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  1. Feels like a potential ST move... As opposed to an actual move to replace Hurst in the future
  2. Thanks for posting this... I honestly didn't know he was on pace for such a record. The way the media has been covering him, they were almost mentioning him as a bust
  3. Agreed. Been saying this for weeks. If Ridley is our #1, we're going to need a high-level productive WR#2... And Gage isn't it. Gage is a very good WR#3, but we need more punch at the WR#2.
  4. Let's just enjoy the win and growth... ragging on a rookie QB from a small school in Week 4 really is pointless in what could be a 10+ year career.
  5. AS is a rookie HC with immense potential... Just like Pitts. There will be bumps in the road. This season is more about growth than anything else. Some on these boards, are treating this season like it's playoffs or bust. Don't get too high off each win nor too low off each loss... Just enjoy the growth process from week to week
  6. I'm loving the concept of CP in a slash role, but he should be on the field as much as possible. Not doubting his ability, but so far Davis hasn't shown RB1 potential and we're still lacking a legitimate WR2
  7. Gage is ABSOLUTELY NOT mid-level. If we cut him, I doubt he'd be on another team...
  8. If you want to build a solid team, you gotta hit on picks outside of the first round. When we reached the SB we had solid second and third tier players and had hit on later draft picks that were giving solid contributions. I'd argue our biggest failure over the past four seasons has been our inability to get solid contributions from later-round picks
  9. Jamaica (the island, not NY)... became fan from playing Tecmo Super Bowl with Falcons on Nintendo back in the 90s... been a fan ever since.
  10. Honestly, in this pass heavy league, I can think of a number of teams that Gilmore could be seen as "the missing piece"... but for us... nah... more intrigued by Jaylon Smith
  11. This is a move for a contender... I'd prefer taking a swing at a younger player with potential beyond a single season.
  12. It's best to go through this season without expectations and simply watch for incremental growth and improvement from week to week. These emotional swings when we win or lose are kinda irrational.
  13. This brings tears to my eyes... Actual expectations and accountability being enforced. Honestly I doubt any of the names mentioned will be on the squad next year... These are players that are easily upgradable
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