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  1. They might just make 28-3 look less now. These playoff games have all looked rigged this year.
  2. That Henry is a freaking monster too!!! The Ravens D got wiped out by him too! People forgetting though the 2 TD passes by tan would have won it. Titans D showed up!!
  3. This this this!!! The Titans made the chickens look like complete garbage!!! The look on Jackson’s face said it all and was priceless. He was on the sideline yelling obscenities like a petulant child not getting his way. What did he have two picks and a fumble maybe?? Everybody was riding dude’s tip and jock all year long like he was the best thing since sliced bread!! The Ravens and J are not going to the show!!! I loved seeing the Titans whip them like a jv team. It happened with Vick too. Once everybody figured out their nonsense and had a plan it was over!!! I’d ra
  4. He is right ya know. This is a public forum for all fans and it seems idiot Taints fans. Just because you don’t like what another is saying, big deal just move on. To drone on about it is just as annoying. D a m n that’s the worst thing about our forum!! We can’t get along with each other.
  5. That’s good looking out too!! I always try and cut most of the long message on the quote for this very reason.
  6. Let’s see.... Maybe finish 7-9 like last year. Failed bowl after huge difference in the score. Failed playoff appearance. Next season Quinn is here get ready for “pre season games don’t matter and a garbage first half of the season ruining the rest of the season. Ugh... no thanks! We beat teams we weren’t supposed to and lost more. If this makes the fan base happy sure keep DQ. We aren’t going anywhere with him.
  7. This x 1,000,000! Just ask the question has anybody ever taken a job they didn’t want while trying/ waiting on the dream job??? His heart and mind would be half assed at best. The Falcons need a coach that’s all in.
  8. He had the Taints players running into each other on one call. These idiot a$$ zombie taints fans were texting me that who dat garbage earlier when they were ahead. That nonsense has stopped now!
  9. It’s the game I am watching because of my market. It’s been a crazy game!!! Shanny’s play calls are miles ahead of DK.
  10. Shanny’s plays are killing the Taints!!! Just simply Amazing! I believe the niners have finally figured out the Taints Offense.
  11. Slum you know the answer to the question. All I know is hearing 28-3 has been bad enough the last three years or the only ring the Falcons have is a picture of a toilet bowl with a nasty ring in the bowl. Now the idiot Taints fans are on the back to back to back division champ garbage. I sure hope the birds eventually fix what ails them!!!
  12. Living 50 miles from New Orleans I will get to see it. Definitely pulling for the niners.
  13. I really hope that happens. After my emotions came back down to earth after embarrassment from the Taints game, I will allow a few more years with Ryan. He better win 2-3 Super Bowls though. The Falcons are looked at for 28-3; MR2 tripping on his own feet; MR2 getting stiffed arm badly. Personally Ryan’s time is over. If he bounces back I will admit it.
  14. I would lying if I said I have seen a bunch of his games. The handful of times I watched I wasn’t overwhelmed. Let’s put that aside a moment. My biggest concern is his injuries. We already have gone through injuries with players and their return they were not the same. Also I am thinking Ryan is off because he is tired of being hit so many times/ might have something wrong with him. If Tua wasn’t injured I might give him a better look.
  15. Spot on to everything you said!! Getting Tua would be such a poor decision! Probably means the Falcons will pay bank for him. Every game I saw with Tua, that I can remember, wasn’t impressed. I’d say further he is damaged goods. I really do not see Tua being successful in big boy league if I am using his past injuries against him. Clemson pretty boy and Burrow would be where it’s at. I tell you what man, As bad as I hate LSU (fans generally are the same idiot Taints fans) Burrow is fabulous the several times I saw him play. Dude is accurate and very good on his feet!!!! Tua...... please e
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