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  1. Honestly don't care about the score... or even if we play better... but I hope Grady gets a clean, legal, clock-cleaning, "where's my Subway sandwich?" hit on Tom.... just one.... and I can sleep well.
  2. That logic is highly questionable... Why would AS not be trying to get the ball to his #2 WR? Keith Smith, who is our blocking TE/FB, had more targets and receptions than our WR #2. Is he one of these "other players", you're referring to? But hey, I guess this was all part of the game plan. Because it's definitely not possible that the great Gage simply couldn't get open.
  3. Take Reiter and move Hennessey back to G?
  4. Totally agree with this. Most persons are on our young OL that got schooled by Pro bowl vets in their first game... that doesn't bother me. But the way we defend marginal vet players on this team is funny... Most of these guys if we cut them, they're out of the league... But we have them starting. And No... This is not about Matty Ice
  5. And on a front office that didn't sign competent vets at the position of clear need knowing we didn't draft top tier talent... If I remember correctly I think Dalman is the backup at LG too...
  6. Not sure what you expected the head coach to say on a podium. On these boards we always laud average talent. Gage is WR #2, he doesn't have to be "included" in the game plan... at that position he should be the 1st, 2nd or 3rd read on most passing plays. If he only got two targets, it's not because he wasn't in the game plan... It's because he wasn't open. He hasn't shown the ability to get separation. I don't doubt that he played hard, but there aren't any brownie points to give out. He definitely can play WR #3... But as WR #2, he's hurting us and not pressuring the defense enough to take pressure off of Ridley. At the very least there needs to be vet competition for the spot. That's my opinion after week 1.
  7. Awww **** did he really say that!!!!! Can we use that to file a case with the NFL office of false advertising and get back our draft pick?
  8. It was largely situational. We had 100+ rushing yards heading into the half, but we were down 15-6. In the third quarter, we were always behind the chains due to penalties and runs that went nowhere... that left us in third and plenty (which essentially weren't running downs). In the fourth quarter, we were down 22-6, which essentially now becomes a full on pass fest.
  9. Exactly.... he's our veteran WR #2, if he can't get separation it screws with everything from progressions to taking checkdowns. But I'll be optimistic and hope we have a better showing next week.
  10. Definitely pitiful, but we're comparing DK's last game after 3 seasons to AS' first
  11. Thanks for this. My scapegoat for yesterday is Gage. I'd love to see his snap count, but when WR#2 has zero catches when Ridley got the amount of attention he got... I think we need an upgrade.
  12. But that's where I feel you're being unfair... the Falcons running the ball IS a big philosophical adjustment. We were over 100 rushing yards before half time. If you're talking about in-game adjustments, then you have to bring up issues like familiarity with offense, the skills and flexibility of the talent we have and again beyond Ridley, and maybe Hurst, who has the ability to be used differently? Gage was competent as a WR #3, because Julio was great at the #1 and Ridley was outplaying the #2 role. Just because Ridley could be promoted that doesn't mean that Gage could as well... we need a WR #2... or just say screw it and start lining up Pitts as WR #2.
  13. Agreed. Eventually I expect Pitts to be used as WR#2 in these situations.
  14. I honestly didn't think the scheme was our primary problem yesterday (minus some questionable red zone calls), I saw a major talent issue. I think what has ultimately come back to bite us is the realization that our offensive skill positions are woefully lacking. We had a solid game plan, that in the first half saw us dominate time of possession and get into the red zone with opportunities for touchdowns. But we are too easily forced into being one dimensional because we don't have the personnel to do otherwise. When in the redzone and the field shrank, we needed receivers that can quickly create separation in short yardage circumstances... on this team only Ridley can do that reliably and they sat on him all game. In the second half, when we got behind and was forced to throw, it's the same story... sit on Ridley and its game over. Philly's game plan was simply, Ridley will not beat us. I saw two major issues, Gage should not be a #2 WR on this team. You can scheme all you want, if your guys can't get separation in the passing game your dead. Beyond Ridley, the only guy I trust to some extent is Hurst, who caught everything thrown his way. We need to call a spade a spade and accept that the roster needs a serious overhaul. If some people on the boards were GM, we'd still be putting out Ito Smith. You can't scheme people open without time, scheming people open is normally through route combinations that clear out spots, but these take time and we have a 36 year old QB, with a turnstile at LG and crazy procedural penalties. I expect some vet signings this week, unless we're deliberately gunning for a high draft pick, but we have rookies carrying too much weight on this team.
