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  1. The line is basura so we're not running it in. No Tony G for the easy gimmes. Best bet is to lob it up for number 11
  2. brownies are manly. Cupcakes are not
  3. hey u and your feminist cupcakes can go wait in the ladies room while we all drink beer like men
  4. I don't think you could get drunk off a cupcake and still be considered a man. Why would a man be eating a cupcake during football to begin with
  5. Hate when players are hurt before the season even starts. Hope he has a speedy recovery
  6. this is why they dont get respect and didnt during the regular season. U on the big stage, PRIMETIME. gotta show up
  7. Hawley Matthews and Baker held out of OTAs for injuries today
  8. Competition is always a good thing. They will push each other. A rookie wanting respect and a guy who doesnt wanna lose out to him. Good scenario
  9. I expected Baker but not the other 2. They need time to gel ASAP
  10. Among players who were rehabbing with the training staff and not cleared to participate were S William Moore (shoulder), OT Sam Baker (knee), CB Dezmen Southward (knee), RB Antone Smith (leg), LB Brooks Reed (groin), C Joe Hawley (knee) and OT Jake Matthews (foot). So the 60% of the starting Oline is hurt? Who's running behind that
  11. Almost every team has a great offense. what every team does not have is a great defense. Defense is key
  12. series of unfortunate events at the wrong time. Sef would have been a great help defensively with Lebron. Thought Kyrie being out would even things but Shumpert and JR Smith of all people stepped it up
  13. so he can take pictures in lebron jerseys while they face atlanta but cant get his contract situation done? this guy is off to a drama queen start
  14. the truth of this thread!! while the homer version of this thread still on the first page: http://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4028571-really-like-our-ol-depth-too/ knew i couldnt be the only one wondering what the heck people were thinking trying to praise the Oline that has been bad the last couple seasons. next year the first 2 rounds should be Oline and perhaps sneak a trade in for more depth.
  15. having the mentality and creating the media distraction of your mentality are 2 different things
  16. how long are yall gonna play the injury card? If your hurt get your *** off the field. when he is on the field he's dropping half his catches and looking at the ref for bs calls
  17. Roddy always opens his mouth when he shouldn't especially on social media. He often has to eat humble pie. He should be the one to stfu and let his play on the field do the talking after those mediocre seasons he has put up
  18. U have to read the whole thread. He stuck to his guns and the opposers should rightfully have to eat their crow
  19. when he said super bowl or bust during the 2013 offseason. The media hyped it up and we fell on our face winning 4 games.when he said we had the best wr group in the nfl and didn't show up while Marshall and Jeffrey lit us up.
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