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  1. I’d do a 7th maybe a 6th.
  2. I feel like trading Beasley makes a lot of sense here. He’d make a lot of sense to pick up with no restructuring for a team with a lot of salary cap room like the raiders. If he busts you let him go. If he balls out you can tag him and make him do it again before extending. Low risk high reward. I could see getting a second for Beasley from the right team.
  3. See I know we’re getting one for declining Bryant’s team option but I didn’t know if rescinding an option was different for some reason.
  4. If we rescinded Beasley’s option we’d still be in line for a comp pick correct?
  5. Pretty sure Trufant was franchised Edit: Thought he was tagged then and the we worked out his deal but can’t find anything so maybe I’m wrong.
  6. I dunno I really just don’t think drafting a RB is a good use of our resources. I’m for looking in UDFA for a Phillip Lindsay type or something to compete with Langford but over all I’m comfortable with the backs we have and would rather draft and use FA to upgrade OL DT CB DE LB TE and KR before looking at RBs.
  7. It’s my birthday too. What are the requirements to get a birthday thread around here? Btw Happy birthday Vandy!!!
  8. Not that I’m against looking at potential upgrades but I’m kinda good with the Freeman/Ito/Hill/Langford combo.
  9. What you’re doing is in a lost season giving other players a chance to get on tape and potentially shine. That allows you to better evaluate your team while more likely than not increasing your draft stock.
  10. I think Armstrong has to go. Our return game is terrible. Beyond that I don’t think anything gets changed.
  11. Players don’t tank. That’s a organizational decision. You take the best players off the field in crucial situations
  12. FF

    The guy I beat for my championship had CMC and AB going. Fortunately he also started Gronk and Lindsey. The Williams boys came through for me!!!
  13. Carroll is a great football mind. Quinn is a great hype man. I know which I’d rather have in an HC
  14. The whole anti-tank mentality in a sure fire losing season is dumb. First players don’t tank organizations do. It allows organizations to evaluate young talent currently on the roster while also protecting key players. This also allows for higher draft picks. These higher draft picks can either be used to pick up an elite talent you wouldn’t have been able to get other wise or traded to plug multiple holes on the roster. Bottom line tanking allows you to better evaluate the talent you have while giving the team better organizational assets.
  15. McCarthy I think would be a good get. He had a rough year but strikes me as an Andy Reid type bounce back candidate.