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  1. Newton is probably gone with the Bridgewater deal. The NFC south will be strong for sure though.
  2. They won’t necessarily lose him and they can get a comp pick for him if he does leave. Plus there’s the matter of making sure he comes to your team.
  3. The trade doesn’t have to be for 2 firsts. A few players were tagged last year and then traded. I believe Clowney and Clark were 2 examples.
  4. With so much interest why not tag and trade?
  5. Julio and Ryan haven’t set us back. The rest of the players are Quinn guys. So most likely the biggest team building issue we have is Quinn himself.
  6. Anyone who has been paying even the slightest amount of attention knew this months ago.
  7. Who cares what the board thinks. Look I get it. Blank obviously didn’t think outside the box. The question is should he have. I don’t think it’s a ridiculous view point to think that Blank should have known who his best people were.
  8. It’s that line of thinking that has us where we are now.
  9. Like I said it would of been tough but I think we can all agree that Shanny was the Coach that made the 2016 Falcons special. Not Quinn. I don’t know what the right move was but I think the question should at least be asked especially given everything we know
  10. You keep him if you promote him to HC
  11. I know it would have been tough but you find a way to keep your most talented minds no matter what. Shanny’s back in the Super Bowl and we have Sherman a former Quinn player in Seattle calling Shanny the greatest football mind he’s ever met.
  12. We need someone with a strong legs for da double jump.
  13. I’d like to file a petition with the league that after scoring against the Taints next year all teams be required to play “Rock You Like A Hurricane” by the Scorpions
  14. The way I see it Quinn is the HC. It’s his job to be the CEO of all phases of the game. Shanny was a great hire. Richard Smith a mistake. MM a mistake. Not promoting a Shanny’s assistant to OC a mistake. Hiring Sark to run Shanny’s playbook a mistake. DQ as HC/DC a mistake. Moving Morris to DC was a quality move but it begs the question why wasn’t it done to begin with. DK seems like a step backwards. It does not seem to me like Quinn’s managed his staff well during his time here. Ever since Shanny left Quinn’s hires on the offensive side of the ball have been a bandaid of sorts. On the defensive side Morris who’s been on the staff for years as a WR coach despite his defensive background has been the only good hire and it showed Quinn showing he couldn’t hack it and half a season before making the obvious move.