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  1. Hooper is an all pro tight end, so we definitely got worse there. I'm gonna say it now, don't count out Charles Harris' potential impact on this team. He may end the year with more sacks than Fowler and I think Fowler's gonna eat, so that's not a Diss.
  2. This off season feels weird with the media recognition of the talent of our team... AB must be seeing this as well... This is essentially paving the way for a very short DQ runway... If he's crapping the bed after 6 games, he's gone.
  3. A lot of this discussion is going on a tangent that's straying from the original point though... The key to the question, is not "asking for a raise" but the "publicly". I understand the general premise that guys are trying to defend in earlier comments, but when a player makes public criticisms about a team and then provide a list of locations they are willing to be traded to... That can't be kool.
  4. Would prefer not to get free agent news from a police scanner....
  5. Not "loving up on owners" at all actually. But if I sign a player to a deal for 4 years, for a certain amount of money that's what I expect to pay. All contracts have outs and cap hits clearly specified that both agents and players understand... So cutting a player is actually within the contract signed. Of all the pro sports, NFL contracts are the most fickle, from both perspectives. In this era of contracts, you almost need to have a major contributor on a rookie deal or you can't afford a contender... Which is why I'll always respect TD, he's done about the best job of any of the GMs juggling several Pro Bowl contracts that reset market at various positions.
  6. Apologies mods if this is not the right place for this discussion. But I've gotta ask the board's opinion on something that's been bothering me for some time and it has to do with star players' contracts. This Jamal Adams situation just brought it to the fore and the league needs to address this quickly in my opinion. When did it become OK to just be 'publicly unhappy' with the contract you signed and want a new one or else you're not going to play? This player demanding trade situation needs to be stopped immediately. Honestly, any team that trades for a player that makes public declarations should automatically lose a future 1st round pick in addition to any trade consideration. Wanting to renegotiate an existing contract also ruffles my feathers, but to a much lesser degree... How does a GM build stability in this era?
  7. This is why I'm wary of just making a point based on stats and analytics, without incorporating the good Ole eyeball test cuz I saw a lot of defenders make business decisions in the 4th quarter last year against Derrick Henry. There are certain RBs you definitely don't want to mess with when you're tired.
  8. Pass... Too much talent in upcoming draft to trade for a player that wants a new contract
  9. Definitely not my first choice, but I think we need vet additions on the DL and secondary.
  10. We play from behind far too much for comfort... Which forces us to have to call riskier plays. I don't think we're aggressive play callers, but you gotta chuck it down by two scores in the third...
  11. Die-hard Falcons fan from Jamaica... the country, not NY.
  12. This isn't true, Beasley actually chose to train away from DQ last off season. Not defending DQ, but not gonna use another person's fat to fry him either... If Beas is a bust, it's on him
  13. With how TD has been handling the cap we may sign Clowney... We've been broke since March and still managed to pull off some quality signings.
  14. That sounds nice in concept but each style of run game requires a different profile of OL... So that could explain our success running the ball... Or lack thereof
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