotherhood a marketing myth?
  20. I think it is safe to say, no one in the NFC South is afraid of us.
  21. What I saw today was a lot of talented players not playing as team. I was expecting a competitive football team. Instead, I saw a group of football employees drawing their checks without putting their hearts into the game. That problem lands in the lap of leadership. These guys should be burning with desire to win on every down. Jake Mathews did not seem to be bothered by his mistakes that lead to a sack. Was it just me or did Julio seem a little slow to get up a couple of times? Matt slamming his helmet on the sidelines is not constructive. Time for the coaches to shut out the press, rap music, anything not football related. They have to bring in the focus now,not later. Today is an example of the product they put on the field. Shame on all of you coaches and players.
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