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  1. Not complaining because we're rebuilding our defense, but would love to see similar attention on CBs... But may just be a matter of not liking what's on the market
  2. I read this and thought "Wow, are you guys serious". Julio accounts for practically 30% of Ryan's passing yards since he got here. These two pretty much feel like a pair for me. I can't think of one Ryan accomplishment where Julio doesn't play an integral role. If Ryan is ROH, Julio should be too.
  3. A lot of comments feel a bit inconsistent to be honest. Some mention retiring his number for the team AFTER he gets into the HOF... But the HOF is the higher, more prestigious honour. Why should the Association honour our stars before we do? He didn't disrespect the team on his way out. But we have 50 pages of threads discussing that, so I'll leave it alone. Ryan is a great QB and has been since he entered the league, but at no point was Ryan ever considered the best QB in the league... And I believe Ryan should definitely have his number "reserved". For a decade, Julio has b
  4. https://bloggingdirty.com/2021/06/13/atlanta-falcons-retire-julio-number/?utm_source=flipboard&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=flipboard Inspired by that article, I created a poll with a simple question.
  5. Hoping that Davis and Ollison make this a moot point after this season, but if I had to look at our offense for holes, I guess RB and WR2 are the biggest question marks. But honestly I don't see any prospects of the level of Najee and Etienne to warrant an "early" pick, assuming early is top 50. I've been hearing about those two cats for two seasons and I don't even follow college football. So I agree it's probably one of our biggest question marks... but I don't think we use an early pick on it.
  6. lol... it's the slow season... some of our topics are gonna be rehashes. Personally I expect to see a few more "We should have drafted a QB" and "How will the offense work without Julio" threads before training camp.
  7. We signed vet safeties but we definitely didn't sign "veteran" CBs... unless the sole criteria for a vet is "years since drafted". Who is the leader of our CB group, Fabian Moreau? Kendall Sheffield? Isaiah Oliver? Rome wasn't built in a day, so I'm not worried even if we roll into the season with the group we have currently... give guys the opportunity to step up. But we could definitely use a true veteran CB.
  8. There are 3-4 legitimate front runners; I would say our chance is as good as any of the rest.
  9. Would love for JTM to get the shot as starter, but I think Mingo is ahead of him, seeing that they signed him in FA and he has more experience as a starter. JTM is great to us, but I'm not sure how much weight is given by new regime
  10. I'm sure during GM interviews our cap issue and how it would be resolved came up. On the flip side, I'm sure during our coaching interviews the possibility of not have Julio also was raised and how they would function without him.
  11. I'm a meh on joint practices. If they won't be showing much and will be going half-speed... How exactly will this benefit more than a regular practice? Seems more like a field trip to me.... Not gonna lie, even I could go for one of those now
  12. Here's a perspective from mid 2000s, non-American fan. - Vick - Julio - Roddy - Ryan Off-field issues aside, Vick was an instant highlight reel and a major reason other markets started to care about the nfl.
  13. For this season or forever? That question feels kinda like asking if raw chicken tastes good... It ain't done yet
  14. Hate to say it, because I don't really like to criticize someone else's perspective, but this is a dumb take... that easily unravels if someone asks a single question... "How long should a rebuild take?" I think I missed the mass announcement that stated a rebuild must be done in a single off-season and also the one that says that you should strip your team of any talent over 30 immediately or else you're not "rebuilding". I may have to go dark on sports media for like a week until this trade blows over cuz it's frustrating to hear crap hot takes
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