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  1. Either put him at LB or cut him. Problem solved.
  2. I think it’s the other way around. Quinn hasn’t shown he can do anything. Shanny’s Offense was the reason for our super bowl run and it wasn’t until Quinn was relieved of play calling responsibilities that we started performing on defense this year. My question for Quinn would be “What would ya say ya do here?”
  3. Uh Blank hires the HC and the HC hires his assistants. TD has little if nothing to do with those decisions
  4. That is just plain untrue.
  5. We should also remember TD got us our QB. Imagine if we drafted Dorsey instead of Ryan like so many people fans wanted.
  6. We needed to do that at the end of last year too.
  7. I don’t think it’s a TD issue. TD is fairly handcuffed by Quinn and Blank. Of Blank decides he wants to make a player a “Falcon for Life” TD can’t do too much in terms of negotiation. If Quinn wants a player there’s not really anything TD can do either. I doubt it was TD’s idea to keep Beasley on the roster. I don’t think TD deserves to be fired over Quinn’s mess. The question is will Blank allow TD to return to acting as a normal GM going forward? If so then TD should be kept. He’s done a lot of good over his Falcons career. If not then just go ahead and move on. This dysfunctional organizational arrangement has led to a lot of our problems.
  8. I’m not sure why we let TD go. He seems to be holding up his end of the deal well enough. Quinn runs all the football decisions TD just makes the contracts work.
  9. That’s the whole point. It was a 5 year run and then we had to start over. Smith hasn’t been successful since either. We need a coach that will be here long term. Also we need to have continuity with the offense. Also we can’t afford to have to learn a new offense every other year.
  10. No more defensive HCs please. Both Smith and Quinn were defensive HCs. Things look good for a couple years until their good personnel is hired away and their defense’s have been figured out. Then it becomes a **** show. DCs are also fairly replaceable at this point. Where as a good OC will get hired away. I don’t think anyone would argue that we wouldn’t be better off today if we gave Kyle Shanahan the HC job after 2016. We need an innovative mind with an attacking mindset who we can’t have taken away from us.
  11. I don’t think the issue here is the players as much as it is the coaches. I think a new offensive guru type head coach is what the Falcons need. The players we have are pretty talented they’re just being used incorrectly.
  12. **** Quinn
  13. All I know is I want an offensive guru. No more DCs as head coaches
  14. Everyone knows what we’re doing on defense. We keep getting the death by a thousand paper cuts with our soft cover 3. We’re supposed to be a fast and physical team. I think our D needs to lineup and prove it.
  15. Players good. Coaching bad. Nuff said.
  16. Quinn just keeps embracing the suck year after year
  17. I mean I know Tunsil is a really good LT but that seems like a good deal for the Dolphins. They got 3 cheap years of Tunsil 2 firsts a second and dumped salary for 1 first round pick.
  18. I don’t know that I really see the issue here. Benkert is our developmental QB and he’s hurt and will now most likely be put on IR. From there we all know Schaub’s the backup so the backup to the backup may as well at least know how to run the offense correctly for the rest of the guys we’re developing on offense.
  19. The best Vic can hope for is to be tagged. He’s gonna have to perform at least 2 years in a row before we sign him for big money. Tru will be here as long as he’s healthy.
  20. I definitely want him on the team now. **** the police.
  21. Bosher could be cut before the season
  22. Tag him and make him do it again.
  23. I feel like we’re overlooking Green in this conversation who could potentially be a major pass catching weapon out of the backfield
  24. I wanna see him make the team this year before we start talking about who he’ll be on what would be his second contact
  25. They’re trying to trade him because they have to cut him. Just wait and sign him in FA if we want him