  15. Definitely not after Week 1. Honest response, I'd give a new regime three years to craft a team in their image. Most of these guys aren't theirs and even "their" guys are rookies and cheap vet FA signings.
  16. I saw a few bright spots, but also familiar problems. The Good: Loved the 1st half run game against a competent defensive front. If this team has 300 rush yards after two games after facing the Eagles and Bucs... that is honestly much better than I thought we'd be and maybe these RBs are good enough for this season The right side of our OL looked solid and runs to that side general gave us positive yards plays Loved Smith on Offense... missed having a true FB properly utilized... brings back memories of the DiMarco days I believe Hurst had a good game. Definitely a knee jerk, but I believe too many rookies are holding key positions and we're hoping they hit the ground running for us to be good... but honestly think Hurst should be played as TE1 and we bring Pitts along slowly. The Bad: I thought we had a great offensive game plan that Philly wasn't expecting. We constantly gashed them in the 1st half with solid runs, even converting a third and nine with a CP run. But once again, we fell behind and became a predictable offense with a very young OL against seasoned rushers. We were sitting ducks once we HAD to rely on our passing game because that's what Philly obviously game planned for all week. Our WR corps may actually be weaker than our RBs. Even if he is talented enough generally speaking, Gage is not a #2 WR on the Falcons because he doesn't add a different dimension to Ridley. Ridley is bigger (and he's not exactly big), faster and a better route runner than Gage... a #2 WR has to bring a complementary skill. A sure-handed, big-bodied, move the chains receiver like Sanu, a flat-out straight line burner like Taylor Gabriel (obviously back in the day) to force the secondary to stretch and lose shape to create gaps underneath for run after catch opportunities for our athletic TEs. We need a different look, or else safeties will always cheat over to Ridley. I definitely think we're going WR shopping this week. If our best player is Matty Ice, we're screwed. I love and still believe that he is a Super Bowl winning caliber QB, but not if he's needed to be the best player on offense. The system needs to create the opportunities. The brightest spot of all though.... IT'S ONLY WEEK 1.... R-E-L-A-X
  17. We look like a team that just installed a new system and dependent on rookies playing key positions. Need to clean up red zone (still a problem) and get rid of procedural penalties... But loved seeing us run the ball, but I think we'll sign a vet WR in the week.
  18. Is it something to worry about if there isn't a captain-worthy player from our DB group?
  19. Careful not to use a broad brush, 3 out of those 4 players were probowlers. So they were very productive players for us at some point. The problem was that we held on to them for too long. But you can't say these guys were trash... That isn't a fair and true representation.
  20. Man that offense looks good on paper... Expecting Hurst to feast this season, he's so slept on. If the middle of our line is even average, we're gonna put up points in buckets. PS... When the **** did we sign Bullard? Is this the same Bullard from Florida?
  21. I'm glad we got a new regime... Because depth has been a problem that plagued the entire TD/DQ era. And even now, a lot of us are a bit of homers when it comes to an honest assessment of our players. We were excited that Ito would get a chance to start... Dude's been cut and can't make a squad. We were hyping up Ollison as the next big thing... That was what we considered depth last season, he couldn't even make the squad. It shows how bad we really were. No sacred cows... If you can't pull your weight, you're gone. I'm sure eyes are on McGary, Gage, Fowler, Oliver as well
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