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  1. Our special teams have been pretty rough all year. Gotta get fixed
  2. Look the shotgun needed to be used more today because of the bad weather causing issues with the snap. This is the kind of in game adjustment Sark should be praised for not criticized for.
  3. Any one else notice how they say the patriots didn't have Gronk when they played us last year but don't mention Edelman being injured this year. Probably just saving that for after they take the L.
  4. Ok for the past week this board has been all doom and gloom so I thought it would be good to point out some of the things we have going fo us and why we're not as bad off as some people seem to think. 1. We've had a chance to win every game we played. Now other than the GB game we haven't looked particularly good in those games but it goes to show that we're a high floor high ceiling type of team 2. We haven't played anyone in the division. The media is trying to hype up the other teams in our division but I don't see any evidence that they are any better than us. If we go 6-0 in the division it would be highly unlikely that we'd miss the playoffs. 3. We are undefeated in conference. While it sucked losing to the bills and dolphins the silver lining is they were out of conference games and therefore will have a minimal effect on any tiebreakers. 4. Some teams in front of us are dealing with season altering injuries. GB is the top example here but the Vikings could fall in here as well with Cook and Bradford down. Basically despite what's been a bit of a rough start I don't see any reason why we can't put things together and make a run at a top 2 seed in the NFC again. I know it's hard sometimes but we just got to keep the faith. We haven't dug ourselves into too bad of a hole and we have the talent to turn things around.
  5. I see a lot of complaining about the O and a lot of complaining about the D and neither of these is completely undeserved but I feel it's worth pointing out that ST straight up **** the bed yesterday. No good returns from Roberts multiple shanks from Bosher and WTF was that one long snap? It's always said that to win you need to win 2/3 phases of the game. The ****** ST performance made sure we didn't win there and put a lot of strain on the O and D.
  6. So not gonna read through all this but trading Coleman could make some sense in the offseason as next year is his contract year and we could plan around it by signing or more likely drafting a replacement. Making the move in season only weakens the roster.
  7. Ok even though I said the point was just to break the news I'll play your dumb game. A lot of you idiots couldn't shut up about how we should dump Allen and sign Berry. However we never got the chance because he was tagged. Instead we got Poe on a 1 year deal and kept Allen. Even if we have a worst case scenario unfold Sunday and lose both for the year we have less committed to the 2 of them combined than KC has to Berry who may never be the same. Seems like no matter what happens we got the better end of the deal. But as I said before I WAS JUST TRYING TO BREAK THE NEWS!!!
  8. That appearntly KC FAs aren't a real good investment.
  9. Omg y'all take **** way too seriously. The point was to break that news in a way that related to our team because people ***** if you don't.
  10. Ruptured Achilles. Out for Season.
  11. Sure you can. I mean with the whole able to return aspect that doesn't even make sense. If a player is injured he can be placed on IR but will be unable to play that season if not designated to return. If he is healthy he can not.
  12. With as good as people think Coleman is and with the salaries for RBs falling is it possible Coleman gets tagged for a season?
  13. That analysis is so smart it's ********
  14. Agreed and with minimal risk as well. I feel like re-signing Freeman is simply a no brainer. @rugger8 has a valid concern but since the offense won't really be changing the risk should be low.