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  1. Tricky question indeed. Honestly I think either would play minimal snaps next year, but Henderson would have a clearer path to minutes.
  2. I would love this move... Personally I'm a player over picks guy myself. Simmons is worth it, I'd much rather bundle a few picks to get a sure thing than go through the gamble of later round picks. Let's not fool ourselves, this is a top heavy draft and it's deep in positions that we don't need like WR and OT. CB class is so-so and beyond Simmons, LB class is the worst in years.
  3. It comes back to our offensive identity. If the run/play action game is important then you draft a RB this year to share the load and learn from Gurley... preparing him tot take over if needs be next year. If Gurley leaves next year I don't want us to be lost in terms of our run game.
  4. Apples and oranges... No two situations are the same and Davis' story depicts that. He tore his ACL in 1999 and retired in 2002...three year later. Gurley tore his ACL in 2014 and three years later he was Offensive player of the year... Sooooo....
  5. Just saw one with Xavier Rhodes... Impressive, not as much as Jenkins, but he should definitely be a target
  6. Man I felt smarter after watching that. High quality veterans are a must. That's why I'll always point to Freeney being let go a year too early as a big part of the fall of VB
  7. I've been wondering the same thing... Would love to see a workout video of him.
  8. Just read that we resigned Reynolds on another one year deal! A simple count on Sportstrac revealed that we have 26 players whose contracts expire at the end of next season. From a team standpoint isn't that too many? Isn't it rough to ask guys to sacrifice when they're all on prove-it deals?
  9. If the public event and recruit visits are going to be cancelled, I would love if the draft was moved up to early April... Can't see the purpose of waiting...
  10. Love the tape... Didn't see him face any complex rushes though... Didn't see him picking up stunts and twists or any counter moves... Was primarily throwing guys who were trying to bull rush him
  11. When he was coming out, professional scouts comped him to Deandre Hopkins. He hasn't lived up to his potential as yet, but talent is definitely there... This dude isn't a scrub
  12. Me too. I think he was miscast in Minnesota. If used properly he's a beast with a ceiling of being a Brandon Marshall clone in my opinion
  13. I loooovvvveeee this signing. And the overall philosophy to add first round talent to our offense. Treadwell is a chain-mover that will work underneath while Ridley and Julio take the top off. Coming out he was a great route runner and that's his main way of creating space. He was drafted to be a WR1, which he isn't, but as WR3 as part of this core that just added Gurley He's gonna be a beast going up against LBs. I don't care if y'all wanna block me but TD has EARNED his extension this off season.
  14. I'd like to bring in replacements to our high end talent to play at least one season with their respective vets. So draft replacement this year to take over next. I can't help but feel that the turning point with Beasley was that we let Freeney go one season too soon.
  15. TD has always done a good job with contracts... The one glaring misstep has been with the two LG FAs brought in last season.