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  1. I mean it all comes down to price right. It’s not like anyone on the roster has earned the job or has the loyalty of the coaching staff.
  2. I mean it’s a big ask but it’s really not too much to ask. That’s where you expect HOFs to be drafted.
  3. If we were gonna do something like that I’d rather go Slater with the 1st pick and Jaycee Horn with the Jets pick.
  4. Gross. I’d be willing to to trade back up into the end of round 2 to draft a RB if he’s an absolute stud but that’s as far as I’d go. Round 1 is always a mistake for drafting RB.
  5. I mean if Fields goes 2 then IMO things become really easy for us. We pick either Sewell or Wilson. Whoever is available.
  6. Oh if we can trade back to around 10 I wouldn’t mind going CB or LB there. Although if Pitts is still on the board that might have to be the pick.
  7. The BPA on defense this year is worth about the 10th pick not the 4th.
  8. If we stay at 4 the BPA will either be QB OL or WR. We have tons of money invested in QB OL and WR. Picking BPA will allow us to cut costs in the long term. It’s just a matter of what player we’ll be moving on from. Personally I like Sewell at 4. Start him at LG and kick him to LT when we move on from Matthews.
  9. If we want to go 3-4 Shelvin in round 2 would be a good pick
  10. It’s really hard to invest too much into the lines. There should also be some excellent defensive players to invest in later on the draft.
  11. No need to lecture. I just remember there being talk at some point of Lindstrom moving to C which is why I suggested it. I’d be fine with Hennessy as C. I just personally like Gono a bit better and in a scenario where we draft Sewell they would be the choices for our 5th OL. Whatever the strongest group is though.
  12. I’m personally a fan of drafting Sewell. My approach would just be to play the best 5 guys on the line. I think Sewell would probably Sewell would start at LG until it’s convenient cap wise to move on from Matthews. Honestly if I could have it my way we’d draft Sewell put him at LG with Matthews at LT, move Lindstrom to C and put Gono at RG with McGary at RT. I think that would be the nastiest O-Line in the game.
  13. I don’t care if the RB was the next Barry Sanders. You can’t make that pick at 4. A pick at 4 is someone you should be planning to build around for the next 10 years not the next 3-4. You’re also basically paying an RB drafted at 4 top RB money. Personally if we’re not going QB I’d like to see Sewell as the pick.
  14. Shanny led the team to the Super Bowl. Quinn was just the glorified hype man.
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