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  1. I read far too many threads bagging our coaching staff and FO for a variety of reasons even though I can't remember a more dominant stretch in Falcons history. So simple question, what are we good at? What is it that you have confidence our team does well? My pick is I think we're great at drafting and developing defensive talent in the front 7...especially in mid rounds where scouting plays a huge role.
  2. Using draft capital on a rb would be a waste in a draft this deep with D-line talent... sign a short-term bruiser in FA and make Free earn his money... Legarrette Blount is my guy... love how he runs
  3. I'm a bit confused. Only the offense controls the tempo of the game and we just hired two former head coaches to coordinator positions on offense, are you telling me that either one, or even the combination of both is in capable of calling a timeout or hurrying it up? Sometimes I think we overthink the simple stuff...
  4. Alex Gray.... or whoever fills the FB slot for us. Im rooting for Alex though...
  5. Player talent aside, I don't see the Ed Oliver piece adding much to our existing line. Grady's 6'0ft 300lbs played out of position for us at nose for far too many snaps in my opinion and should stay at 3-technique. Senat is 6'0ft 315lbs and game is better suited for the nose... also flashed a lot of the nasty DQ said he's looking for. I really think we have a gem here. Adding Oliver feels redundant to me, would prefer a stouter presence in the middle... got my eye on FAs Hankins or Danny Shelton
  6. Ahmmm... that sounds great and all but doesn't make much sense to me. Vertical passing game that mixes inside and outside zones with a power run game... that requires like three different offensive lines!
  7. I love both suggestions... Spain for LG and us drafting a 2nd Rd RT. The only difference is that I expect Shredder to bounce back and retain his starting spot
  8. Some of these interviews are leading me to believe AB is having a hand in the coordinators and some of these candidates (and maybe even the actual coordinators picked) may simply be yo appease the boss and save their hides for another season
  9. Best OLine coach from what perspective? scheme, development or both? My concern is that we've always used later round picks on OLinemen and they simply haven't improved
  10. Over 300lbs - check Over 6'5" - check Relentless motor - check Yeah... I can definitely get behind this
  11. hmmm... i coulda swore people were saying he was an awful teammate just 3 months ago... maybe that was a different board
  12. No I didn't. Honestly... don't have a rational reason either.
  13. Yep... not just a buc... but a pivotal part of the rivalry. I respect him a lot as well... just don't like him. There are a few others like Brees, Cam, Mike Evans, Kamara, CMC... love going against those guys and respect them alot... but don't want them in black and red
  14. I must be old school... I would never want McCoy in a Falcons jersey.
  15. I'd be the first to admit I was wrong last draft... I thought picking a WR with our 1st pick was a waste with the "depth" we had at the position... but Ridley was a breath of fresh air. I'm already looking forward to another season of growth for him and Hoop, to pair with Free, Julio and Sanu