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  1. I mean I know Tunsil is a really good LT but that seems like a good deal for the Dolphins. They got 3 cheap years of Tunsil 2 firsts a second and dumped salary for 1 first round pick.
  2. I don’t know that I really see the issue here. Benkert is our developmental QB and he’s hurt and will now most likely be put on IR. From there we all know Schaub’s the backup so the backup to the backup may as well at least know how to run the offense correctly for the rest of the guys we’re developing on offense.
  3. The best Vic can hope for is to be tagged. He’s gonna have to perform at least 2 years in a row before we sign him for big money. Tru will be here as long as he’s healthy.
  4. I definitely want him on the team now. **** the police.
  5. Bosher could be cut before the season
  6. Tag him and make him do it again.
  7. I feel like we’re overlooking Green in this conversation who could potentially be a major pass catching weapon out of the backfield
  8. I wanna see him make the team this year before we start talking about who he’ll be on what would be his second contact
  9. They’re trying to trade him because they have to cut him. Just wait and sign him in FA if we want him
  10. Well we know where you stand then.
  11. Anyone who’s not an idiot knows the Sam Baker draft pick was a good pick. It was the second contact that was a mistake.
  12. The LB corps is ridiculously thin. We need to sign 3 more all pros immediately to shore things up. /purple
  13. I mean even if we could that means cutting Hill and Ollison. And if that was the plan why burn a 5th on him just to cut him. You could have had a Hill/Ajayi used the pick on something else and still signed a UDFA RB or 2
  14. So just my thoughts here. If this is true it has to be interpreted as the FO being seriously concerned about Freeman’s health. My current view of our RB slots is Freeman Ito Ollison/Hill Green/Barner I think it’s safe to assume that Barner and Green are competing against each other for 3rd down back and Returner. Ajayi would nave no impact on this battle. I think it’s also fairly safe to assume Ito will be on the roster due to his competent play last year. I mean I guess it’s possible but it seems extremely unlikely Ito falls below 3rd on the depth chart as it would be an extremely poor use of assets That leaves Hill Ollison and Freeman. Hill and Ollison are fighting to be the power back and Ajayi could be a part of the competition here. It seems unlikely though that this was the plan considering both Hill and Ollison are DQ draft picks. Why draft Ollison though if you’re just gonna cut him for a FA? That leaves Freeman. Freeman of course is our lead back and that is also a role Ajayi has shown he’s been able to fill during his career. Ajayi hasn’t been better than Freeman during their careers though or more durable. It wouldn’t make sense to bring in external competition for Freeman straight up. However If the FO is concerned that Freeman is gonna be on IR the whole season then this makes a lot of sense. Bottom line Ajayi if healthy is probably better than anyone on the roster other than Freeman so putting him in the lead back role would make a lot of sense if Freeman can’t play. Bringing him in to force us to cut 2 of the 3 RBs we’ve drafted the past 3 years not as much.
  15. It’s easily OLine. I mean we all remember the tragic career of David Carr. As for the other position groups I don’t know that it matters too much as long as you make sure that group is elite. Except for maybe RB. History suggests having a team lead the league in rushing is a great way to not win a championship.