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  1. I know the players hear all the media questions etc. I am curious to see if the players come out and play harder "for the COACH". Does he really have the allegiance of this team or is brotherhood a marketing myth?
  2. I grilled a steak.
  3. I think it is safe to say, no one in the NFC South is afraid of us.
  4. What I saw today was a lot of talented players not playing as team. I was expecting a competitive football team. Instead, I saw a group of football employees drawing their checks without putting their hearts into the game. That problem lands in the lap of leadership. These guys should be burning with desire to win on every down. Jake Mathews did not seem to be bothered by his mistakes that lead to a sack. Was it just me or did Julio seem a little slow to get up a couple of times? Matt slamming his helmet on the sidelines is not constructive. Time for the coaches to shut out the press, rap music, anything not football related. They have to bring in the focus now,not later. Today is an example of the product they put on the field. Shame on all of you coaches and players.
  5. Ryan getting sacked on the opening play of the season.
  6. We will win. They will underestimate us. I can't wait to hear the announcer say " well, both teams have to knock the rust off"
  7. May be the new coaches can get him open in the end zone.
  8. I will watch it because I need a Falcon fix. I want to see who stands out.
  9. Yeah, and they don' want to play every 28 days.
  10. "Tim D'White Shoes Johnson" may just be the best name on the board.
  11. I don't know what it mean, but I would guess he just left KFC.
  12. Sounds like a very high level of coaching. I don't think they won the Super Bowl because of Clayborn.
  13. We traded some of the penalties to Arizona with Robert Alford.
  14. The game where Drew Breese needed one more completed pass to get the all time record......and it showed his wife being escorted to the side lines in preparation for a family celebration, prior to getting a completion.
  15. I heard him tell some talking head that he wants to win the Superbowl in Miami, his hometown.