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  1. Definitely a Means to an end.......
  2. Yes, McCoy is good. sign him if you can. He is not a prospect, he is proven talent.
  3. Stacey Abrams could block for him, and play nose tackle.
  4. My bartender, Tim said that would be a good bet.
  5. Don't worry about it......it's not you, its her.
  6. yeah, and I read an article where he makes all his coaches do an exercise where they watch an entire game film, then have to draw up each play on a pad showing the responsibilities for each position, offense and defense, each play. Hours of work. The article said newer coaches could take a couple of days. The man believes in hard work.
  7. I don't understand what pass interference is. It varies according to the crew calling the game. I don't think officials should have an option to "just let them play". It should be defined well enough they can at least be consistent throughout the league. Same thing with defensive holding. Wrap your arm around my waist and you are holding me back.
  8. I did notice some things we complain about happened to other teams as well. Passes dropped, QB pressure, run for loss, stupid penalties, and poor communication. Could it be our Falcons are not as bad as we think? The New England receivers made Tom Brady look good with some incredible catches, but I think next year we take 'em.
  9. This is the NFL......shouldn't we be able to provide superior blocking?
  10. Bryant is the only one I would question. All the others, I would say, are in positions we should be able to improve with other personnel. I know money is involved, but I prefer to think along the line of results.
  11. You are correct. I also think you have to put in the work, coaches and players. I don't know who said it originally but I always appreciated the saying " an amateur will practice until he gets it right. A professional will practice until he can't get it wrong."
  12. I learned to catch a football by being a catcher In baseball. I learned to watch the ball and concentrate on the ball. I pay no attention to the batter or the bat. focus on the ball and get it in my glove cleanly. Our receivers miss on fundamentals, like catch the ball before you try to run, watch the ball into your hands, not your pads, things that should be learned before they came to the NFL. You are correct about them being failed by the coaching staff, or the staff is trying to correct these issues and the players don't listen.
  13. Hope everything works out well for him and his family.
  14. It's the Peter Principle all over again.........a person can be promoted beyond their capabilities. However, a good #2 is an invaluable asset to #1. I think it can work out very well. My concern is with the players. I think it is a shame Julio does not know where to line up, receivers don't know how to catch the ball with their hands, all the stupid penalties that seem to come at the worst possible times....these things are all coachable and reflect on the team and coaching staff from last year. I want to see some fun on the Falcon sideline. I want to see the joy of playing football and loving it. I want to see the fans cheering on the team and the team knowing it matters. I will be watching win or lose because I can't help myself. That is just the way it is. Go Falcons.
  15. Any coach will run the ball if he has a good line and good backs. Just have to get the production of it. So, we need a better o-line, another Turner the burner and Freeman to be able to perform. Next season has the potential of being a bright, bright sunshiney day.