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  1. Interested in the structure.
  2. Should have held out
  3. Oh yeah signing Fleener and putting him on the DL to start the season is a great idea. While we’re at it if Schweitzer doesn’t win the starting RG job out of spring training let’s go ahead and option him to AAA so he has an opportunity to play every day. This is the NFL not MLB. Although I guess not much more could be expected from the guy who thought we should dump Matt Ryan for Tyrod Taylor.
  4. Appearntly Hurst is looking like he might be there day 3
  5. I feel like Beasley atm is closer to a franchise tag candidate than an extension candidate. He’s a good pass rusher but we have had trouble finding ways to keep him on the field. This is in contrast to defensive players like Jarret and Jones who are almost always on the field. I’d definetly like to have him the extra year but I don’t know that I’d want to commit to at least an extra 3 at this time.
  6. I think I’m terms of what the Patriots gained you have to add in the value of a season of Cooks
  7. I mean really it’s unknown. Would we have been better with DiMarco? That’s probably safe to assume. Would we have been appreciably better especially considering how little Coleman was used? That’s a lot harder to say. I think for sure we can assume he wouldn’t have been used like he was in 2016 though. If I had to guess I’d say the effect his absence had this year is most likely overblown.
  8. Your post is bad and you should feel bad.
  9. You can never really go wrong drafting BPA (non QB if you have one). Injuries happen and players develop so it’s hard to know what kind of needs you’ll have in a years time. We have a thread talking about all the people we need to sign next year but things change drastically if someone like Beasley or Deion Jones suffer a burner. Going BPA provides you the most options in dealing with whatever contingencies arise. Best case you have young cheap quality depth. Worst case you have talented backups ready to step in.
  10. Why beyond hope on Harlow? We haven’t even gotten to see him in action yet.
  11. Look what tough negotiations got the redskins. Blank’s just not an idiot.
  12. What about a 4th to Denver for the 5th we gave up a 6th and Siemien?
  13. What is Nate Sudfeld supposed to go all Tua Tagolovia on us? For some reason I’m not concerned.
  14. Uh I wasn’t trying to be funny. All I said was the Falcons wouldn’t let Sark go do to his coaching performance but Sark could leave or be let go due to other factors. That’s pretty much in line with what everyone has said.
  15. I’ll say 90% cause there are some realistic things that could happen (takes a college job, drinking relapse etc.) but I don’t see anyway the Falcons let him go for his coaching performance.