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  1. Matt can make every throw in the book... ability isn't the problem with this team... consistency is
  2. The only team that mattered how we compared against today was Minnesota... and we sucked
  3. We **** the bed on this one, but I'm hoping others in the division have a rough start as well... Carolina has already lost
  4. I would definitely give Noah a try... Vic has one year left, Allen Bailey's can be cut after a year, if he doesn't perform and Campbell is a solid piece, but can be upgraded and has a contract becoming due. If we believe in DQ's coaching ability, giving him someone with the raw tools of Spence is a no brainer in my book... I would much rather take a swing at Spence, than keep Hill, Ortiz and Duke. PS... for some reason people suddenly believe our defense is fine and is now comfortable... and I'm wondering why
  5. I always get a good chuckle when a player becomes "available" and people treat it like they're playing Madden...
  6. This is the part of DQ that concerns me the most. For some of our "projects" I feel we wait too long to just make a decision. If Harlow can't make it as a guard, cut him and bring in someone else to try. But looking forward to next year's draft I would have to think that center is our top priority
  7. He's definitely in the conversation, but he'd never win. In any sport, the conversation of best of all time must come with being a champion at least once on a team that they made significant contributions... without that Julio will never be "better" than Jerry
  8. Matt has always been viewed as a system QB and his worth is deemed to be a product of the pieces around him. So with our offense the respect goes to Julio and I'm sure he'll be top 15 or so... every year. If we have a winning season then others on the offense will rise as well. But around the league our offense is Julio Jones.
  9. Offensive Coordinator... familiarity or not, 3 OCs in 5 years is a lot of mental baggage for a QB
  10. Exactly... I thought this was answered definitively last year.
  11. This is one aspect of nfl contracts i don't get... instead of having Beasley on a 1-year $12m deal, why not give the extension for 2 years and front load the cap hit... it would essentially be the same thing, but at least if he balls out you still have him under team control.
  12. We need to finally decide how we want to win games... we're not gonna have a top 10 offense and defense. If it's Matty Ice and Julio & the gang, then prioritize cap space to offense and let over performing defensive players walk get the comp pick and draft incoming talent filling the void with competent vets... the patriot way. TD seems to want to keep everyone!
  13. The Patriot Way can't be adopted partially. Very few of their defensive starters were drafted and kept. If this were NE, Grady would be allowed to walk and bring in proven vets at half the cost. The most successful players on our defense are the least versatile... Grady would be a less than ideal DE, Deion would make an awful SLB and Keanu would suck at FS
  14. Too much man... we screwed with Vic moving him to SLB, we're trying out Takk as a LB too. Just pick one and let him learn the nuances of the position.