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  1. This is a unique situation though. Our issue is not the talent on the roster. It’s our idiotic HC. An average HC could take this team to the playoffs no problem.
  2. Can’t put this loss on TD that’s for sure. We had more than enough talent to win this game.
  3. The season is not a lost cause but Dan Quinn is a very aggressive cancer that will kill this team if he’s not removed immediately.
  4. Firing Quinn doesn’t seem like enough. Drawn and quartered in the street seems more appropriate.
  5. I suggested this as soon as it looked like he’d be released and got flamed
  6. A point that was brought up on local radio up here in Richmond (was Washington related but still applies) some people the team wants to keep might get cut. Because of the lack of preseason teams don’t have new tape on players. So with the IR rules this year you could have someone make the 53 then put them on IR before bringing back a cut that the team wants to keep. It could allow the team to strategically build depth.
  7. Also think how everyone is talking up Winston now just cause he’s playing behind Brees.
  8. Rosen getting to learn for a few years behind Ryan seems like a great long term move. He could be a potential replacement or trade piece down the road. At worst I feel like he could be as good as your average backup which is the role he’d have anyway.
  9. Druw had a career fWAR of 67. Murph had a career fWAR of 44.3. The average HOF has a career fWAR between 50 and 70. I’m not underselling anything.
  10. Dale Murphy was actually not all that great over his career. Very good but not great. Andruw Jones is far more deserving than Murph.
  11. Both sides don’t play the game well. The NFLPA is one of the weakest unions in sports. You just said it yourself. The owners gave up something they didn’t even want for something in return.
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