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  1. I mean if everyone stayed healthy it might work but it really puts us 1 WR injury away from having a terrible group.
  2. It could be a big extension that’s still team friendly cap wise as well though.
  3. The issue is how far do you want to go to making the team competitive this year. A restructure allows us to sign our draft class. An extension would let us go after a few of the quality FA on the market as well.
  4. An extension would create the most cap room and likely would make the most sense as he’s a core piece of the defense.
  5. I think a difference between this draft and the Quinn drafts is that these players are versatile coming in vs Quinn trying to turn players into something they weren’t.
  6. I’m just not sure he’s gonna make it past the Jets. They still need a RB too.
  7. Shakur Brown and Trill Williams would be good gets at CB St. Brown looks good at WR as well
  8. I think we’re gonna have to look at getting a RB here soon
  9. I wouldn’t trade up for a RB but I’d pull the trigger for Moehrig
  10. I think that might be the whole point. Make teams have no idea who we’re thinking about taking at 4.
  11. Or use the pick on Fields. Makes a bit more sense if he’s our pick after a trade down. Just putting it out there.
  12. If Dallas doesn’t go for that then they can suck it and enjoy watching Pitts play in ATL. It’s not really a negotiation it’s more of a price for the pick.
  13. If Dallas wants Pitts at 4 I think the deal needs to be something like 4 and 219 for 10 44 75 99 and a 1st next year. If we’re gonna miss out on one of the 3 super elite prospects in the draft the team moving up has to pay through the nose.
  14. It’s not that we’d be stock piling picks it’s how we’d be going about it. I don’t mind trading down to 19 but it has to be a 2nd or 3rd trade down. We have the potential to put ourselves in some really good spots in this draft.
  15. Yeah I’d be willing to do it from 7 or 9 but 4? Seems like we’d just be screwing ourselves.
  16. I still don’t know if I would do it. I guess my personal feeling is going that route really locks us in where if we trade to 7 or 9 we can move down again and pick up more picks possibly at better spots. I might need a 3rd 1st rounder from Washington.
  17. DET would be the ideal team to move down with. They have lots of picks and we can either get at least 1 of Pitts Chase or Sewell or trade down again with the team that goes for QB 5.
  18. Can’t see him being in the 1st round this year for the sole reason I think this is a pretty strong draft class. Several QBs and elite level players in the top 15-20 and very deep with high quality players from there.
  19. I think Miami saw the value of 3. They just got a Godfather deal. Plus Smith Slater or Parsons should be there for them at 12 if that’s how they want to go.
  20. We would still win in that scenario. We’d be free to draft the number 1 non-QB.
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