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  1. The line is basura so we're not running it in. No Tony G for the easy gimmes. Best bet is to lob it up for number 11
  2. brownies are manly. Cupcakes are not
  3. hey u and your feminist cupcakes can go wait in the ladies room while we all drink beer like men
  4. I don't think you could get drunk off a cupcake and still be considered a man. Why would a man be eating a cupcake during football to begin with
  5. Hate when players are hurt before the season even starts. Hope he has a speedy recovery
  6. this is why they dont get respect and didnt during the regular season. U on the big stage, PRIMETIME. gotta show up
  7. Hawley Matthews and Baker held out of OTAs for injuries today
  8. Competition is always a good thing. They will push each other. A rookie wanting respect and a guy who doesnt wanna lose out to him. Good scenario
  9. I expected Baker but not the other 2. They need time to gel ASAP
  10. Among players who were rehabbing with the training staff and not cleared to participate were S William Moore (shoulder), OT Sam Baker (knee), CB Dezmen Southward (knee), RB Antone Smith (leg), LB Brooks Reed (groin), C Joe Hawley (knee) and OT Jake Matthews (foot). So the 60% of the starting Oline is hurt? Who's running behind that
  11. Almost every team has a great offense. what every team does not have is a great defense. Defense is key
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