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  1. He has always been one of my favorites!!
  2. Donald played like a beast!!!!!! Many of the taking heads still riding Nola jock. Stephen Smith was the few that says different. I do not see Saints fairing very well. If Ryan can get his rear in gear and control those passes, the Falcons could have a really good year.
  3. Are all members on here **** suckers?
  4. Did you get in your feelings lil man?
  5. Mora, “ playoffs!!!!” aint happening captain
  6. He has shown you!! 5 picks in two games. and a noodle arm
  7. Jesus I hate Collinsworthless!!!
  8. They really need to consider options.
  9. The Homer’s will put a spell on you for that. Just garbage football. Rodgers, Brees and Brady still doing it! Fitzpatrick only QB that looked worse than noodle today.
  10. At this point I would take Teddy B Water over Ryan!! He looks like hot garbage. Get off his jock.
  11. To save him from being smeared .
  12. When you have an almost washed up Qb with a noodle for arm and brain, you best believe you need D!!