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  1. I've learnt not to pay attention to mainstream media when it comes to Falcons coverage... They're generally clueless. More than likely they throw us a random player to be able to justify a later "earth shattering" pick.
  2. Not all ties are good. Our coach coming from the Titans may be the reason why we aren't interested
  3. If TE is deemed necessary, Hunter Henry is a free agent... Prefer going that route than using a high draft pick.
  4. After reading that I doubt we go QB in the 1st... In this draft, BPA at 4th pick is a WR though...
  5. Trubisky isn't an awful option... But would prefer we swing for Dwayne Haskins and Sam Darnold... Both should be attainable
  6. OK... If that's the case then the entire offense get a pass... So maybe we should sign back Gurley.
  7. This is honestly as big a reason for our past failure as DQ and DK... We overrate our players waaaayyyy too much... Last season it was "Ito was gonna be a beast", if I remember last season, Gage was supposed to eat as well. Yet here we are... Gage is a nice piece for depth... That's it.
  8. Ask me this AFTER the season ends... I'd be pissed at the start... But if he turns into the next Derrick Henry then...
  9. Just gotta show some love to Keith Armstrong... He's always been a class act and I'm happy for his superbowl win
  10. There's a difference between "prioritising defense" and "using the first pick on a defensive player". In the draft it makes no sense to force a pick on a particular side of the ball if the value is simply not there. If there are relatively equally rated prospects from both sides of the ball available, that are worthy of the fourth pick, then I'm all for making the defensive pick... But honestly the studs with this draft are on the offensive side of the ball. I'd rather draft them and try to find a gem in later rounds or even in free agency
  11. Why are conversations so linear? You can use the first pick to draft a QB and still keep Ryan. Aaron sat behind Favre for 3 years before starting... And I'd say he turned out fine. My question about this crop of QBs is that, with the exception of Lawrence, I think more promising free agent prospects exist on the market. I'd take Darnold over Wilson, Fields or Lance in a heartbeat
  12. ****... Christian Blake would cut Christian Blake to make space for Chase...
  13. Man, college coverage in my neck of the woods sucked last year... Beyond the players at the top, I have no clue about most of these prospects. Is there a site that has profiles and videos? I feel so out of it this off-season
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