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  1. Daaammmmnnn... That's cold. Too soon... Lol
  2. If the legal team thought the claim had merit there was already a potential bag coming their way... No need to extort. Simply claim damages and I've seen persons sue McDonald's over hot coffee
  3. I'm still stuck asking, "Can Oliver play?"... Any position.... Even punter
  4. I'd definitely be interested... From a legal standpoint, Focus on the facts and not the feeling... He was found to be innocent... So I'm good. From a talent standpoint, we are at such a deficit that I'm shocked we arent taking more swings in the free agent market. What do we have to lose?
  5. These comparisons of Harbaugh to DQ because they are both "rah rah" guys are ridiculous... But I'll go there with you guys then is it that you want a more "subdued" head coach... You know like Mike Smith... because we definitely already know how that will end too. But if you don't want a rah rah coach cuz that was DQ and you don't want a calm coach cuz that was Smith... What the **** type of coach does that leave It makes absolutely no sense for the critique of a potential head coach to be "he's rah rah and we've had that before"... The schemes Harbaugh run and defensive philosophy is ni
  6. What I love about both 6'5" or taller and 260lbs plus...
  7. I was gonna say something similar like resign Gurley and draft Etienne... So much of what we do is built on play action that we better not mess around with the RB position and draft/sign a stud
  8. I'm not exactly against this idea, but honestly I think we need a veteran presence to potentially fill the leadership void when Mack retires than another project... We already have lots of those...
  9. So does this mean that our secondary sucks? Wouldn't have thought that...
  10. Would love him in some major advisory role to the substantive DC... But honestly think he's a bit too old for the job himself. But great, great option here.
  11. Definitely Love the possibility of Harbaugh too...
  12. I would love this!!! An experienced, winning HC
  13. What I don't understand is that some are acting like they're a bunch of successful, unemployed super bowl winning coaches sitting down unemployed. We have a 35 year old QB and unless we're going to rebuild, I'm against promoting another coordinator... People seem to forget that DQ was the Bienemy of the off-season we hired him.... Nope... Not again
  14. Unfortunately, he's the only one available. It's either we give a failed coach a second chance or promote a coordinator who's never done this before....
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